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EsmereldaWeatherwax Tue 01-May-07 22:55:11

do you have any dried frog pills handy?

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 02-May-07 13:30:20

Sorry? Is this a discworld reference? Or are you bidding on a name? [confused]

PinkTulips Wed 02-May-07 14:28:05

lol, i have bursar if anyone wants it.

also have a few other discworldy ones people might want.

Twiglett Wed 02-May-07 14:29:06

I have DriedFrogsPills

Twiglett Wed 02-May-07 14:30:19

which I'm rather embarrassed about

however I'm more embarrassed that I registered 'Conanthebarbarian' rather than his more fabulous alter-ego 'Cohenthebarbarian'

what was I thinking?

PinkTulips Wed 02-May-07 14:35:00

was giggling at that last night but didn't want to burst you bubble twig

MNtowers, i've listed all the ones i have that people might want in the auction section..... not sure people will want the elephants though but the others might be good

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