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The Mumsnet nickname auction - for "A Mile for Maude"

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JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 27-Apr-07 14:22:19

Ok so here's the list people. If you see a name you like, then start a thread in this topic giving the thread the title of the name you want (NB please do check that it hasn't already been bid for first and if it has, you can add your bid to the existing thread.) Then post how much you'd like to bid for it. We'll leave this open until May 3rd and we'll then publish the list of winners and how to pay - as soon as you've paid you'll get your new nickname. Can't say fairer than that Guv.

If the name you desperately want is taken but not on this list (and it's not in the hands of a regular user) then follow the same procedure but add "not on the list" or something equally comprehensible to the title - we'll then do a bit of investigating and let you know whether it's possible to make it available. (This is dependent on when and how many times it's been used, how much you are prepared to pay and whether it was a sole name or name change - darn this thing is complicated... note to self - pass onto Olivia asap.)

Ladymuck Fri 27-Apr-07 14:30:21

Justine - can you please confirm that these aren't the names of any regulars who have name-changed? Ie are these ids who haven't posted or users who haven't posted?

I want to work out whether I need to check any of my infrequently used names are on the list somewhere?

FlossALump Fri 27-Apr-07 14:34:48

My goodness, that is a lot of names! Any chance of a list of highlights?! Ie the really good ones? (Flossam waits for Justine's thud)

Ladymuck Fri 27-Apr-07 14:37:15

You mean that Jane177742 isn't quite what you're after?

katzg Fri 27-Apr-07 14:38:31

have to say codsquatter is quite a good one!

megandsoph Fri 27-Apr-07 14:45:26

and lavender

coppertop Fri 27-Apr-07 14:48:34

Somehow I can't see there being a stampede for the name Poon.

Tech (MNHQ) Fri 27-Apr-07 14:55:04

Hello Ladymuck,
No they should be never-used names rather than people's aliases.


MrsSpoon Fri 27-Apr-07 14:56:20

Wow, loads of names!

Didn't Cod always want 'Dogsby', wonder if she'll bid?

FlossALump Fri 27-Apr-07 14:56:39

Err, no LM. It wasn't the name that was keeping me too excited to sleep last night, put it that way! Very nice in its own right though I am sure!

krabbiepatty Fri 27-Apr-07 15:50:06

I see "crackwhore" is up for grabs

RTKangaMummy Fri 27-Apr-07 16:01:14

I want KANGA please

DrMarthaMcMoo Fri 27-Apr-07 16:01:33

Well, I've just bid on moo, which I have always wanted...I mean, I am moo

Oooh, I'm all excited now

Tinker Fri 27-Apr-07 16:01:50

Blimey, swmnbn is up for grabs

krabbiepatty Fri 27-Apr-07 16:03:19

I am now regretting bidding on crackwhore - can see no one else will want it and will have to have it, sigh.

PerfectMother Fri 27-Apr-07 16:03:47

I must say, this IS a super idea!

NadineBaggott Fri 27-Apr-07 16:04:34

where is the list???????????

Tinker Fri 27-Apr-07 16:04:51

Scroll down

ScoobyDooooo Fri 27-Apr-07 16:06:03

Oh i see the real ScoobyDoo which i wanted but could not have, may have to bid for it ....

NuttyMuffins Fri 27-Apr-07 16:06:27

I want my old name back 'nutcracker' but it is not on the list

coppertop Fri 27-Apr-07 16:06:31

I want Chugnuts.

NadineBaggott Fri 27-Apr-07 16:08:03

ta Tinker

blimey - thousands of em!

Tinker Fri 27-Apr-07 16:08:44

Surprised no-one has gone for our friend yet though

MascaraOHara Fri 27-Apr-07 16:13:39

ScarletOHara is there I feel I should buy and use it just so that it's mine lol!

WideWebWitch Fri 27-Apr-07 16:19:19

ha ha Sheikdaddy's there!

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