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Fiver for Sparkler

(7 Posts)
PinkMartini Thu 03-May-07 22:58:02

that'll make you all jealous come november 5th won't it?
Anyone want to outbid me?

Sparkler1 Fri 04-May-07 09:48:40

Hey that's my name and it's been mine for ages now!

Sparkler1 Fri 04-May-07 09:49:10

I shall flounce!!

PinkMartini Fri 04-May-07 10:15:16

Sorry, did you bid for it?
Wouldn't want to cause a flouncing.

Sparkler1 Fri 04-May-07 13:05:28

I hadn't bid but was planning too! Tried to use SPARKLER when I joined Mumsnet in 2004 but it never allowed me to use it. I had to be SPARKLER1 instead.
Don't worry I'm not a flouncer.

Sparkler1 Mon 07-May-07 16:43:17

So can I say I bid £5.50?!

Sparkler1 Tue 08-May-07 22:05:11

Did I get it?

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