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Live webchat with Magnus Scheving aka Sportacus

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 17-Jun-10 11:44:37

Message withdrawn

StealthPolarBear Thu 17-Jun-10 12:10:39

can you really do those backflips from a standing start?

going Thu 17-Jun-10 12:14:05

My six year old is obsessed with exercising at the moment. TV and pushing healthy living at school have been her biggest influences. I am a bit worried that she is going to take the obession too far - how do I know when it's becomming unhealthy?

bruxeur Thu 17-Jun-10 12:15:31

Awesome tash, Sportacus - waxed or oiled?

Flighttattendant Thu 17-Jun-10 12:25:50

Hello, Magnus.

<faints and hopes for dramatic rescuing action>

<recovers on realising he is a bit busy>

Can I just say, thankyou for such a wonderful programme. We all love it here - both my sons and myself and, well, my mother blush

You are a truly beautiful man. smile

<faints again, by accident this time>

sethstarkaddersmum Thu 17-Jun-10 12:28:32

My 5 year old recently asked what was the most important thing in the world and my husband replied 'Love and courage'. My daughter then added, 'And vegetables!'
So, Magnus - what is the most important thing in the world: love, courage, or vegetables?

whoopstheregoesmymerkin Thu 17-Jun-10 12:46:16

We waould really, really like a you to produce a Lazy Town style fitness DVD for parents and kids please!
Could you sort it? Thank you

cyteen Thu 17-Jun-10 12:47:58

No questions, but I look forward to the inevitable melee of pervery

NorkyButNice Thu 17-Jun-10 12:48:33


Could we make it a video chat with Magnus demonstrating some of his gymnastics workout?

(hormonal pregnant lady here - apologies).

More seriously - how did you go from being a sportsman to producing and starring in a childrens TV show?

MayorNaze Thu 17-Jun-10 12:50:05

OMG grin

i have to say i only watch lazy town for your fantastic gymnastics - please tell me it is all you and not a stunt double - do you choreograph the tumbling as well?

and also is stephanie really about 30 in real life hmm ?

thank you

StealthPolarBear Thu 17-Jun-10 13:00:12

why does lazytown have the beautiful people and the ugly puppets
poor puppets

YunoYurbubson Thu 17-Jun-10 13:03:24

[Pervy grin]


<Links arms with Cyteen>

allstarsprincess Thu 17-Jun-10 13:14:11

You are a great role model and encourage children to be fit and healthy now but who or what encouraged you as a child?

Hulababy Thu 17-Jun-10 13:21:17

I work in a class of 5/6 year olds and Lazy Town is still popular amongst them.

What would you message be to Class 6 (and other Y1 children) with regards to them eating healthir and getting more freshair and exercise?

MollieO Thu 17-Jun-10 13:44:25

Could you set up a webcam for this one please? grin

expatinscotland Thu 17-Jun-10 13:45:37

So, Magnus, are you single?

MollieO Thu 17-Jun-10 13:49:13

Even if he is expat you're not, but I am!!!

<<elbows expat out the way>>

paranoidmother Thu 17-Jun-10 13:57:07

I'd like the webcam to but am wondering what I can suggest my DH does to be able to do all that you can? I'm mostly impressed with the back flips etc and the outfit!! grin

QualityTime Thu 17-Jun-10 13:58:31

While I really admire what you have achieved and think the show is a great idea, why is there not more mention of a balanced diet? If all Sportacus ate was fruit + veg (which he plays with far too much for my liking, ew, bruises!) he would not be very healthy.
Do you ever mention theimportance of protein/carbs /high energy foods, especially considering this is children we are talking about, not obese adults.

theagedparent Thu 17-Jun-10 14:06:04

How on earth do you manage to sleep in such a bright room and with no pillow??

cyteen Thu 17-Jun-10 14:12:02

Would you consider a late night Sportacus special where he hits the bars and ends up bonding with Robbie Rotten over tequila?

EleanorHandbasket Thu 17-Jun-10 14:30:35

Message withdrawn

SwansEatQuince Thu 17-Jun-10 14:33:26

<overcome with lust emotion>

I think he is a Grandfather, expat.

Sporticus - how can I become fit like you? Where do the lost causes begin without, say, having a heart attack?

EleanorHandbasket Thu 17-Jun-10 14:36:07

Message withdrawn

SagacityNell Thu 17-Jun-10 14:46:32

DO you not think it healthier in the long run for children to learn the importance of a balanced diet? And that exercise is not all about "timed sessions" ie football or after school pentathlete. THat walking is exercise as is playing in the garden......

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