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Yorkshirelass and/or Yorkshirepudding please...........

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Y0rkshirelass Tue 08-May-07 12:27:30

Not quite sure how this works, I'd really like to drop the zero and have Yorkshirelass, or failing that can I bid on Yorkshirepudding, £5?

PedroPony Tue 08-May-07 21:39:46

pay upt now

PedroPony Tue 08-May-07 21:39:57

pay upt now

Y0rkshirelass Wed 09-May-07 09:12:07

Oooh oooh which one did I get?

How do I pay then?

Y0rkshirelass Wed 09-May-07 09:16:00

(I'd pay £10 for the two names if they're both available)

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