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NOW CLOSED: Do you have a child aged 3-7? Want to try out a toy from Chad Valley and add your feedback on MN? £100 voucher to be won!

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 11-May-11 10:36:49

We have another lovely product test for you - this time for Chad Valley toys which are sold exclusively at Argos.
We need 10 testers as there are 10 toys to choose from:

Electronic Kitchen "Cook up a treat with this Chad Valley Interactive Electronic Kitchen. Once your food is ready to be cooked, place in the oven, set the timer and watch the hob glow. Make sure you wash up your utensils in the sink with real running water. This multifunctional toy kitchen is an ideal toy to encourage role-play games." worth £34.99

Dino Adventures "Young creative minds will love this miniature dinosaur land. With ten solid, assorted dinosaur figures, your child will be able to recreate the age of the dinosaurs. This fantastic toy will help develop young imaginations!" worth £24.99

Castle "This fantastic 29 inch medieval castle is the ideal toy for young imaginative minds! Children will be kept entertained for hours as they recreate fabulous medieval battle scenes!" worth £29.99

Grand Piano "8 musical sound effects, 8 musical instrument effects, 4 animal sounds and 4 drum sounds. With replay, record and stop functions and melody demo songs. Includes a microphone, stand and stool." worth £31.99

"Toadstool tent and Fairy Wings "An enchanted toadstool perfect for your little garden fairy. Includes peep through windows and sparkly fairy wings. Great for role play and adventures. Quick and easy pop up assembly with support rods. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use." worth £24.99

'Design-a-Bear' Pretty Bunny and two outfits (Ladybird and Ballet) plus Messenger Bag Accessory Set]] "Design-a-Bear is a toy that allows you to create your own soft toy. This cute and cuddly Design-a-bear Bunny can be personalised with teddy clothing and accessories to make the perfect unique gift. Each bear comes with its very own passport, certificate and gift box. You will receive a bunny with two outfits and an accessory set". Worth £37.96

3 Storey Wooden Dolls house "This pink wooden 3 Storey dolls house is great value for money. With its removable front roof section for easy access and 5 sets of furniture, it provides hours of fun for you and your dolls" worth £29.99

Complete kitchen set " Includes cooker with light up hob and realistic cooking sounds, kettle with realistic pouring water and bubbling water sounds plus toaster with pop up feature. The set also includes over 50 pieces of cutlery, plates, cups, food boxes and realistic role play food." worth £24.99

Post Office "This Chad Valley Post Office is a great toy for encouraging imaginative play. The big red letterbox folds out into a fully stocked post office counter with all the essential Post Office items you need. Once all your customers have gone, the accessories pack away into the letter box which also has a carry handle so you can take it with you, wherever you go." worth £12.99

Fire Station play set "This compact fire station is built on wheels for you to drive around and about. Not only this, but the station transforms into a miniature city! With this station comes various opportunities for imaginative play and will keep young children entertained for hours!" worth £26.99

We also need 5 of the testers who are willing to video their child playing with the toy. These videos will be used on the Chad Valley pages on Mumsnet in June and possibly elsewhere (they will be hosted on YouTube). If you are willing to undertake the video element please indicate this on the form link below. You will be supplied with a camcorder (which will need to be returned). You will be advised re filming requirements but it won't be a lot!

If selected you will be sent the toy which will be yours to keep - all we ask is that you add your feedback to a thread on Mumsnet. All testers who add feedback will be entered into a draw to win a £100 voucher for the store of your choice. We'd also like testers to add a review to the Mumsnet toy review section.

If you aren't selected please do look out for the feedback thread as we'll be opening this up to all MNers to add their own reviews of any Chad Valley toys their child is currently playing with. Everyone who does so will be entered into a draw where one winner will receive a £100 store voucher.

To sign up please click here

Many thanks

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SenoritaViva Wed 11-May-11 10:53:46

My daughter turned 4 (today) and I would be happy to test any toys.

