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VIDEOCHAT with Boris Johnson: want to be one of our MN interviewers and quiz the London Mayor yourself?

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HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 30-Jun-10 11:41:55


Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, is filming a videochat for Mumsnet on Friday 9th July from 12.30pm.

It'll take the same format as our recent - and v popular - Will Young videochat.

So, three Mumsnetters will go to Boris' office and be filmed putting the best of everybody's questions to the floppy-haired man himself.

But the big question is: would you like to be one of our Boris Interviewing Three?

If so, please say so on this thread ASAP.

You'll need to be able to get yourself to the Mayor's office in London on by 11.30ish on Friday 9th July, be happy to appear on film for MN fame and posterity - and be up for teasing the best out of Boris, in true MN stylee.

Once we've got a few names, we'll chuck em in a hat and pick out three - plus a couple of reserves.

(And we'll be opening a thread for Boris questions shortly.)

CrosswordGeekWantsChange Wed 30-Jun-10 12:19:22

Boris, do you dye your hair?

BigBadMummy Wed 30-Jun-10 12:41:23

parp parp.

Can we play whiff whaff at the same time?

Oh Boris I would dearly love to meet you. And I promise to not to be humming "Boris the spider" the whole time.

MarthaLovesMatthew Wed 30-Jun-10 13:18:30

I would LOVE to interview Boris...

Pick me MN. Pick me!

<raises hand excitedly>

ronshar Wed 30-Jun-10 19:39:38

I would love to meet BJ. I can try and think of a fabulous question. It will be very searching and profound. Def not about biscuitsgrin
I can get to London and everything.

Please, please pick me.

bearcrumble Wed 30-Jun-10 21:55:55

I would love to do this. I'm free on the 9th and I live in London.

bearcrumble Wed 30-Jun-10 21:57:40

(and he once tried to tit up my old boss at a wedding).

LadyBlaBlah Wed 30-Jun-10 22:09:30

It would be hilarity itself to meet the Legend that is Boris

Do you have to live in London? Would a northerner be welcome?

Valpollicella Wed 30-Jun-10 22:33:54

<throws Paxman hat into the ring>

I'd LOVE to do this

ronshar Wed 30-Jun-10 23:07:04

Oi you lot go away.

I want to do it. Stop adding your names.

scrappydappydoo Wed 30-Jun-10 23:30:41

Sadly I cannot but can someone please take him to task about the enormous waste of money that the olympics is - given that we are having to cut back in all areas of our lives - what cutbacks will be made to the olympic budget?
(and tell him that he needs to keep his hands out of his jacket pockets during the opening ceremony)

Sbangles Thu 01-Jul-10 01:08:13

I am a Londoner Born n Bred hmm grin

Well. bat the 5 years abriad grin

So, Boris.

In your agenda are cyclists. Fab.

Mide is rising Tube fares, the bike scheme, and many may other thingsgrin

{I'd get into my stride if I were chatting MNHQ... grin

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 01-Jul-10 10:20:20

I don't think you all have to be a Londoners, no LadyBlahBlah - so long as you can get there in time. Am sure the Mayor will have lots to say on a whole range of subjects!

LadyBlaBlah Thu 01-Jul-10 12:35:56

Cool. Pop me in the hat for an honoury northerner representative (generally rather left wing too)

<not looking good>

Hassled Thu 01-Jul-10 14:25:50

There's something about the man that makes me giggle in a slightly wild-eyed, hysterical sort of way. He baffles me - a clearly very bright man with the idiot fool demeanour totally mastered.

Good luck, volunteers .

nevergoogle Thu 01-Jul-10 16:12:57

i'd love to but can't make it.
can somebody do me a favour.
look at my profile photos and ask boris how he explains that!

bearcrumble Thu 01-Jul-10 16:51:31

Haha he is! Cuter though, of course.

JJ Thu 01-Jul-10 16:54:51

Could whoever goes ask what he's doing about the f(*#!&g huge lorries, the air quality and cyclists? Seems to me that as well as being major issues on their own, they all tie together a bit. A cyclist here was crushed by a tipper lorry a few months ago. And it was estimated that over 4,000 premature deaths / year can be attributed to the air quality. Not to mention the financial impact of the fines the EU might levy.

Would love to do it - I will be able to vote in the next mayoral election if that matters - but it's Prize Giving at my youngest's school on that day.

sweetjane1 Thu 01-Jul-10 16:58:17

Boris you must reinstate all the busses especially night busses you have taken away from our teenagers. How are they supposed to get home after a night rampaging in London?

tiredoldtrout Thu 01-Jul-10 17:19:51

Oh thump! I can't make it but would someone PLEASE ask Boris to read a copy of 'The Body Electric' by Robert Becker and ask him to do this BEFORE he commits to making every tube, bus and train accesible to wifi and other cellular microwaves.

Yes, it's a smashing technology and we have made the maximum use of electromagnetism for power, communications and entertainment. I can understand his desire to make London one of the first cities to accommodate this, from the streets as well as on public transport.

Please ask him to find time to read this book and inform himself of the potential health issues before proceeding. Whether it's placing a booster mast on every lamppost, as he recently stated he wished to do, or adding wifi to the underground network, we would expose ourselves, our children and our foetuses to radiation, for that is what it is. Lecture over. Thanks!

minipie Thu 01-Jul-10 17:23:59

Boris please please can you do something about the planes.

They fly so much lower than they ever used to. I think it must be to save fuel/money. It has increased the noise no end.

And of course if you can reduce the numbers of planes going to heathrow that would be great too (for example why do we encourage the use of Heathrow as a transit hub?)

I'm a fan of your floating airport idea (if we ever have enough money).

nevergoogle Thu 01-Jul-10 18:15:33

he gets called boris. grin

Elbird Thu 01-Jul-10 20:46:19

Ooh I'd like to give
him a grilling on behalf of MN wink Add my name to the Hat!

I'd also like to ask him the following....Boris was a vocal supporter of the Bankers and argued that taxing bonuses and pay would mean a loss of 'Talent' in the city. Now that the chancellor has announced a series of cuts which will effect the very poorest citizens in London and risk increasing childhood poverty (VAT rises and benefits cuts) does he still feel that the very richest and those culpable for the financial crisis should remain 'protected'?

Also why did his cancel the Anti Racism message of the UpRising festival? What was the benefit of doing this and what did it acheive within London's more diverse communities?

how exciting!

nevergoogle Thu 01-Jul-10 22:14:32

can we have a baby boris comp, he could judge the most boris-like of the mumsnetter children?
there are loads of them out there.

CrosswordGeekWantsChange Fri 02-Jul-10 08:47:46

I think I should go as the anti-MN-view.

Scrap the congestion charge, bugger off cycle/bus lanes, etc etc. Also, I really want to touch that hair. I could get confused and call him Boris Becker, it would be fun.

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