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littlelapinWearsBoden Wed 23-May-07 09:27:08

By Tech on Wed 23-May-07 01:41:12
Hello, this is set up now.
The auction results list is here .

You will need to log in to see the results. If you won a nickname (or a group of nicknames), they'll be listed at the top of the page with a PayPal "buy now" button. Click on that to go to PayPal and pay - this means you can pay with a credit/debit card, or via PayPal if you have a PayPal account.

If you run into any problems drop us a note.

By Mr

littlelapinWearsBoden Wed 23-May-07 09:29:13

Holy moly, I make the total raised £671.57!!!

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 23-May-07 09:42:03

Oh dear - in all of our frivolity on the Aitch thread, you have incorrectly said that I've won the name. I can't be Aitch - it would be funny for a while, but Aitch needs to be Aitch. I think you'll find that she bid a tenner, I raised her a fiver, and she then raised me a fiver, so in fact it is rightfully won by her for the sum of £20.

Can I pay the £20 anyway (my contribution to mfm so far is woefully short), but you still assign the name to Aitch?

littlelapinWearsBoden Wed 23-May-07 09:52:50

I wondered why you had that, CSWS!

Enid Wed 23-May-07 09:58:59


you must remain boco

not wolfie


littlelapinWearsBoden Wed 23-May-07 10:00:07


Mrs Pot, have you met Mrs Kettle?!

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 23-May-07 10:02:35

There was a lot of frivolity. That's probably my fault, not Tech's. You should have seen my poor bloodshot eyes trying to make head nor tail of those Discworld threads.

littlelapinWearsBoden Wed 23-May-07 10:05:27

LOL, they did get out of hand - I blame Twiglett <points finger>

BocoWearsaTabard Wed 23-May-07 10:08:45

Enid i liked Wolfie because it reminded me of Citizen Smith and the Tooting Popular Front. I thought i could rise above small engine, but maybe not. I will remain a very useful engine and maybe be a hapless revolutionary on public holidays.

Issymum Wed 23-May-07 10:14:51

I've paid and I'm now working out how best to announce my transformation from the rather mumsy, Cod-despised 'Issymum' to the much cooler 'Issy'. A dramatic flounce perhaps followed by an equally dramatic return?

Enid Wed 23-May-07 10:16:57

wolfie makes me think of the wolf from clever polly - in itself excellent but not...well..boco

Enid Wed 23-May-07 10:17:29

god issy is so much better

its like you've had a makeover

How to Sound Good Shortened

charliecat Wed 23-May-07 10:18:23

ive paid for cc

jura Wed 23-May-07 10:22:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlelapinWearsBoden Wed 23-May-07 10:25:32

issy, you've been made over by Cod and Enid - the Trinny and Susannah of MN

<ponders which is the blowsy one and which looks like a horse>

Issymum Wed 23-May-07 10:32:30

It is better isn't it. I realise that this is super-pedantic and fussy of me but 'issy' doesn't feel quite right so I've asked if it can be 'Issy' instead.

I think a very simple and restrained announcement of my make-over is called for rather than a classic 'reveal' in front of a gaggle of friends gasping and weeping for the camera?

ThatBeetroot Wed 23-May-07 10:32:53

WHAT I OFFERED 10 QUID FOR WICKEDWATERWITCH1 _ I was going to sell it to www for 10 quid and thus give 20 to charity

Otter Wed 23-May-07 10:33:01

WHAT FUN!!!!!!

Otter Wed 23-May-07 10:33:18

look at me look at me!!!!

Issy Wed 23-May-07 10:34:44

Quick peek from behind the changing room door in my new more sophisticated, shorter, sharper guise.

Otter Wed 23-May-07 10:35:26


bagpuss Wed 23-May-07 10:35:46

Ooh, look, no numbers

crackwhore Wed 23-May-07 10:35:46

<strokes otter soothingly> Yes very nice dear.

<twirls> oooh, I like this

Otter Wed 23-May-07 10:36:21

what a lovely name Crackwhore - you must be PROUD!!!!

crackwhore Wed 23-May-07 10:38:35

Yes, I've NO idea why I bid for this!

<goes to change outfits again>

Tech (MNHQ) Wed 23-May-07 10:38:39

Hi CantSleepWontSleep,
Yes, you can go ahead and pay if you like. We just won't do anything with the Aitch name...


JARM Wed 23-May-07 10:39:42

hi peeps

will pay next week when i have funds.

Ta x

ThatSoupdragon Wed 23-May-07 10:39:47

look at me

SenseiAitch Wed 23-May-07 10:43:29

i'm happy to pay for it, tech. will now go and see what else i was stung for... i have a Bad Feeling.

wabbit Wed 23-May-07 10:47:48


SenseiAitch Wed 23-May-07 10:47:49

okay, that is Weird. i know i bid (it was a joke, but i bid) for some other revolting name as i remember doing it.
will have a look later and tell you what it was if you need me to. as i recall i owed you about £25 all in, including Aitch. so why don't we just come to an arrangement and i'll pay you £25 for Aitch, as i haven't contributed much elsewhere to MFM?

