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Can I be Marmite pleeeaaasssee????

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McDreamy Tue 08-May-07 13:33:29

I'll pay 3 pounds!

Twiglett Tue 08-May-07 13:37:10

no you pigging well can't


Twiglett Tue 08-May-07 13:37:29

oh ROFL <snigger> meant to type gah

but hag works

McDreamy Tue 08-May-07 13:52:52

afternoon twig

McDreamy Tue 08-May-07 13:53:11

I can be your hag

littlelapin Tue 08-May-07 13:53:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

McDreamy Tue 08-May-07 13:59:10

If twig wants it that's great - I just fancied a change and it was the best one I could find. Do you know of any other good ones? I could just stick to McDreamy!

Twiglett Tue 08-May-07 15:02:01

you can have it McDreamy

<steps magnaminaminaminously out of the way>

McDreamy Wed 09-May-07 18:33:09

awww thanks

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