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NOW CLOSED: Dyson Digital Slim DC44 Tester feedback review thread – Non testers – you could win a Dyson

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 26-Dec-12 20:47:56

This thread is for the testers currently putting the Dyson Digital Slim DC44 through its paces this Christmas.

Once you've received the Dyson and have had a play please let us know your first impressions.

Then let us know - across the next couple of weeks - how you're getting on with the challenges (do also let us know if you've invented or discovered any other ways the Dyson helped out!).

Here's what Dyson say about their challenges:

The balance challenge - "We know that often busy parents need to multi task. So can you still vacuum with the Dyson digital slim whilst the other hand is doing something else - carrying the baby, the dog, the phone, cooking, putting things away (you name it)".

The versatility challenge - "how useful are the different attachments in cleaning those hard to reach places?"

The cobweb challenge - "can you reach those high up cobwebs that have been sat there lurking for a while?"

The family mess challenge - "pets, children, mud, crisps, crumbs? what family mess can the Dyson digital slim pick up?"

The 20 minute dash challenge - Guests turning up announced? How much of the house can you clean in 20 minutes with the Dyson digital slim?

You will need to add feedback at least twice - once everyone has added their feedback on the challenges we'll add some questions to find out your overall views.

If you're not a tester, we've persuaded Dyson to give one lucky MNer the Dyson machine of their choice - all you need to do is, on this thread, share your cleaning tips and/or the hardest place you've had to reach when cleaning and you'll be entered into a prize draw to win a Dyson (could be vacuum, an Air Multiplier fan or a Dyson Hot).

Thanks, MNHQ

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 26-Dec-12 20:49:23

I have a lovely dp who does all the cleaning AND looks handsome whilst doing so. That's my tip! smile

AllSnowballsAndNoKnickers Wed 26-Dec-12 21:04:28

The wooden slatted blinds in the kitchen which are just about half an inch too far over the worktop for me to reach without disembowelling myself or doing some other unfortunate mischief. Not saying that they've never been cleaned.........oh actually wait, yes, I AM saying they've never been cleaned!!

alemci Wed 26-Dec-12 21:09:25

i've started to look upwards and have used the brush attachment to tackle the cobwebs. brilliant. beats faffing around with a mop and duster etc and no mess falling on the floor.

noisytoys Wed 26-Dec-12 21:11:29

I've used it to clean the communal hall downstairs that a vacuum with a lead couldn't reach. It's had a whole spring clean the neighbours will be so pleased grin

brighthair Wed 26-Dec-12 21:21:01

I absolutely adore it. I hate vacuuming with a passion and now I can't stop doing it!
Spilt breadcrumbs the other day and used it to quickly get them up. I've done my (filthy) car with it and was very impressed. Used it to "dust" the bathroom with the brush attachment which was very quick and easy
Managed to multi task by doing the kitchen and drinking a cup of tea grin

Also used for cobwebs, it's just as light and balanced turned upside down
If I say I've given away my other vacuum that might give you an idea of how much I love it grin

lisad123 Wed 26-Dec-12 21:22:53

The place I hate cleaning is upstairs,especially the stairs! My old dyson is heavy and the hose is too short to reach the top angry

AndiMac Wed 26-Dec-12 21:25:04

My best cleaning tip is for pots and pans with burnt on gunge is to pour some bicarbonate soda into the pan, pour in enough water to cover the bottom of it and then put back on the stove to boil. The grime will be a lot easier to remove.

noisytoys Wed 26-Dec-12 21:33:16

I just moved the sofa out the way to have a proper deep clean and found my lost wedding ring. Thankyou Dyson for encouraging me to clean gringringrin

FrillyMilly Wed 26-Dec-12 22:20:13

First impression was that its so small and a lot less fiddly than an upright.

On the challenges I've tried balance challenge but to be honest I find that quite difficult. My baby is far too heavy to carry around whilst I hoover, he weighs a lot more than the dyson, it's too loud to use the phone and when cooking I'm generally in one place so limited amount of hoovering required. It's physically possible to do these things but not necessarily practical. On the cobweb challenge it does make getting the cobwebs very easy. My coving and beams have never been cobweb free before. It is definitely great for family mess. It probably gets used the most after meal times, both human and animal, as its great for maneuvering around the high chair or under the table. I will feedback some more when I've had a go with all the attachments. Would really like some nice weather than I can have a go at cleaning my car.

Hopezibah Wed 26-Dec-12 23:09:59

Hi, I am a non-tester but wanted to share the hardest place I have to clean... We have a downstairs loo which we had put in a couple of years ago and it has been fantastic for all those times the kids need the loo at the same time but... For some crazy reason we chose a corner loo (I think it looked really nice in the show room) and it turns out it is near impossible to reach right into the corner behind it to vacuum all the dust and dirt that gathers there.

