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Live webchat with Kirstie Allsopp, TODAY, Weds 28 March, from 12.30pm

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 26-Mar-12 15:13:41

We're delighted to announce that Kirstie is going to be hosting her first ever online webchat on Mumsnet from 12.30 to 1.30 pm on Wednesday 28th March, where you'll be able to chat with Kirstie, and tap into her expert knowledge on home-making and DIY. Known for her forthright views on parenting, home-making, decor and passion for crafts, Kirstie will offer honest advice to all Mumsnetters. If you're unable to join Kirstie at 12.30 on Wednesday, post your advance questions to this thread.

The webchat will celebrate B&Q's partnership with Mumsnet which is scheduled to launch 16th April.

KatieScarlett2833 Mon 26-Mar-12 15:29:24

Kirstie, when you were on Location Location did you ever seriously get the urge to flounce when confronted with impossible home-buyers?

candytuft63 Mon 26-Mar-12 15:47:07

Dear Kirstie, are you a Mnetter ?

MardyBra Mon 26-Mar-12 15:49:19

Oooh. How exciting! I'm a bit of a Location/Relocation junkie - I love a good nose around other people's houses. Will go away and ponder on a good question.

DH would be excited too if I told him as I think he has a little crush on you and Nigella.

vanillacremebrulee Mon 26-Mar-12 15:59:44

Are we allowed to ask her if she and know...grin

worldgonecrazy Mon 26-Mar-12 16:19:16

Champagne - do you drink it from a nobby "shows the wine at its best" flute, or the slightly more decadent and fun, coupe?

PestoPenguin Mon 26-Mar-12 16:22:18

Hello Kirstie

I just wondered if you could explain your reasons for partnering with SMA and what you think of their current advertising campaign?

I believe Mumsnet supports the Baby Milk Action campaign (See here) and refuses to carry formula ads, so this seems a valid question.

"Mumsnet supports the Nestle boycott, and works with Baby Milk Action to put pressure on formula manufacturers to act responsibly"

Thank you smile.

FoofFighter Mon 26-Mar-12 17:10:55


loveroflife Mon 26-Mar-12 18:27:32

Dear Kirstie,

How do you 'do it all' truthfully? Do you have help i.e nannies, cleaners etc and how do you manage to spend time with your family when you are always on the box? Not that I don't want to see you on the box, but I would like to know as a working mother how you mange to juggle as I and many others can't!

shesparkles Mon 26-Mar-12 18:32:49

Hello Kirstie
Will you be my new best pal!

FoofFighter Mon 26-Mar-12 18:37:43

Hello Kirstie smile

Are you aware of "Ring-gate"??

Many many people in forums across the land were horrified by you wearing your big chunky rings when making sausages/scones/etc

Did you know that soooo many people were talking about it?

[crap question emote but totally awestruck]

CinnamonStix Mon 26-Mar-12 19:50:56

Hi Kirstie, I absolutely love you on Location, Location, Location! And Phil of course. It's great that you cater for a variety of properties and buyers, but do you think more elaborate advice could be given on the show?

There are lots of daunting issues first-buyers may not know about, like changing the electrics, redoing the roof, the cost implications in that particular area etc. When a house with 'potential' is shown, do you think it would be a good idea to give more detail on what work would be needed/how hard it is to spruce it up?

LineRunner Mon 26-Mar-12 19:51:52

Dear Kirstie

I am waiting all day Wednesday 28th March for a delivery from a well-known DIY-type furniture store, and have been told to be in from 7am to 8pm.

Do you find that these hugely over-long delivery 'slots' drag on a bit? What shall I do in the intervening hours - MN, or crochet some boutique easter egg hammocks?

Love, LineRunner x

HJisgoingtogoBOOM Mon 26-Mar-12 20:00:32

Dh is a big fan of yours ( & Phils) and wants to know when you will do bee keeping ( and associated crafts).

victorialucas Mon 26-Mar-12 20:18:24

You have come in for some criticism in the past for your comments on relationships like 'feeding your man' and 'doing what he says' etc. Do you feel that your comments were taken out of context or are you really a subserviant wife? If the latter do you think that as a role model for many women you are setting an example which could contribute to a societal pressure on some women to stay in bad or even abusive relationships because their expectations are so low?
As a follow on, how do you feel about the current resurgance in feminism in the UK, have you ever called yourself one and if not why?

ChaosTrulyReigns Mon 26-Mar-12 20:37:45

Hullo Kirstie and welcome to MN.

I wonder if you are ever told you look like me? I have been told several times about our resemblance, although I can't see it myself.


Also, did you ever find your ring?


vnmum Mon 26-Mar-12 20:46:25

Hi Kirstie.
A serious question about housing. How do you predict the market is going to go in the future (near or distant or both)?
As someone who at the moment feels like I will never be able to afford to get on the property ladder and not getting any younger, the prospect of house prices rising even further out of reach is quite scary let alone the massive mortgage repayments those prices must demand.

soundevenfruity Mon 26-Mar-12 21:13:38

Hi Kirstie, you have so many people on your show torn between their head and heart. Heart choice invariably costs more than their budget. Is it always so or just adds an intrigue to the show? In this context what would be your advice to people buying their first family home (provided they need mortgage and don't have unlimited budget)? Thank you.

FoofFighter Mon 26-Mar-12 21:33:29

psst MNHQ

you might want to spell Kirstie's surname correctly wink

FelicityKendalmintcake Mon 26-Mar-12 22:09:39


Hello Kirstie smile

Love your programmes, and you always look so pretty, too [serious dress envy].

Question: I guess you probably live in a rather gorgeous house right now, but is there a dream type of property and location you would love to move to in the future?

CupcakesAndBunting Mon 26-Mar-12 22:59:17

Hello Kirstie.

I am making it my life's work to stalk you around the internet asking you where you got your lovely yellow shirt dress with the dark blue polka dots. I am guessing that you didn't see my Tweets about it, yes that's definitely it. wink What price would you be willing to let it go for? Are there any of my own dresses that you'd like to dress-swap?

RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 26-Mar-12 23:04:03


*psst MNHQ*

you might want to spell Kirstie's surname correctly wink

blush apologies Kirstie, tis amended...

FoofFighter Mon 26-Mar-12 23:14:26


maybeyoushoulddrive Mon 26-Mar-12 23:32:53

Is it OK to admit I mainly watch your programmes to see what you're wearing? blush You're the same sort of shape as me and always look utterly gorgeous and glam while I feel frumpy. What is your secret???

I love love love Location Location Locationsmile and am very envious of all your crafty doings. I am a frustrated artist really - what would be a good arty thing to start with?

Hello Kirstie, my question is this. I love my children, I love doing craft projects.

How do you seperate the two? I really want to get in the thick of it, for example I helped my son make a papier mache hat for World Book Day.

I spent half the time biting my tongue from saying 'NO you are doing it wrong!'

Am I very impatient or do you have very well behaved children?

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