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NOW CLOSED: Can you and your family make a video for Bisto's "Aah Night"? 2 Mumsnetters needed - you'll get a Flip camcorder

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 17-Sep-10 10:14:16

Bisto's "Aah Night" campaign are looking for two mums and their family to take on the "Aah Night challenge". They'd like two Mumsnetters to make a video diary for three weeks - if you are interested in taking part please add your details here.

The families will be provided with digital cameras for three weeks from next week (w/c 20 Sept) to create a video about how they try to create "Aah Night" - basically getting the family together around the table for a proper home cooked meal at least once a week.

They'd like the two families to record short diary entries (lasting a few minutes each) before and after the meals they pick for their "Aah Nights". The films will then be edited and shown on Mumsnet and the Bisto "Aah Night" site. Each family that takes part will receive a fab Flip Video Ultra II camcorder worth over £100 to keep.

Thanks and good luck


StealthPolarBear Fri 17-Sep-10 10:42:08

I can't but I do have a flip camcorder and they are brilliant

swallowedAfly Fri 17-Sep-10 10:47:31

Message withdrawn

popeonarope Fri 17-Sep-10 11:02:00

I can do it but I have a camera already - can I apply and use my own (it's much better than a flip camera) wink

TrillianAstra Fri 17-Sep-10 11:32:36

Little video diaries don't sound too much like hard work, and I do love Bisto gravy.

No children though. And I hate the sound of my voice when it's recorded.

Horton Fri 17-Sep-10 13:17:42

I wouldn't mind. But I hate gravy granules. Can you do it even if you'd rather stick pins in your eyes than use gravy granules?

Horton Fri 17-Sep-10 13:18:28

I quite like Bisto powder stuff, though. The onion powder/cornflour mix.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 17-Sep-10 14:08:54

popeonearope...don't see why not though format may be an issue - fill in the form if you are interested and if you're selected we can discuss then - can you put in the box about the camera!? Thanks

popeonarope Fri 17-Sep-10 15:56:41

Can do same format on both actually. Will do. Ta.

<regular with namechange for the papal visit>

MrsForgetful Fri 17-Sep-10 19:55:52

Aaaah .... I can imagine the video i'd film being rather 'unique'

Me, mum of 3 Autistic boys... mealtimes are guaranteed to be entertaining for the viewer....but not for me!!!

And then theres the length of the film....whereas a meal would take someone 1 hour to prepare- 1 hour to cook.... It takes me 2 hours to prepare.... 2 hours to cook....cos i am constantly called away from the kitchen to 'deal' with 'autistic issues'.... and then it's normal for me to serve meals 1 @ a time...staggering them so that for a few minutes at least...at most ...we are ALL at the table....

I gave up along time ago with 'happy family mealtimes'....

Autism makes it impossible for any meal to be enjoyable.

The following cause problems:

Texture,Colour,Smell & Taste of Foods
(SENSORY issues & need for food to be EXACTLY the same EVERY meal...)


SOUNDS made by cutlery & plates etc
(SENSORY)& even the loudness of others talking.

& CONVERSATION (Communication and social skills are a struggle for my boys....so sitting at the table ...all talking at once...it can be awful)

So.... Aaaaah Bisto... though we LOVE your Pork Gravy Granules....we decline your kid offer of a video camera....

swallowedAfly Sat 18-Sep-10 13:07:43

Message withdrawn

thesecondcoming Sun 19-Sep-10 10:15:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 23-Sep-10 13:49:19

Emails have gone out today to the 2 selected to take part! Many thanks to those who applied.

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