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NOW CLOSED Do you have a c-section scar less than a year old or an older but still troublesome one? Try the new Kelo-cote silicone gel, £200 JL voucher to be won

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KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 19-Nov-12 10:31:38

We're looking for 250 Mumsnetters to try out the new Kelo-cote silicone gel for c-section scars. Here's what they say: "Kelo-cote gel self-dries to a waterproof membrane that acts like an extra layer of skin. It's the only silicone gel clinically proven to soften, flatten and smooth the scar while maintaining the moisture balance and elasticity of the adjacent skin."

We're looking for Mumsnetters who have a either c-section scar that is less than 1 year old or a c-section scar that is less than 3 years old and is still troublesome (i.e red, itchy, raised, sore etc), to try this product over the course of three months. You'll be required to add diary style feedback on how your finding the gel during this time. Each tester will be sent a 15g tube of the silicone gel (RRP £29.99). For full ingredients list please see here.

Feedback will concentrate on what the gel feels like, what it's like to apply as well as your overall views of the gel - and any improvements noted to the appearance and feel of the scar. Please note this is in no way a scientific trial - Kelo-cote are just after testers general views and experiences and anecdotal feedback.

Additionally, we may also ask you to complete a (very) short survey at the end of the three month trial - this will focus on whether you'd be happy to recommend the gel to others and overall ratings.

Kelo-cote would also like some testers to take pictures of their scars at the beginning of trail and once a month thereafter (this is not compulsory though!). All testers who supply four pictures at the end of the trail will also receive a £10 John Lewis voucher and a tube of the new stretch mark cream each (RRP £14.99). If you're happy to take pictures, please tick the relevant box in the sign up form. Please note the pictures may be used on marketing material and the Kelo-cote website as before and after pictures. They will be completely anonymous and all recognisable parts will be removed.

Everyone who adds their feedback to the thread on Mumsnet as required will be entered into a prize draw where one winner will receive a £200 John Lewis voucher.

If you'd like to take part, please sign up here.

Thanks and good luck,


notts04 Tue 20-Nov-12 17:37:43

Yes please. Signed up.

notts04 Tue 20-Nov-12 17:38:30

O latest csection 2 months ago.

Nigglenaggle Tue 20-Nov-12 21:10:57


kathylilly23 Wed 21-Nov-12 11:01:16

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

EagleRiderDirk Wed 21-Nov-12 11:33:27

Done. 2nd c sec 2 months ago. Having some trouble at the edges where they did me up mega tightly. Hoping to get through.

Catbag Wed 21-Nov-12 16:13:21

All done smile

beautifulgirls Wed 21-Nov-12 22:37:32

Not a c-section scar but have been using this on our daughters foot since December 2011, after an amputation surgery in August 2011 on advice from the plastics consultant. We are very pleased with her scar given the potential for some very difficult scarring - in her case also combined with E45 moisturising and a compression sock to help keep the scar tissue flat.

Watto1 Thu 22-Nov-12 11:40:08

I hope I'm picked. I had a horrible keloid after my 1st c-section. It was cut out during my second c-section but I've ended up with another keloid. Red, bumpy and itchy over 2 years on. So jealous of my sister who had a c-section 2 months before mine. You can't even see her scar.

Loopyhasanotherbean Thu 22-Nov-12 13:39:31

done, hope i get picked and hope it works!

tubbsycat Thu 22-Nov-12 16:16:23

10yrs, 8rs & 5 yrs ago but still annoyingly tingley especially in the colder weather... give it a try. Thanks

ValiumQueen Thu 22-Nov-12 19:13:29


Done - scar 8.5 months old. It's not actually troublesome in the slightest, but I just want to know if the cream would make it fade or anything. Plus am interested in the stretch mark cream.

Snugglenush Sat 24-Nov-12 18:08:47

Signed up!! My scar is just over 2 years old, it doesn't look too unsightly but it itches and is sore quite often - and in fact sometimes has a funny. Also still numb and bizarre like melliebobs!

pomdereplay Mon 26-Nov-12 18:09:47

Signed up - I have a lovely 9 month old scar that is a daily reminder of nearly dying during my EMCS!

k2togm1 Wed 28-Nov-12 08:45:42

So have the chosen ones Ben notified already? sad

KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 28-Nov-12 14:09:47

k2togm1 we'll be emailing those selected on Friday.

Marrow Fri 30-Nov-12 17:03:49

Yes, I've been selected thank you!! Have a foot long vertical scar that is very ugly. Can't wait to see if it makes a difference smile

ceeveebee Fri 30-Nov-12 17:47:44

Yey I'm in, first time I've been picked for anything on here! Hope it works, hate my ugly red scar

McPhee Fri 30-Nov-12 21:53:10

Woohooo <waves goodbye to my gross itchy scar>

So fecking happy grin

Oh I'm going to be very busy.....laundry liquid to trial as well confused

InTheBoonies Sat 01-Dec-12 06:10:58

I'm in - Hope it works! My scar really bothers me sad I said i'd do pictures too!

Northernexile Sat 01-Dec-12 07:57:47

I haven't been emailed. Dies that mean I haven't been picked? Why? We're there really 250 MNers picked before me?


hohohohawthers Sat 01-Dec-12 09:42:43

I've not had an email either sad. I hate that red fat squatter on my stomach

exiledmancityfan Sun 02-Dec-12 09:06:05

grin I'm in. First bit of feedback who has 5 minutes to wait for it to dry? I have a 10wk old and about 8 yr old!

Angelico Sun 02-Dec-12 13:15:40

I'm in and regretting it now it says 5 mins for it to dry. Drying myself after the shower is a triumph with a new baby grin

snala Thu 06-Dec-12 18:27:30

Still haven't received mine!

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