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NOW CLOSED: Mums with daughters aged approx 9 -13 years, needed to help Tesco develop their "first" bra ranges - chance to win £100 of Tesco vouchers, plus £10 voucher for taking part

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 22-Oct-10 13:09:39

Tesco are looking for 50 Mumsnetters with daughters who are ready to start wearing their first bras (aged approx 9-13) to take part in a private online focus group on Mumsnet.

Everyone who takes part will be sent details and pictures of suggested ideas, and given a log in for a private area of Mumsnet where they will be required to answer around 15 questions.

Everyone who is chosen and takes part in the focus group will get a £10 Tesco voucher and one lucky Mumsnetter who takes part will win £100 Tesco vouchers (prize draw).

We would like you to add your comments between 3rd-7th November so please don't apply if you're not available at this time.

If you'd like to take part please add your details here. We will email those selected to take part on either 1st or 2nd November.

Many thanks


KatyMac Fri 22-Oct-10 13:11:28

Me please - DD is 12 (but only just she is nearly 13)

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 23-Oct-10 08:54:31

katy-do complete the form (link above). Thanks

KatyMac Sat 23-Oct-10 09:02:45

Just worked it out blush

In my defence I wasn't well yesterday

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 23-Oct-10 09:17:15

no worries!

foofi Sat 23-Oct-10 11:14:35

So you're not looking for people to actually test the bras? - just answer questions, is that right?

PurpleZombiesOnABloodyPillow Sat 23-Oct-10 11:35:49

Done grin

3littlefrogs Sat 23-Oct-10 14:23:17


AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 23-Oct-10 14:49:48

foofi, correct, it is just a discussion in a private area of idea for the future though...would you/your DD do that if it came up?

meltedmarsbars Sat 23-Oct-10 16:29:19

Have added my name.

I used to be a Textile Product Technologist at a competitor of theirs - d'you reckon that rules me out! wink

joeyjog Sat 23-Oct-10 18:46:21


misdee Sat 23-Oct-10 19:26:15

adding now.

whatagradeA Sat 23-Oct-10 20:08:24

I haven't got the right aged children but my friend and I were a bit horrified at the padded bras for that age group we saw in Tesco the other week. Can this comment be passed on please!

greaseistheword Sat 23-Oct-10 20:18:35


pompadourprincess Sat 23-Oct-10 20:59:25


MayorNaze Sun 24-Oct-10 21:06:09

dd is 9 this academic year...can i do it? we have already had many arguments discussions about appropriate undies for appropriate ages hmm

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 24-Oct-10 23:21:11

mayor - if you are interested please add your details.

MayorNaze Mon 25-Oct-10 11:31:22

have done, thank you

bobs Mon 25-Oct-10 15:35:35

Guess I can't join as DD 13 is on her 2nd bra sad. Have to say 'tho that lightly padded bras are the in thing. However I have a bugbear against those with wires as they shouldn't be allowed till about 15!!!

becci13 Mon 25-Oct-10 15:56:19

Hello to everyone who's already taken part - THANKYOU!!!!
If you do have a daughter who is not 9, but is ready for her first bra please feel free to take part or just leave a message here and we'll make sure its listened to and included.
That applies to everyone!


tibni Mon 25-Oct-10 21:23:34


WhatagradeA - I have not seen the tesco bras so can not comment, but I would say that at 11 padding is more important that support to my daughter. During the development process growth is often uneven and nipples can protrude in a mortifying way. I hate sexualised underwear for young girls but plain padding for discretion I can understand.

QOD Mon 25-Oct-10 22:13:40

my dd wouldnt wear a padded bra as she wants her boobs hidden not accentuated!

TrillianSlasher Tue 26-Oct-10 12:47:50

'Padded' can mean two different things, I think that's one of the major problems.

Are these bras 'padded' to make boobs look bigger, or 'padded' as in made of thicker material so there is no nipple-showage?

tibni Tue 26-Oct-10 12:57:24

It is nipple coverage that is important to dd. Even the thicker crop tops do not seem to offer the modesty element important to dd.

blondie36 Tue 26-Oct-10 14:16:51

Hi, i have a daughter who is 11. we would like to take part please :-D

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