HistoricalLegoDIORama Wed 23-May-07 10:51:57

Erm MNHQ! I paid for my nae, but when I tried to change to it, it said the name was already in use! What do I do now?

Tech (MNHQ) Wed 23-May-07 10:56:21

HistoricalLegoDIORama, You should be OK if you change now. It's not instantaneous - it takes us a few minutes to get the email from Paypal to say you've paid, and react to it.


Chickadee Wed 23-May-07 10:58:37

Thanks Tech - I'm so impatient!

Tech (MNHQ) Wed 23-May-07 11:00:24

Hi SenseiH,

It's possible we missed that one. We (well Olivia really, poor thing) spent hours/days trawling through all the threads and figuring out who'd won what. We may have missed some. We'll have another look and get back to you....

SenseiAitch Wed 23-May-07 11:02:57

don't worry, i was only after the other one as a joke, i didn't really want it. it was something absolutely nauseating as i recall. just givvus Aitch, that's the important thing. or i'll have to kill CSWS. (sorry csws, but that's the way it is.)

Tech (MNHQ) Wed 23-May-07 11:05:15

OK Aitch, that's done. If you go to the payment page you should see just "aitch" on your list, at a price of 25 pounds.


Jelley Wed 23-May-07 11:06:16

Hello, I really wanted jas even though it wasn't on the list (can't find any uses of it though) but it says I won jazz. Can it be changed at all?
Pretty please?

SenseiAitch Wed 23-May-07 11:06:50

great, will sort that out later. thanks for that, tech and olivia.

Tech (MNHQ) Wed 23-May-07 11:10:08

Hi Jelley,

Sorry, jas has been used on the board before so we can't really sell it. It would be too confusing......


Jelley Wed 23-May-07 11:14:01

ok, thanks anyway

Tech (MNHQ) Wed 23-May-07 11:32:01

Sorry, Jelley, I stand corrected. you can have jas - it was used only a couple times in 2004.

If you go to the payment page now it should list Jas for you.


SaintGeorge Wed 23-May-07 11:35:08

Is that a vague definition of 'a couple of times' or is your search not working Tech?

(dons borrowed pedant hat - used 8 times from 2002 - 2004)

ChippyMinton Wed 23-May-07 11:41:34

thanks tech, have paid. Shall save my new name for a rainy day

Jelley Wed 23-May-07 11:47:56


Y0rkshirelass Wed 23-May-07 11:54:20

Tech I asked for yorkshirelass and/or yorkshirepudding (yorkshirepudding was def on the available list) but neither are on that list of names that are won, did I get either of them?

Jas Wed 23-May-07 12:03:12

wabbit Wed 23-May-07 12:04:02

go here and log in

saralou100 Wed 23-May-07 12:04:51

i still can't change my name and i paid aaaaaaages ago

Tech (MNHQ) Wed 23-May-07 12:07:27

Hi Y0rkshirelass,

We can let you have Yorkshirepudding at your original bid of a tenner. Unfortunately, Yorkshirelass with a o has been used many many times so we can't sell that one.....

If you go to the payment page, you should now see Yorkshirepudding as available.


wabbit Wed 23-May-07 12:13:07

bolleaux, sorry my last post was meant for an entirely different thread

Y0rkshirelass Wed 23-May-07 12:14:59

Thanks tech

<whispers: my bid was a fiver but you've put me down for a tenner >

saralou Wed 23-May-07 12:15:15

sorry, i was far far too impatient!

Tech (MNHQ) Wed 23-May-07 12:19:20

Sorry Y0rkshirelass, I was "I'd pay £10" but didn't read on to "for the two names" cos I'm an idiot. I've corrected it to 5.

Tech (MNHQ) Wed 23-May-07 12:19:59

"saw" even, not "was"

fryalot Wed 23-May-07 12:22:08

for tech as he's spending so much time in his shed today

Tinker Wed 23-May-07 12:23:04

Oh, I said I wanted Infidel and it's not on the list???

CODalmighty Wed 23-May-07 13:34:47

have paiud

Y0rkshirelass Wed 23-May-07 13:36:21

Thanks Tech, have paid

BexieID Wed 23-May-07 14:48:34

I've logged into the results page but don't see a buy now button! Could it be that it has bexie as the winning bidder and not BexieID ?

skibump Wed 23-May-07 14:55:40

MNHQ, I bid for snowbear, I know I was really late, I'm sorry <hangs head> Can I still have it, it doesn't look like anyone else bid? Pleeeease?

skibump Wed 23-May-07 14:57:28

Thanks everyone for organising this, I've paid for snowbird

sn0wbird Wed 23-May-07 14:59:13


sn0wbird Wed 23-May-07 14:59:44

OOhh, <flutters>

Tech (MNHQ) Wed 23-May-07 15:19:58

Hi BexieID, our mistake sorry. If you go back to the winners page now you should see the bey it now button.


