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NOW FINISHED: Would you like to try a new pasta sauce from Dolmio aimed at children aged 8-12? You could win a hamper worth £250

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 20-Oct-10 13:10:42

Dolmio is launching a new pasta sauce product to "help mums give their children a tasty, quick and nutritious meal" and have asked us to find 50 Mumsnetters to try it with their children and to tell us your feedback.

Here's what they have to say about the new product "The My Dolmio 'Squeeze Me' sticks are aimed at children aged 8-12 years old, are hassle-free, delicious and free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. The product will be available in three flavours; Tomato & Cheese, Creamy Tomato and Tomato & Basil and comes in individual sachets which don't even need to be heated up and can simply be added to freshly cooked pasta. The sauces are great fun for the children and convenient for mums".

Before the My Dolmio "Squeeze Me" sticks are made available in supermarkets, Dolmio want to give Mumsnetters a sneak preview into the sauces to get your thoughts.

We have been asked to find MNers who:
a) Live in the UK
b) Are mums and ideally have at least one child aged 8-12

If selected you will be sent one packet of each of the My Dolmio Squeeze Me sauces. Each packet contains two 65g sachets for two child's meals. You'll then be asked to add your views to a private feedback thread on Mumsnet.

Everyone who tries the products and adds their feedback will be entered into a prize draw to win a hamper worth £250, full of delicious Dolmio products and a selection of games for the kids.

If you're interested in taking part and you meet the above criteria, please sign up here.


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Goooooooooooooober Wed 20-Oct-10 13:30:22

Oh, yesh pleashe!

foxinsocks Wed 20-Oct-10 13:32:24

yes me too, have applied!

I'd hope they were convenient for dads too ;-)

NomDePlume Wed 20-Oct-10 13:46:22

why aren't kids of 8-12 eating with the family/eating the main family meal ?

mummyofexitedprincesses Wed 20-Oct-10 13:50:18

Done, but if I am selected I will be eating them myself too!

lizziemun Wed 20-Oct-10 13:55:31

My thoughts exactly NomDePlume.

greaseistheword Wed 20-Oct-10 14:00:13


twirlymum Wed 20-Oct-10 14:12:23


twirlymum Wed 20-Oct-10 14:14:16

My dd does several activities during the week (ballet, drama, Brownies) and eats when she comes home from school, before she attends these clubs.

serenity Wed 20-Oct-10 14:24:14

DS2 doesn't eat rice or potatoes (except skinny fries) and often has pasta as a side dish instead (frequently plain because there's only so far I'll indulge his peculiarities...) If he likes them (big if) they'd make a nice change.

tibni Wed 20-Oct-10 14:31:57


bigTillyMint Wed 20-Oct-10 14:57:44

NDP, they do - we all eat loads of pasta smile

talkingnonsense Wed 20-Oct-10 16:08:14

They sound fun!

poobumfartbollocks Wed 20-Oct-10 16:38:14


readinginsteadnowisundeadnow Wed 20-Oct-10 17:18:15

Why do kids that old need a seperate pasta sauce? Sounds like a big faff to me hmm

phipps Wed 20-Oct-10 17:33:47

Just applied. MNHQ - I don't want my details being used for anything else though, no adding me to mailing lists Dolmio thank you.

prettybird Wed 20-Oct-10 17:34:59

Ds has pasta 'n' pesto (spaghetti) on a Tuesday night when he goes off to Cubs before we have our own meal. Something similarly convenient (as I refuse to cook two separate meals) would be great. (I don't count adding pesto to some spaghetti as cooking grin)

I also make myself look super organised and cook him penne in the same pot for his "Pasta 'n' Pesto" packed lunch the following day - which apparently all his friends are jealous of hmm

phipps Wed 20-Oct-10 17:35:07

Bit disappointed in the restricted flavours though. Tomato with everything hmm.

Doobydoo Wed 20-Oct-10 17:59:39


AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 20-Oct-10 18:06:43

phipps - if you are selected your name and address goes off to them for them to send you the product and only that. No email etc is passed on and you won't receive any marketing as a result. I think the tomato is what the brand is all about

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ilovesprouts Wed 20-Oct-10 18:09:38

my son loves it but hes only 3.10

phipps Wed 20-Oct-10 18:21:50

Thanks Ann.

I don't buy pasta sauces but think there are more flavours they could use. DD hates tomato so pointless buying them really as they all seem tomato based. I guess I won't be picked now grin.

ChileanMinerWife Wed 20-Oct-10 18:25:11

my kids dont eat with me as they dont liek my food
and i dont wanna fucking eat at 5pm

so do fuck right off.

llareggub Wed 20-Oct-10 19:23:05

I am very irritated by the assumption that the mother is preparing the meal.

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 20-Oct-10 20:03:04


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