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NOW CLOSED: Want to get your family eating more fish? Or any fish? Testers needed for Young’s frozen fish range – you could win Jamie Oliver goodies

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 10-Feb-12 11:47:41

We have been asked by Young's to recruit 25 Mumsnetters and their families to take part in the "Young's Twice a Week Challenge". The aim of the challenge is to get families eating at least two fish meals a week.

Young's say: "The UK Government's general advice is to eat two portions of fish a week, one of which should be oily, and we'd like to show folks how easy it is to meet this target. Fresh fish is great, but frozen fish counts too. All the fish in Jamie's range for Young's is frozen within a matter of hours of being caught, locking in the fantastic flavour and nutrients. All the recipes use chunks of fish and not minced fish, so you can be confident knowing you've got a quick and healthy meal on standby whenever you need it"

We are looking for a variety of MNers for this challenge. It may be the adults in your home eat fish regularly but you struggle to get more than a fish finger in your DC, or that your child happily eats a fish pie and you'd rather eat something else, or that you only eat fresh fish and never go down the frozen fish aisle. We are specifically looking for UK based MNers with at least one child aged 1 plus. If you or anyone in your family have any allergies please check the Young's pages before applying.

Specifically we are looking for folks who.....
~ Only eat fresh fish, never frozen, those who eat fish occasionally but don't meet the twice a week target, and those who rarely or never cook and eat fish.

Young's would very much like you to try the brand new Jamie Oliver by Young's range of responsibly sourced frozen fish meals including "delicious fishcakes, fish pies and fishfingers as well as Jamie's Kids meals, created especially with little people in mind".

Young's say "There are loads of options in the wider Young's range for you to try so you needn't get bored of eating the same fish meals all the time. Young's products include Favourites Family Favourites such as Young's 'Chip Shop 4 Large Battered Cod Fillets' and '4 Large Breaded Haddock Fillets in Kingsmill Breadcrumbs', perfect for a tasty mid-week family supper. If you like your seafood then you can try the prawns with your favourite recipe or treat yourself to the scampi."

If you are selected to take part in the testing you will be supplied with a £40 Young's voucher in order to purchase Young's fish at any of these participating stores: Asda, Co-op, Morrison's, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Waitrose. Please note the full range is sold in larger stores so please only apply if you can get to a larger branch of one of the supermarkets listed here.
In return, you'll be expected to add your feedback (across the 2 week challenge) on a thread on Mumsnet. Please note if you have more than 2 children you may well be sent a slightly higher value voucher to cater for the whole family.

For more information on the sustainability policy at Young's please see here.

Additionally, we need three of the families to make video reviews of their fish eating experiences over the two weeks (you get to keep the camera!). Please note, these videos will be used on the Young's pages on Mumsnet (coming soon) and possibly elsewhere (they will be hosted on YouTube). If you are willing to undertake the video element please indicate this on the form link below. You will be supplied with a FlipCam (which you will be able to keep after the filming element is over (worth over £150)). You will be briefed on filming requirements but it shouldn't be too onerous.

All testers who add their feedback will be entered into a prize draw to win Jamie Oliver goodies worth £100 - the winner can choose between JO kitchenware to the value of £100 or a £100 voucher for one of Jamie's Italian restaurants (locations nationwide)

If you are selected to take part the challenge will start on 20th February and last for 2 weeks, please only apply if you are around during this time.

If you'd like to take part, please add your details here.

Thanks, MNHQ

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picc Fri 10-Feb-12 12:11:32

I was so ashamed filling this in! I consider myself a healthy eater. I know how important fish is, especially oily fish. My dad had a heart attack at a young age (despite being a 'low risk' lifestyle-wise) and my mum (and gran) both have/had osteoporosis/ low bone density. I should be eating bony, oily fish at least twice per week.
But it feels like such an effort sometimes. And I'm worried the children won't eat it.
We don't eat a lot of meat either, but we're not vegetarian.
The kids go to nursery 3 days per week. It's a vegetarian nursery, which is great, but they're not getting any fish there, either!
The fish I tend to eat is the "bag and go" fish from the fresh fish counter at Waitrose. Easy.
Don't tend to think about frozen....
I really ought to think about this more, whether I get picked for the challenge or not...

MonsterBookOfTysons Fri 10-Feb-12 12:15:59

Done. I only ever eat fish finger sandwiches or cod so could use the help grin

MotherPanda Fri 10-Feb-12 12:16:57

Yum fish! I'm currently weaning dd, but havn't actually tried giving her any fish yet.

Our fishy diet tends to consist of fish fingers... or breaded cod which is essentially a bigger fish finger.

Think we may need to improve our fishy diet! Particularly as we are trying Baby led weaning... so DD is eating what we eat.

Jux Fri 10-Feb-12 12:17:49

We eat fish. I was brought up Catholic so it was fish on, ridays every week and consequently I love fish. DH says he likes fish but that means salmon, though he will try other fish if I force it a bit. DD used to love fish, it was one of the first foods I gave her when weaning. Somehow though she got put off it when she was about 6 and now she curls her lip in disgust, though after a couple years of it just being put in front of her she will eat it with just a cat's bum face, but no actual whines grin

We don't have it weekly though, it's more like once a month. Frozen fish is not something I ever buy as we have a fantastic family owned fishmonger just round the corner. Fish fingers languish at the back of the freezer........

lubeybooby Fri 10-Feb-12 12:37:53

Done! I love fish, my DD doesn't but this would be a great excuse to encourage her to try again.

LaVitaBellissima Fri 10-Feb-12 13:08:14

Done, interesting to see if they taste any good. We are big fish eaters here but don't buy frozen.

Hulababy Fri 10-Feb-12 13:14:58

I already eat more than 2 fish meals a week, and DH and DD probably eat a couple most weeks. I don't eat meat, so fish is good as we can all eat it.

