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littlelapinWearsBoden Wed 23-May-07 09:27:08

By Tech on Wed 23-May-07 01:41:12
Hello, this is set up now.
The auction results list is here .

You will need to log in to see the results. If you won a nickname (or a group of nicknames), they'll be listed at the top of the page with a PayPal "buy now" button. Click on that to go to PayPal and pay - this means you can pay with a credit/debit card, or via PayPal if you have a PayPal account.

If you run into any problems drop us a note.

By Mr

space1999 Sun 27-May-07 13:43:58

I also won a name under my usual nickname, so perhaps I could add the payment for infinity on to that?

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 27-May-07 13:46:31

I'll check with Tech, he's been in charge of payment and transfers.

space1999 Sun 27-May-07 13:56:12

No rush, I'm sure Tech has better things to do on a wet bank holiday weekend. I'm not planning any mischief in the near future anyway.

MrsHappy Thu 31-May-07 21:08:58

Have coughed up.


handlemecarefully Tue 12-Jun-07 20:50:59

What a hideous idea - I will now be eternally confused thinking that certain mumsnetters are whole different people [Victor Meldrew emoticon]

PrincessPeaNips Thu 14-Jun-07 14:01:26

Oh bloodyhell didn't realise this had happened until I got mumsnetnews
I'm SO out of touch
Anyway I've paid, and am off to try on my new dress

MintyDixCharrington Thu 14-Jun-07 14:02:49

Ta daaaaa!
Oh isn't this just MARVELLOUS, wait until Rupes sees it, he'll want to just shag me SENSELESS on the Aubusson

trice Thu 14-Jun-07 14:09:53

I bid £5 for tri but it is not on the list. Can I pay for it?

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