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NOW CLOSED Go to a National Trust Great British Day Out with your family during the summer hols and get a video camera worth £99.99

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KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 12-Jul-12 17:29:34

The National Trust have asked us to find 5 Mumsnetters to take part in The National Trust Great British Days Out experience during the summer holidays. They'd like 5 families in search of fun to go along to a National Trust property and film their day.

This is what the National Trust say about Great British Days Out: "This summer we've got plenty of events and activities taking place for the whole family to enjoy. Whether it's dressing up days, trails or performances there's something for everyone. We'd like to find out how you would make the most of a day out at a National Trust property and would love for you to help us."

This is open to all UK MNers who are available at some point during the summer holidays to visit a National Trust property with their DCs.

The 5 selected MNers will receive some info from the National Trust suggesting good places to go in their area. You will also receive a Kodak PlayFull video camera, worth £99.99, to film your family's day out (which you get to keep!) and a £50 National Trust voucher.

Selected MNers will then need to come back to MN and give their feedback on their experiences on a thread, as well as sending your footage to the National Trust. The footage may be used for marketing purposes and may appear on the National Trust website and possibly elsewhere.

Please note shortlisted MNers will be asked to email MN a short film (eg filmed on a mobile or digital camera) of themselves and their family who would visit the NT property prior to the final film makers being selected. This is in no way a beauty parade, we just want to ensure we get a good mix of folks and ones who come across well on camera. If you are unable to send in a film you can send in a recent photo of the family.

If you're interested in taking part, please sign up here.

If you are not selected but would still like to be in with a chance of winning your own Great British Day Out, you can visit the National Trust Facebook App

Thanks and good luck!


aristocat Thu 02-Aug-12 23:14:41

grin Lissie you keep posting twice ....... a tad excited maybe?

We will go to Shugborough.

LissiesAWenlockLass Thu 02-Aug-12 20:32:40

Yes, it came today. Its pretty funky!

LissiesAWenlockLass Thu 02-Aug-12 20:32:40

Yes, it came today. Its pretty funky!

aristocat Thu 02-Aug-12 18:41:22

I dont know yet, do you have the camera?

LissiesAWenlockLass Thu 02-Aug-12 10:50:35

grin we will prob go to chirk or powys castle. You?

LissiesAWenlockLass Thu 02-Aug-12 10:50:35

grin we will prob go to chirk or powys castle. You?

aristocat Thu 02-Aug-12 09:35:06

MEeeeee ...... We were chosen too grin

Anyone else?

OMG Lissie, you too. Well done! Do we need to make sure that we dont go to the same NT property?

MTBMummy Thu 02-Aug-12 08:55:06

We did - DD is really excited, she wants to show MN'ers her favorite tree at our local NT property. smile

Has anyone recieved their video camera yet?

LissiesAWenlockLass Sat 28-Jul-12 17:01:01

I did, ds and I are thrilled!!!!

So, who got chosen then?
Has my invitation got lost in the post [deluded emoticon]

lisad123 Wed 25-Jul-12 20:22:28

Would swap month of cheese for this grin

gazzalw Wed 25-Jul-12 09:48:18

thanks KatieBMumsnet!

KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 25-Jul-12 09:15:10

Hi gazzalw - we have shortlisted and chosen the 5 families to attend. Although if you're planning on visiting a NT property over the summer holidays there will be a chance to tell us all about it later!

gazzalw Wed 25-Jul-12 08:51:02

Have the families been shortlisted yet, KatieBMumsnet?

TheTempest Tue 17-Jul-12 11:46:43

Done, sounds fab smile

Shouldacouldawoulda Mon 16-Jul-12 19:47:05

Done, would be a fab summer project that we would fully embrace with props and costumes. smile

lisad123 Fri 13-Jul-12 18:14:49

Have done it grin

youarekidding Fri 13-Jul-12 17:18:17

done. My DS loves history and loves making films - this would be right up his alley grin

ClaireBraveheart Fri 13-Jul-12 13:34:58

How exciting and fingers crossed!

GladbagsAndYourHandrags Fri 13-Jul-12 11:34:43

Sounds excellent, done smile

KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 13-Jul-12 09:27:47

Don't worry Lego, that's fine.

LegoAcupuncture Thu 12-Jul-12 21:42:46

Done (as 5inthebed NN, hope thats ok?)

katkouta Thu 12-Jul-12 20:46:25

Done smile

hermionestranger Thu 12-Jul-12 19:05:48


stickchildren3 Thu 12-Jul-12 19:04:20


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