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Philips AVENT Comfort electric breast pump feedback thread

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 20-Dec-12 11:22:15

This thread is for the 20 Mumsnetters who are trying out the Philips AVENT Comfort electric breast pump (RRP £115) with their baby/ LO. This pump will be sold via Mothercare from January before becoming available at a wider selection of retailers later on.

Philips would love to know your breastfeeding or expressing story as well as your feedback on the pump, and whether it helped you express in a more reclined and comfortable way.

Please also add your review to the breast pump reviews section of Mumsnet.

Please let us know the following:

~ The age of your baby/ child
~ Whether you'd used a pump before and your general opinions of breast feeding and expressing
~ Your overall first impressions of the Comfort electric breast pump
~ How it was to use - first times and subsequent uses.
~ How would you rate the feeling of the pump on your skin? Would you say it felt "warm and natural on the breast"?
~ How did the pump help with the flow of milk? How long did it take to use?
~ Where did you use the pump? What sort of occasions did you use it (or express for?). Did the pump make this easy/easier?
~ How did you find the four settings - stimulation, low, medium, high suction?
~ The pump will hit the shops (firstly in Mothercare) in January - is this a product you could recommend to other mums who want to express breastmilk?
~ The RRP is £115 - do you think this represents value for money?

Any other comments about the pump or about how breast feeding in general - all comments welcome - questions etc also welcome from non testers.


Panzee Sat 12-Jan-13 13:30:15

Fantastic! I am going to buy this when it comes out.

DoingTheSwanThing Fri 25-Jan-13 16:06:39

Mine has died. It went through a phase of the suction being slightly irregular, like it was missing a beat every now and again. Then it just stopped sucking and just clicks! Ah well. Still need to post review hmm

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