Tech (MNHQ) Wed 23-May-07 15:20:31

Buy not bey. Must learn to type.

BexieID Wed 23-May-07 16:59:31

Kewl, just paid!

badbarbie Wed 23-May-07 17:06:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Beckie Wed 23-May-07 17:08:06

Wha-hey! I'm now in disguise

WideWebWitch Wed 23-May-07 17:15:14

Oh please, can we have a thread of what everyone used to be called, I'll NEVER remember all these changes. Other than obv ones, I won't recognise anyone!

mamatres Wed 23-May-07 17:24:27

ooh i've paid. am going to try and change now....

in a minute..

hang on...

indiasmum Wed 23-May-07 17:26:34

right then, ...has it worked.....????

indiasmum Wed 23-May-07 17:27:08

yes it has.....woohoo feel like a whole new me!

Cadbury Wed 23-May-07 17:27:47

Hi tech. I asked for Cadders and pledged £10

I was masquerading as Cadburt at the time

Posey Wed 23-May-07 17:48:02

Done it, all paid up.

So can now be Posey or Posie, depending on my mood


Tech (MNHQ) Wed 23-May-07 18:00:06

Hi Cadbury,
If you go back to the payment page now, Cadders should show up as available to buy.

DimpledThighs Wed 23-May-07 19:34:18

have paid for 'dimple'.

nannyogg Wed 23-May-07 20:01:00

I've paid for my lovely new name and here it is...I feel so comfy now.

chocoholic Wed 23-May-07 20:34:31

Right, I have paid.
Any spare choccy comes my way OK?

shimmy Wed 23-May-07 20:46:19

Just checking my shiny new name works...

shimmy Wed 23-May-07 20:46:45


NomDePlume Wed 23-May-07 20:47:48

I completely missed the auction


rusty Wed 23-May-07 21:26:31

Trying out my shiny new name hang on... not exactly shiny is it?....

I see that PayPal has a button to 'Return to Mumsnet Ltd'
I had no idea that Mumsnet was limited in any way....

Cadders Thu 24-May-07 19:05:25

Thanks tech

Well, how does it look <<holds out skirts and does a little twirl>>

EllaBella Thu 24-May-07 19:12:41

Got this name and I can't use it because it is too similar to a much more established poster than little old BellaBear. Sob. Oh well, this will be my one and only post under this name.....

BellaBear Thu 24-May-07 19:13:45

Back in my old name ...

rantinghousewife Thu 24-May-07 19:21:29

So does this mean I become (gasp, horror).... a name changer?!!

rachfran Thu 24-May-07 19:28:16

have paid
Might be being stupid but how do i change my name?

gooseegg Thu 24-May-07 19:37:02

Didn't I win 'goose'? It's not there.

Chopster Thu 24-May-07 19:40:19

Wahey! <<does a twirl>>

And not a number in sight.

skibump Thu 24-May-07 22:20:33

Tech, still wondering about snowbear? It was on the list, I bid £5 (eventually )...any chance?

Tech (MNHQ) Fri 25-May-07 10:10:49

Hi Skibump, Sorry about that. If you go back to the list now it should show as available to you.

skibump Fri 25-May-07 11:56:48

Thx Tech, paid for snowbear

CheesyFeet Fri 25-May-07 20:48:35

Have coughed up for TigerFeet

Thanks Tech

mwah mwah

TigerFeet Fri 25-May-07 20:50:21


that's right that's right that's right ...


MarsLady Fri 25-May-07 22:48:52

And I am the only Mars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah!!11

Sparkler Sat 26-May-07 00:22:42

Sparkler1 all paid for and changed to Sparkler with no problems. Thanks.

chocolatebirdy Sat 26-May-07 00:34:05

Crikey! Been away on holiday and missed all this!

space1999 Sun 27-May-07 13:12:25

Hi Tech, I bid on the name "infinity" anonymously and it's not on the payment list. How do I pay for it?

Space1999 is not my usual name btw, so you could list infinity against this name if you want and I'll know it's mine. So long as you don't list it against my regular name, otherwise it won't be anonymous and I won't be able to use it for nefarious purposes.


OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 27-May-07 13:23:02

space1999 tis my fault, I gave Tech the list - we'll look into how you can pay and get back to you via email.
Anyone else who's still concerend about their nicknames, do drop me a line olivia at mumsnet dot com and I'll do my damnedest to sort it out.

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