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NOW CLOSED: Would you like to try a Flip Video? Wannabe film makers needed - you could win a £50 Amazon voucher for adding feedback on MN

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Nov-10 17:12:53

We have a lovely new pre Christmas product test for you - Flip Video have asked us to find 11 of you who would like to road test their video cameras and to add feedback on Mumsnet.

Flip Video are looking for a range of UK Mumsnetters for this - from those who've never used a video camera, those who are maybe considering updating their old video cameras and those who are more proficient film makers.

Flip say: "Flip Video is a fun, easy-to-use pocket camcorder. Flip Video makes it incredibly quick and simple to shoot high-quality videos, then share those moments by plugging the camera directly into your computer. Flip is small enough to fit in your pocket, which means that you can take it everywhere you and your family go, making it the perfect way to capture those mustn't-forget moments".

There are two cameras available for testing. Here's what Flip say about them:

~ "The Flip UltraHD is even slimmer than before, using three AAA batteries in a rechargeable pack (which comes with every UltraHD). As with previous models, the new Flip UltraHD charges automatically when plugged into a computer but, if you run out of juice when you're out and about, simply replace with regular AAA batteries". RRP £160. We have 6 of these to try

~ "The super-sleek Flip MinoHD, which features an in-built rechargeable battery pack, is even smaller than the Flip UltraHD and has one hour of recording memory. Simply slip it into your pocket or changing bag and away you go!" RRP £150. We have 5 of these to try

If you are selected for the product test all we ask is that you try the camera for a couple of weeks and then add feedback to a thread on Mumsnet. We'd love you to use the cameras to record all those lovely pre Christmas moments - the children visiting Father Christmas, seeing the Christmas lights, visiting the Panto or even you wrapping the presents! We'd also need you to share the film with other people - the cameras feature 'FlipShare' software which enables you to send attachment free emails or upload directly to Facebook or YouTube. Of course these films are private for you and your family and friends but we would like you to write about how this process worked for you. The feedback will focus on both the use of the camera and how it was to share the film with other family members or friends.

As an additional element to the feedback we'll be asking the testers to select their favourite 1 minute clip for Flip Video and send in the link for possible inclusion on the Flip hub on Mumsnet - coming soon! If you already have a Flip Video camera you can also enter your best clip - please look out for the feedback thread for all details. The makers of the 3 best films selected will receive a £50 Amazon voucher.

Everyone who is part of the test and who adds feedback will be entered into a prize draw where one lucky winner will win a £50 Amazon voucher. In addition, you will be able to keep the camera grin

If you would like to take part in this project please add your details here.

Thanks and good luck.


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mumbar Mon 29-Nov-10 17:25:26

Hi Ann, I would love to try a camcorder, we are going to lapland in a few eeks and it would be great to make a film of the day.

Unfortunatly the link to register the details is not working. I'll try again later.

mumbar Mon 29-Nov-10 17:25:50

link malfunctioned grin

BrandyButterPie Mon 29-Nov-10 17:26:44

Signed up Would love one of these- I dod loads of videos on my mobile and would love something with better quality.

mumbar Mon 29-Nov-10 17:31:29

OK, ignore me link does work (not sure what happened). I've signed up now.

It would be lovely to be able to send clips of DS to his dad rather than just photos, films capture so much more.

greaseistheword Mon 29-Nov-10 17:40:43


orangina Mon 29-Nov-10 17:41:28

Done it! Would love to send video clips of kids to my brother who lives in Vancouver...

madamy Mon 29-Nov-10 17:48:37

Done - DH and I work shifts (often opposite!) and he's working Xmas day so would be great to capture those special moments!

Hulababy Mon 29-Nov-10 17:50:20

I can't get the link to work.

The3Bears Mon 29-Nov-10 17:56:43


Hulababy Mon 29-Nov-10 17:56:55

Managed to get it to work int he end.

ilovesprouts Mon 29-Nov-10 17:57:57

done fingers crossed video camera virgin here grin

MisSalLaneous Mon 29-Nov-10 18:07:04

Done. Marking my place here as I'd like to follow reviews even if not picked. If good, sounds like the type of thing I might try as the size of others have always put me off.

RosieSippingGinWithSanta Mon 29-Nov-10 18:11:12

Done <fingers and toes crossed>

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Nov-10 18:11:29

sorry if SM link sometimes doesn't work - do try again if no luck

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bran Mon 29-Nov-10 18:44:00

I've had a Mino HD for ages (I'm ahead of the curve wink). It's fabulous, and currently lost after a house move, I'm sure it moved with us but we still have about 30 unpacked boxes and it's in one of those. In the meantime I'm using my iPhone4 to take video.

When I first got it I actually started a thread on here because I was cross that other technology wasn't this simple. You flip out the ubs thingy and plug it into your computer, no need for cables or charging docks. If you don't have the software already it downloads automatically from the Flip, no need for installation discs or an internet connection. There's just the one button to press to record. It made me wonder why my stills camera was so flipping fiddly.

It has downsides of course, but on the whole it's a nifty little thing.

abdnhiker Mon 29-Nov-10 18:44:37

done - all our family are overseas in Canada so it would be brilliant for us!

MisSalLaneous Mon 29-Nov-10 18:45:45

Oh bran, that's good to hear! How long can you record at a time?

LIZS Mon 29-Nov-10 18:50:12


silverfrog Mon 29-Nov-10 18:53:04

I have heard they are so simple to use - thanks for confirming that, bran smile

I'd love to see what dd1 would do with one - she's 6 and ASD. the photos she takes using her camera are always interesting - a glimpse of her perspective, iyswim. Seeing film she had shot, and what she thinks is important would be a scream grin

bran Mon 29-Nov-10 19:02:23

I suppose you could do a whole hour. I rarely do more than about 10 mins before one DC tries to kill the other DC or him/herself.

The software that Flip supplies allows you to join lots of clips together to make a movie. This is AMAZING if you have a toddler. I have a couple of 30 min movies of DD and if I need to get something done she will just sit and watch them. Not even Something Special is as engrossing to her. It's also quite fun to do a movie containing a clip for each month of the year, they grow and develop before your eyes. grin

MisSalLaneous Mon 29-Nov-10 19:09:20

Ah great, thanks. No, ten mins at a time are plenty - I've only ever "recorded" on mobile or digital camera before, so only about a minute or so.

TheLifeOfRiley Mon 29-Nov-10 19:23:29

done smile

Sounds great bran, I have been wanting to buy a video camera for ages but I'm overhwelmed by all the different models!

DirtyMartini Mon 29-Nov-10 19:31:55

Ooh, will sign up later when I'm on my laptop (am on phone now).

I want to film the kids for my family overseas --they've not yet had a chance to meet the baby <violins> so I have been researching camcorders for just this reason in advance of Xmas. Easier the better frankly, especially when it comes to emailing clips.

I had been thinking about a Canon Legria (someone told me they were good. I am easily swayed) but actually this sounds better.

BeachedWhale Mon 29-Nov-10 19:48:29


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