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Not on List - JudgeMental

(18 Posts)
heiferCROCloather Fri 27-Apr-07 15:41:10

I would like to bid £5.00 for JudgeMetal please....

WideWebWitch Fri 27-Apr-07 16:25:26

Oh GOOD name!

PetronellaPinkPants Fri 27-Apr-07 16:29:24

metal or mental?

heifer Fri 27-Apr-07 16:47:50

cheers PPP - I meant Judge Mental (as thread title, not metal as post)....

SaintGeorge Fri 27-Apr-07 18:42:21

Has been posted with so don't think it is up for auction.

heifer Fri 27-Apr-07 19:40:24

but only twice, one the same date in May 2006..

so hardly a prolific poster (assuming a name change)...

Oh go on, I would really really like it...

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 27-Apr-07 22:17:39

I know whose that is, and I dont think they are about to offer it up for sale

heifer Sat 28-Apr-07 07:04:48

ah, not even for £10.00? for a very good cause.....

VeniVidiVickiQV Sat 28-Apr-07 08:45:35

Well, its not up to me, but I shall point them in the direction of this thread......

heifer Sat 28-Apr-07 08:52:29

thank you VVV,

hunkermunker Mon 30-Apr-07 19:09:55

Twas mine... I want it back because I lost it too

Thanks for heads up, VVV lady xxx

hunkermunker Mon 30-Apr-07 19:11:00

And those posts with it weren't me (part of the reason I can't get it back was that there was a database glitch and someone else posted with it) - my posts were deleted ones in Chat.

heifer Tue 01-May-07 09:01:17

ah well, it was worth a try....

prefer Heifer anyway (sulks off)....

GColdtimer Tue 01-May-07 12:06:30

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but where is the list and how do I bid?


heifer Tue 01-May-07 13:40:28

twofalls, here is the link


it tells you how to bid in the attached thread.

Good luck

Twiglett Tue 01-May-07 13:44:36

hunker I have a name you may wish to bid on

can you guess which one?

Tutter Tue 01-May-07 13:47:16

ooh me too hunker

can you guess which one of mine

GColdtimer Tue 01-May-07 14:01:40

thanks heifer

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