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VIDEOCHAT with Boris Johnson ready to view!

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HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 06-Jul-10 12:07:05

Hello all.

This Friday lunchtime, three bold and fearless Mumsnetters (ronshar, LadyBlaBlah and bearcrumble) will be putting your questions to London Mayor Boris Johnson.

So, we need your questions please!

Please post 'em here as soon as poss...

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 06-Jul-10 12:20:38

Message withdrawn

sfxmum Tue 06-Jul-10 16:11:45

regarding immigration
I understand you are in favour of an amnesty for illegals?
would I would like to ask is
are you in favour of regulating the service industry particularly hotels and restaurants and cleaning services, that often employ people at below minimum wage, no questions asked?

I am all in favour of a multicultural society at all levels but it would be nice to see some respect for those who help keep the city working

sfxmum Tue 06-Jul-10 16:12:40

'what I would like' it should be

ilovesprouts Tue 06-Jul-10 18:59:44


Bicnod Tue 06-Jul-10 19:30:59

Hi Boris. Please can you tell me how you intend to sort out the joke that is First Capital Connect? For further information please see here.

I have a 14 month old and work part-time. It should be easy for me to get to work using FCC, but as the service is so shockingly unreliable I have to take a much more circuitous route. I have to do this as I can't guarantee that I would get home in time to pick up my son from childcare if I relied on FCC as trains are cancelled/delayed/re-routed so frequently.

It is a bloody nightmare for thousands of commuters and I'd love to know what you plan to do about it.


belledechocolatefluffybunny Tue 06-Jul-10 22:14:59

Hi Boris. I have a very funny, bright 11 year old who would like to have lunch with you as you appear to be on his wave length. Is this possible?

EnglandAllenPoe Tue 06-Jul-10 23:55:09

do you think your personal style hampers your political achievement?

or do you believe your inimitable personality brings much nede character otherwise tragically lacking amonst the men in in grey in British politics?

CountessDracula Wed 07-Jul-10 11:52:51

Why do you spend so much money than Ken did on headhunters?

Blu Wed 07-Jul-10 12:58:00

It is widely reported that the Arts Council disputed your choice of Veronica Wadley as the London Chair. How can the arts sector feel secure in your support when you insist on an appointment 'over their heads' - and was it a pay back for all the support you received from the Standard during your election campaign?

GraceK Wed 07-Jul-10 17:51:12

Have you done any further research into your great grandfather's career in the Ottoman Empire / Turkey (following the fascinating 'Who Do You Think You Are?") Did you find out anymore about his run-ins with the 'young turks' and Attaturk?

tribunalgoer Wed 07-Jul-10 19:30:37

Message withdrawn

PosieParker Thu 08-Jul-10 10:57:05

Hey, I posted a few questions on anither thread......what happened to them?

Snuppeline Thu 08-Jul-10 12:07:11

Dear Boris, in addition to being very expensive public transport in London is VERY unfriendly to those travelling with a child (pram). I have experienced everything from being told off by bus drivers for wanting to come on the bus with a pram (with a baby in it mind!) in the first place and not been let on, to be forced to walk down the aisle of the bus to the mid section as the bus driver said he shouldn't have to open the mid section doors for me to get on (which was pretty cruel considering that it was pointless, my pram fitted though by the way it isn't a huge pram). I've had other travellers being angry at me for taking a pram on trains admittedly during rush hours but they are PUBLIC aren't they and so I have a right to choose that means of transport. In fact I have to take a train to Waterloo every so often as my daugher is a patient at Great Ormond Street and given that traffic in London is no better than public transport I can't drive there as I'd be sure to be late for appointments. I dread the train and my worrying and dreading begins several days before having to go on the train. Also, staff refuses to help with carrying prams, even where there are no lifts or other passengers who can help. I am not asking anyone to put a bad back out but surely anyone can carry a lightweight pram with a one year old in it.

Please please please can you think of something which can be done about attitudes to prams/children on public transport by staff? The poor attitudes was a direct cause of me purchasing a car which I didn't think I would need in London given access to public transport but frankly if I can avoid public transport when I have my child with me then I take my car. I don't want the public abuse (which is a better term for it) so choose to get a stomach ulcer as a lesser of two evils (obviously London suburb driving isn't the best). I am sure I am not alone with this grievance. Thank you for any reply!

LadyBlaBlah Thu 08-Jul-10 12:12:31

I got the other thread too Posie.

Thanks for all the questions so far

Have collated

Bousy Thu 08-Jul-10 14:29:28

What are you doing to make Latin teaching available to all schoolkids, not just the ones at private schools?

wilbur Thu 08-Jul-10 14:53:26

Hi Boris
I take my children to school on the train, avoiding yet another school run estate car on the roads of SW London. If I were able to do the journey by Tube (not possible from where I am) or bus (I would have to take two buses and the journey would be 37 minutes vs 9 minutes on the train) my children would be able to travel free. On the train, they have to pay and this September, my 3rd child turns 5 so I will have to pay 3 sets of trains fares. Ouch. While I thank you from the bottom of my heart for now being able to use our Oyster Cards on the train - a HUGE improvement - I still feel that children travelling to school by public transport in the Capital should travel free.

When I contacted your office about this previously, I was told that South West trains will not offer any free child fares as "their trains are already full on those lines". May I suggest that the Mayor's office points out to them that the next generation of commuters are unlikely to embrace train travel if the companies have this attitude. Failing that, some kind of free Oyster card for those children taking the train to school.

champagnesupernova Thu 08-Jul-10 14:56:38

What are your next door neighbours like?

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 08-Jul-10 16:01:18

They used to be very nice indeed grin.

BecauseImWorthIt Thu 08-Jul-10 17:32:12


WarrenPeace Thu 08-Jul-10 17:33:11

hi boris

i dont live in London. WHy should anything you say or do be relevant to me.

tiredoldtrout Thu 08-Jul-10 18:14:05

I posted a query for Boris too. What's happened to it?? It was to do with wifi being rolled out everywhere and the safety issues for pregnant women, babies and children.

headlesschicken Thu 08-Jul-10 18:46:13

Dear Boris, two big grievances that frustrate on daily basis - one that it is so unfair to have to pay 'per leg' on bus journeys rather than for the trip - why should you pay more for a bad journey with lots of changes (or when they stop half way) than those lucky ones who have a single door-to-door bus ride? Have to echo the poster above too about unhelpful and antagonistic busdrivers to buggies and kids, and people who often suggest you have less right to travel at peak times than they do. Second bugbear is that I would love love love to cycle so really don't need to see costly adverts endlessly pushing us to get on bikes - the problem is not unwilling riders, but that it is genuinely unsafe to cycle. I know you cycle bravely and good for you, but I need to be sure I won't end up under a lorry and there are too many instances of polite women cyclists ending up against railings and under lorries, most of which are local not headline news. Cycle lanes are a farce, most full of parked cars (and buses) or ending in air at crucial moments. Also - droning sorry - the arrogant disdain of local councils (special ref Camden) to parents school-running their children would be funny if it wasn't upsetting. Public transport is impossible for getting different aged kids to their different schools, and to get yourself to work after; there are no school buses; and no way can they cycle. So how about a bit of help for those who have to take their kids (an easy drop-off without instant fines) or practical transport alternatives? THANKS for listening! And yes will vote for you again if get properly considered reply...

poppetto Thu 08-Jul-10 19:39:14

Can you guarantee your support to the continuation of free museums etc in London in the face of the massive cuts being imposed by the current government

Loonybird Fri 09-Jul-10 07:46:04

Message deleted

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