Ebeneezerbeezer Fri 10-Feb-12 13:18:24

Yes please, we would love to take part in this. We don't eat nearly enough fish and I need to work hard at introducing a better variety into my daughters diet.
We would love to have a go at filming too, she has a great variety of faces so it would make entertaining viewing for youngs!

inchoccyheaven Fri 10-Feb-12 13:20:58

Done as we don't eat much fish at all and when we do it is the same thing. Would be nice to try something new.

simbo Fri 10-Feb-12 13:21:05

We are luck enough to have a good chippy in the village and tend to get fish from there a couple of times a month. I always have fish fingers in the freezer as a standby meal for the children but don't tend to cook fish that often myself. I am put off some frozen fish dishes as they have a cheese topping which is a big no-no for dd, and I think I am the only family member that likes oily fish. I would definitely like to incorporate more fish into our diet, and I think being part of a consumer test would get the children interested in taking part.

ouryve Fri 10-Feb-12 13:26:19

I shall just drool this one out. I eat loads of fish - probably 3 or 4 portions of fish or seafood, some weeks. I also eat loads of it frozen, since fresh never really is that fresh by the time it hits our supermarkets. Not a big fan of the Youngs stuff, though, apart from the Jamie Oliver fish cakes and fish fingers which I buy for DS2 - they're actually really nice.

mamij Fri 10-Feb-12 13:37:05

My husband and I used to eat a lot of fresh fish - cod, haddock, salmon, tuna, you name it. But I fell out of habitat after being pregnant with my first child, who is now two years and three months. Any time I smelt fish, I would feel really nauseous. Then i fell pregnant with my second child (now three months old), and experienced the same nauseous with fish.

Now, I only cook (fresh) fish occasionally as I still don't like the smell/taste of it, but endeavour to tolerate it for my children. I think because of thus, my two year old is fussy with eating fish. I would like to get her to eat more fish as it's important for her to get her omega oils. She'd only eat it if i mix it into soup or into something like risotto. I've never really thought about frozen fish as I had always seen it to be less healthy than cooking from fresh - maybe I am wrong? I hope my girls (and I!) will start to enjoy fish again soon.

feedthegoat Fri 10-Feb-12 13:43:21

I have filled this in and I am ashamed to admit that we eat very little fish at all.

It is entirely my fault, I hated the local fish market as a child and still detest that 'fishy' smell. I just never cool with fish at all. Dh and ds both love it but we only have the odd fish and chip takeaway.

Blatherskite Fri 10-Feb-12 13:44:52

DS (4) is a total fish monster and will eat pretty much anything - but I have to cook it and I'm afraid I tend to stick to what I know so he's not trying as many new things as he could be and I'm certinaly not giving him 2 portions a week blush

DD (2) on the other hand eats next to nothing. If this trial could get her eating fish, I'd be a very happy lady!

QuintessentialyHollow Fri 10-Feb-12 13:46:54

Id love to take part. Would love to have just ONE fish meal (aside from my grans fishpie which is extremely labourous, and not have to hear another "Oh no mum, FISH! Yuck"

sparklystar Fri 10-Feb-12 13:50:58

Done smile would like to eat more than my 1 portion per week

Blu Fri 10-Feb-12 13:52:02

Damn - not eligible!

We use a lot of frozen fish fillets because it is easy to cook v quickly from frozen so good for cooking after work. I use supermarket own or Youngs bags of fillets - 'white fish' (cheap) in fish pie and curry, wild salmon in things like salmon with leeks, smoked haddock in kedgeree (economical). I started buying the Young's wild salmon fillets because fresh cheap farmed salmon gives me the creeps - salmon farming mings and the salmon is all oily and flabby.

DS's favourite sandwiches when he had packed lunch were cold fish fingers with tartare sauce.

Shouldn't I get a special prize for being a good advocate for frozen fish?

I could post the recipe for salmon and leeks? It's salmon in a smooth creamy leeky sauce.....

Hello Young's - I would like you to keep your crab factory in Cromer open please. If you want to promote fish to us, protect our coastal and fishing towns from deprivation and decay.

boredandrestless Fri 10-Feb-12 13:54:33

Done, I felt bad filling this in too when I realised how little I eat fish - and DS won't even entertain it! Would love to make it a more regular part of our diet.

Did anyone else shudder at the thought of video feedback? Nobody wants to see me in film!

mamij Fri 10-Feb-12 13:57:17

boredandrestless - big shudder re video feedback. Even the temptation of keeping the camera wasn't quite enough!

sphil Fri 10-Feb-12 14:26:25

Done - any excuse to eat! grin . We used to eat fish much more often, when we had a fishmongers round the corner, but I've fallen into a boring fish fingers/pie/cakes routine. Ds1 loves food and is a very adventurous eater, so this would be just up his street. DS2......another story. It would certainly be an interesting video hmm

Tiredtrout Fri 10-Feb-12 14:38:52

Done, could really do with getting the kids to eat it more smile

Fillybuster Fri 10-Feb-12 15:23:51

Done. For a mostly-non-meat-eating family, we really don't eat enough fish....mainly because I tend to forget about it. I like the idea of being challenged to eat it twice a week and think a bit more creatively about what I put on everyone's plates...

Lovelyboobs Fri 10-Feb-12 15:29:50

Done. Would love to be able to tempt my DH and DC to try more fish dishes.

Blu Fri 10-Feb-12 15:42:53

Seriously, can we ask Jamie Oliver why he promotes local produce etc but is working with Young's who (unless this has now been changed?) are closing the Cromer Crab processing operation in North Norfolk with the loss of 200 jobs? To move the operation to a huge plant elsewhere?

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