SummerRain Wed 11-May-11 10:54:39

Is it open to ROI readers? If so I'd be very interested, I have 3 kids: dd(6), ds1(4, almost 5) and ds2(2)

We already have a kitchen, castle and doll's house though, but all the others including the kitchen utensil set would go down a storm with my lot.

Would be willing to video too, providing the kid's cooperate grin

BelleEnd Wed 11-May-11 10:57:52

Ooooh please!

largeginandtonic Wed 11-May-11 11:08:06

Would love to. Up for the video too.

Have millions of kids reaching most age brackets grin

Filmbuffmum Wed 11-May-11 11:08:44

Have filled out the survey, and would be willing to take a video- the fire station looks brilliant (and very portable, which would be great for us to take on holiday in a few weeks time!)

MorningsMadness Wed 11-May-11 11:23:25

Happy to - have 4yo DD.

readinginsteadnow Wed 11-May-11 12:13:03

Ann, I'm just going to fill in the form now - am very happy to film them too, but cant we just use our own camcorder? I dont want the responsibility of borrowing yours and breaking it blush . Plus I know how mine works!!

latrucha Wed 11-May-11 12:16:22

Yes please. My DD is about three and a half.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 11-May-11 12:20:04

readinginstead - I think they'd want to use their own ones as the formats would be all different if folks used their own (you know, on a card, film etc). Am sure it will be simple to use!
Summerrain - do fill in the form as I am checking re ROI but won't know for a bit

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4madboys Wed 11-May-11 12:27:15

fabulous, my three year old would love the fire engine stuff and my 6 yr old would love the fairy stuff.

the post office set also looks good, as does the dinosaur set!

we have a play cooker already tho.

readinginsteadnow Wed 11-May-11 12:28:28

Ha ha ok. We'll give it a whirl if we get picked. I'm afraid I've just written you an essay on the last parts of the questionnaire; I do love giving opinions blush

Btw to anyone trying to decide - I bought the dino thing in the sale (£15.99grin) and we gave it to friends little boy for his bday. I dont think they even took it out of the box sad . Shame, as I'd have kept it myself if she'd just said. Its very similar to the elc one. But I havent opted for it on this, as they're now overridden with dino stuff!

readinginsteadnow Wed 11-May-11 12:29:33

Ann, I think I want your job! Sorting out product testing would be my ideal world grin

cryhavoc Wed 11-May-11 12:31:22


Tortoise Wed 11-May-11 12:31:57

DDs would love to test the dolls house or tent. I did the survey on my phone. Can you confirm it went through ok? Not tried one on my phone before!
Also happy to do a video.

readinginsteadnow Wed 11-May-11 12:34:23

I would love to test the tent! But I know already that it wouldnt stand up to 2 small boys; they roll around the garden inside them and knacker the pop-up capability hmm

lynniep Wed 11-May-11 12:36:05

I have a 4 year old who would be quite happy to test any of the toys (although the fairy wings and the pretty bunny might be pushing it a bit too far - he'll say they are 'girls things')

Doobydoo Wed 11-May-11 12:36:09


lynniep Wed 11-May-11 12:36:24

oh, and happy to do video too.

Doobydoo Wed 11-May-11 12:38:21

Eek just seen paino is pink.Think ds will be cross about that as he likes bluehmm

Doobydoo Wed 11-May-11 12:38:56

...thanks to school influence!

ouryve Wed 11-May-11 12:47:30

There's a few things there that at least one of my boys would love!

Though why on earth do dolls houses have to be pink, for goodness sake?! My 5 year old would love that if only the colour wouldn't send my 7 year old into a spiral of rage and indignation (ASD and very extremely firm ideas on pink being girls only, despite my attempts to educate him otherwise)

Bohica Wed 11-May-11 12:48:02

I have 2 children between this age bracet but it won't let me enter twice to give each child the opportunity?

4madboys Wed 11-May-11 12:57:24

bohica i just put them both in the bit where it asks you to give the reason you chose which toy as your first choice!

jasper1980 Wed 11-May-11 13:10:51

oooooh I hope I get picked for this. DS is sooo into castle just now he would actually wet himself with excitement if he got this!

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