MisSalToeKissing Wed 26-Dec-12 23:22:03

My best cleaning tip: Use sugar soap wipes (B&Q/Wickes etc) to give skirtings a proper clean once in a while. It takes only seconds but cleans brilliantly. Wear gloves though, it's hard on your skin.

cocolepew Wed 26-Dec-12 23:28:05

My hardest place to clean is the window halfway up my stairs. It's at the bend on the stairs and is too high up to reach properly. I have to balance on the stairs and sort of flick the duster at it. I can't use my vacuum because it's a Henry and weights a ton.

ClaraOswinOswald Wed 26-Dec-12 23:32:00

My best cleaning tip is to get the children helping from a very young age. They started as babies helping to put their toys away into tubs and this developed as they did.

My 2 are now 9 and 10 and helping around the house is a natural thing for them now, tidying their rooms, running the hoover round, cleaning glass or the leather sofas, it makes the weekly big clean so much easier with all hands on deck. It also means that they will know how to keep their own homes clean in the future so I'm doing them a favour too.

noisytoys Thu 27-Dec-12 07:21:46

I have done the balance challenge. I can Hoover the cobwebs in the far, far corners while holding 2 year old DD it's amazing i don't have to put her down now when she is crying and clingy smile

Doogle2 Thu 27-Dec-12 10:03:09

The hardest place for me to clean is behind the tv. It's on a unit which is difficult to move. I have to use the Hoover hose and hope it sucks up the dust and not the wires!smile

FellowshipOfFestiveFellows Thu 27-Dec-12 10:15:46

My video will be coming soon (no voice at the moment so can't record at the minute!)

I am in love with the Dyson. I hate having to carry vacuum cleaners up the stairs as I had dropped one a few years back blush but this is a gem of a thing.

I have even cleaned dp's skank filled car for the first time ever (he usually takes it to a cleaning place who charge £25 for the privilege)- the fact you have no lead to feed through the house to the nearest plug socket makes it very quick and easy.

One niggle- the charge doesn't stay for long in a home of my size with old carpet when on the Max setting. My living room is huge with lots of nooks and crannies, but if I do the downstairs, halfway through the upstairs and it conks out again.

Pisces Thu 27-Dec-12 10:27:15

Absolutely loving mine. I like the fact that it is cordless. With my other upright vacuum cleaner every time I stretch the hose to try and vacuum the back of the sofa it falls over so this one is great; especially if I am on my knees trying to get to those out of reach places, no more being knocked on the head by the vacuum!

noisytoys Thu 27-Dec-12 10:32:54

I don't have the problem with the charge running out. There are 4 of us living in a 1.5 bedroom flat I can do the whole flat on max before the charge runs out smile

maxmillie Thu 27-Dec-12 10:43:39

The hardest place I have to clean is my cats! I like to get the hair up at source before it goes everywhere so I have tried various attachments to hoover them (humanely - honest). I have discovered that the mattress/upholstery tool works quite well. I see Dyson do a dog grooming attachment - hoping they will bring out a smaller one for cats! (this doesn't hurt them, honestly! And I obviously never tried the sucky tube one or anything)

swallowedAfly Thu 27-Dec-12 10:55:21

first impressions - it is very dinky and smart looking and it is so much easier than having to drag out the upright, plug it in, untangle the wire etc so you feel more motivated to do a quick clean without that saga in the way.

hard to clean places - well my hallway is wood floor with a music cabinet type thing squeezed in beside the weird angle stairs - my upright is useless for getting in around that i usually have to get a brush and sweep then hoover itms. with the long hose and then the swivvly (made up word sorry) head on the end i can whizz round the hallway. i also find that that gets right to the skirting whereas my upright doesn't.

also stairs - good not to have to be dragging the hoover up the stairs with me. i have stoopid turn corner stairs and they seem to attract and trap dog hair and need doing every day really - so much easier with the hand held. only trouble is that the fan is so close to the nozzle that i find it blows the hair all over the place as i'm trying to hoover it up. not sure what can be done about that. think i will have to do them with the long attachment on which is not as handy and easy but then still much easier than having to do it with the hose of my upright which doesn't reach far enough.

swallowedAfly Thu 27-Dec-12 10:57:01

question - is anyone else getting hand pain during and after using it? i think it is the vibrations and squeezing the trigger. i had carpel tunnel syndrome whilst pregnant and for a while afterwards and it feels like that pain. i'm alright doing short bursts but if i do it too long i really ache.

alemci Thu 27-Dec-12 11:07:31

i don't like the handle much either tbh. I would rather have an on off switch. DH also said it made his hand ache.

also don't understand the charging system. should you switch the plug off after 5 hours or can it be permanently plugged into the mains. does the batter charge reach maximum. no clear instructions.

alemci Thu 27-Dec-12 11:07:54

i mean the trigger switch

swallowedAfly Thu 27-Dec-12 11:19:16

the light goes off on the plug when it is fully charged.

5.5hrs seems a hell of a long charge time for 20mins tbh. no mention i can find of how much electricity it takes to charge. most items nowadays tell you how much they cost in electricity usage.

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