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NOW CLOSED: Want to try the new Multi Action wipes from Ecover? 250 testers needed - you could win a £150 JL voucher for feedback

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TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 12-Oct-12 14:08:35

We've been asked by the folks at Ecover to find 250 of you to try out their new Multi Action wipes.

Ecover says "New Ecover Multi-Action disposable wipes perfectly compliment your cleaning cupboard and may revolutionise the way you clean. With an anti-bacterial formulation killing up to 99.9% of bacteria, surfaces from your toilet seats to your baby's high chair will be left perfectly clean with a delicious Pomegranate and Lime fragrance. They are 100% biodegradable and made using plant-based ingredients - no nasties for you and your family."

Please see here for more info.

Selected testers will sent a pack of 40 wipes (RRP £2.20) and asked to try them at home and then to add their feedback to a thread on MN (you will be emailed a link to this).

We're looking for a range of testers for this - it's open to all UK MNers with at least one child.

All testers who add feedback will be entered into a prize draw where one winner will get a £150 John Lewis voucher as a thank you. All testers will also receive a 20% at EcoverDirect code for any additional purchases they'd like to make.

If you're interested and around over the next 2-3 weeks to take part please add your details here.

Thanks and good luck

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Oct-12 09:52:28

feedback thread now live here

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 25-Oct-12 10:33:12

Feedback thread coming soon folks

appu123 Tue 23-Oct-12 22:36:05

feel very good to use this wipes first time. must say Ecover is an excellent.

niniane Tue 23-Oct-12 21:10:59

Didn't get a badge, can't find an e-mail but I did get the wipes. confused

craftynclothy Mon 22-Oct-12 17:28:40

I think it's being set up for next week. The email I had said fedback thread would appear around the 29th

Coops79 Mon 22-Oct-12 17:25:28

Am I being thick? I can't find the feedback thread anywhere...

5madthings Mon 22-Oct-12 13:07:32

ok bathroom cleaned, tbh i found them a bit disappointing, they cleaned ok but were far too thin and small, they were frothy and i felt i needed to wipe down my tiles afterwards to get rid of residue. but my tiles are clean and my taps are shiny smile just a shame they are so thin as i ended up using quite a lot.

they were fine for wiping down my toddlers high chair after lunch, ditto the table, anything light and easy, so good for a quick wipe around.

i didnt thinkt he smell of them was that strong but it was a nice smell, i like lime smile

5madthings Mon 22-Oct-12 12:01:49

a badge? i didnt get a badge.... sulks!

anyway i am about to put dd to bed and then clean the bathroom so shall be back to update!

whatinthewhatnow Mon 22-Oct-12 11:52:56

I didn't get a badge! <sniff>

Sparklingbrook Sun 21-Oct-12 10:43:30

You should wear it with pride obviously. grin

LynetteScavo Sun 21-Oct-12 10:41:03

"^Feel Good^

It's very large.

And pink.

Sparklingbrook Sun 21-Oct-12 10:36:11

What does the badge say? confused

TheOneWithTheHair Sun 21-Oct-12 10:30:11

Yes for an ecofriendly company the badges are a bit of a waste. Couldn't think what it was for so it went in the bin. smile

LynetteScavo Sun 21-Oct-12 10:17:58

I just found a packet on my desk. Inside were the wipes! smile

Do I have to wear the badge? hmm

GwendolineScaryLacey Sat 20-Oct-12 17:33:09

Very nice and frothy, smell nice enough. But far too small and thin. I couldn't get any purchase on the filth work surfaces without using about 3 of them and even then it wasn't brilliant. I like a good, thick wipe.

SchrodingersMew Sat 20-Oct-12 15:04:31

I have wipes too! They're very small and really frothy but they smell quite nice. smile

TiddlyZomZomZombie Fri 19-Oct-12 22:15:10

I have wipes! Haven't managed to use them yet as DH decided to clean the bathroom on a whim confused but no doubt DS will cause plenty of wipeable muck tomorrow.

5madthings Fri 19-Oct-12 21:42:16

actually my wipes have arrived! i was out all day so hadnt seen the post maybe because instead of putting it on the table dp had put it in the basket where all the hats/gloves etc go and it had got buried by said hats etc anyhow i have them and i shall try them out tomorrow as the bathroom could do with a wipe around.

i have applied for lots of things recently and this is the only thing i have got, i figure its law of averages if you apply for enough stuff, but i have only had this and the porridge, oh actually i had some other cleaning/wahing powder stuff once.

anyway i am interested to see if i can use them without them annoying my eczema, ecover is the only washing up liquid that i can use without it annoying my skin, so hoping the wipes are the same! i hav enever used cleaning wipes before, i use bog standard tesco sensitive babywipes for a quick wipe around the house if needed but normally i do use a cloth and cleaning spray etc. i feel wipes are a bit crap ie rubbish wise but these ones are 100% biodegradable apparently so i can use them and not feel guilty!

Sparklingbrook Fri 19-Oct-12 19:46:37

We are too young Daz and our houses aren't dirty enough. wink

DazR Fri 19-Oct-12 19:44:50

<ponders why I wasn't chosen>

BerthaTheBogBurglar Fri 19-Oct-12 19:12:19

Ooh, I have wipes.

Drat, now I have to do cleaning.

Where's the feedback thread then?

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 19-Oct-12 18:29:49

2 seater sports car, obviously.

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Fri 19-Oct-12 18:22:51

Ooh maybe they are saving us to test some young sexy product?? That only young sexy people would use <starts to imagine what this could be.......................oh blush>

5madthings Fri 19-Oct-12 18:05:58

I was chosen, my wipes havent arrived yet tho.

YesIKnowIHaveGlitterOnMyFace Fri 19-Oct-12 18:02:37

They have arrived! I love wipes
They are a bit frothy and small. You need 2 to get a good wipe

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