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Could I have Saffron please.

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lazymoo Sat 28-Apr-07 22:11:02

Could I have Saffron please.
I'll pay a fiver.

saffron Wed 30-May-07 01:26:23

I've paid. Thankyou.

chocolatebirdy Wed 30-May-07 01:39:40

I need a new name, why do i have to pay for it??? (been away)

tuftyclub Wed 30-May-07 01:52:58

First look at the list of names, then look at the list of taken names, then I would contact Olivia at mumsnet, or start a new thread on this part of the forum.

list of names

list of taken names

olivia can be contacted here:-

olivia at mumsnet dot com

needanewnamesuggestionswelcome Wed 30-May-07 01:54:46

Thanks, have just searched and found it all, i get it now!!

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