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everybody needth an Igor

(8 Posts)
Igor Tue 01-May-07 21:14:29

who elthe will make your hingeth creak ?

Crivens Tue 01-May-07 22:31:47

Will the perthon who winth the name alwayth have to type with a lithp?

Twiglett Tue 01-May-07 22:38:22


bewilderbeast Tue 01-May-07 22:53:37

surely it should be Igorina as long as you don't kick her in the socks

RustyBear Tue 01-May-07 22:54:17


Twiglett Wed 02-May-07 12:14:15

<thnigger at thockth>

Cappuccino Wed 02-May-07 12:14:51

what the?

Twiglett Wed 02-May-07 12:19:58


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