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littlelapinWearsBoden Wed 23-May-07 09:27:08

By Tech on Wed 23-May-07 01:41:12
Hello, this is set up now.
The auction results list is here .

You will need to log in to see the results. If you won a nickname (or a group of nicknames), they'll be listed at the top of the page with a PayPal "buy now" button. Click on that to go to PayPal and pay - this means you can pay with a credit/debit card, or via PayPal if you have a PayPal account.

If you run into any problems drop us a note.

By Mr

littlelapinWearsBoden Wed 23-May-07 09:29:13

Holy moly, I make the total raised £671.57!!!

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 23-May-07 09:42:03

Oh dear - in all of our frivolity on the Aitch thread, you have incorrectly said that I've won the name. I can't be Aitch - it would be funny for a while, but Aitch needs to be Aitch. I think you'll find that she bid a tenner, I raised her a fiver, and she then raised me a fiver, so in fact it is rightfully won by her for the sum of £20.

Can I pay the £20 anyway (my contribution to mfm so far is woefully short), but you still assign the name to Aitch?

littlelapinWearsBoden Wed 23-May-07 09:52:50

I wondered why you had that, CSWS!

Enid Wed 23-May-07 09:58:59


you must remain boco

not wolfie


littlelapinWearsBoden Wed 23-May-07 10:00:07


Mrs Pot, have you met Mrs Kettle?!

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 23-May-07 10:02:35

There was a lot of frivolity. That's probably my fault, not Tech's. You should have seen my poor bloodshot eyes trying to make head nor tail of those Discworld threads.

littlelapinWearsBoden Wed 23-May-07 10:05:27

LOL, they did get out of hand - I blame Twiglett <points finger>

BocoWearsaTabard Wed 23-May-07 10:08:45

Enid i liked Wolfie because it reminded me of Citizen Smith and the Tooting Popular Front. I thought i could rise above small engine, but maybe not. I will remain a very useful engine and maybe be a hapless revolutionary on public holidays.

Issymum Wed 23-May-07 10:14:51

I've paid and I'm now working out how best to announce my transformation from the rather mumsy, Cod-despised 'Issymum' to the much cooler 'Issy'. A dramatic flounce perhaps followed by an equally dramatic return?

Enid Wed 23-May-07 10:16:57

wolfie makes me think of the wolf from clever polly - in itself excellent but not...well..boco

Enid Wed 23-May-07 10:17:29

god issy is so much better

its like you've had a makeover

How to Sound Good Shortened

charliecat Wed 23-May-07 10:18:23

ive paid for cc

jura Wed 23-May-07 10:22:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlelapinWearsBoden Wed 23-May-07 10:25:32

issy, you've been made over by Cod and Enid - the Trinny and Susannah of MN

<ponders which is the blowsy one and which looks like a horse>

Issymum Wed 23-May-07 10:32:30

It is better isn't it. I realise that this is super-pedantic and fussy of me but 'issy' doesn't feel quite right so I've asked if it can be 'Issy' instead.

I think a very simple and restrained announcement of my make-over is called for rather than a classic 'reveal' in front of a gaggle of friends gasping and weeping for the camera?

ThatBeetroot Wed 23-May-07 10:32:53

WHAT I OFFERED 10 QUID FOR WICKEDWATERWITCH1 _ I was going to sell it to www for 10 quid and thus give 20 to charity

Otter Wed 23-May-07 10:33:01

WHAT FUN!!!!!!

Otter Wed 23-May-07 10:33:18

look at me look at me!!!!

Issy Wed 23-May-07 10:34:44

Quick peek from behind the changing room door in my new more sophisticated, shorter, sharper guise.

Otter Wed 23-May-07 10:35:26


bagpuss Wed 23-May-07 10:35:46

Ooh, look, no numbers

crackwhore Wed 23-May-07 10:35:46

<strokes otter soothingly> Yes very nice dear.

<twirls> oooh, I like this

Otter Wed 23-May-07 10:36:21

what a lovely name Crackwhore - you must be PROUD!!!!

crackwhore Wed 23-May-07 10:38:35

Yes, I've NO idea why I bid for this!

<goes to change outfits again>

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