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Live webchat with Mary Portas on Monday 10 May (1-2pm). PLUS, if you're over 40, a chance to take part in her next C4 series

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HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 06-May-10 10:11:03

Retail guru and television presenter Mary Portas will be joining us for a live webchat on Monday 10 May from 1-2pm to discuss shopping, style and her brand new fashion crusade for women over 40.

As a mother of two, Mary juggles a television career and writing a weekly shop review column in the Telegraph with running Yellowdoor, her successful retail-branding and communications agency.

Mary's about to start filming a new Channel 4 TV series that will follow her quest to fill the gap in the fashion market for fabulous, forty-plus women.

She particularly wants to know:

* Do you think your fashion needs are served by high-street retailers?

* When you shop for fashion, is it as fun and easy an experience as it was when you were younger or do you find it a trial?

* Is there a brand on the high street that gives you what you want?

* What are the brands that are failing you?

* Would you rather see a picture of a woman your own age marketing the brands you buy or are you happy to see youthful, perfect faces?

Mary knows shops and shopping better than anyone and she'll be ready to answer all of your shopping quandaries, from where to find the best service to where to shop for the best one-offs.

Television cameras will be following Mary as she takes part in the live webchat. Your comments may be used in the television show but we won't identify you.

As part of the television series, Mary is also looking for opinionated women who will be part of her focus group, advising her on anything from where to buy the best-fitting dress to road-testing whole fashion collections.

This will involve a number of days filming in London over the next six months and will cover travel expenses for these days.

If you're interested in being involved please email with your name, your MN nickname, your contact details and why you think you should be part of the show.

Thanks, MNHQ

brimfull Tue 11-May-10 22:54:30

oh yes

from now on sh eis mrs apron


cyb Tue 11-May-10 22:45:16

Mrs overall FOOL

brimfull Tue 11-May-10 22:42:35

ooh I'll be the tea lady
like Mrs Apron

cyb Tue 11-May-10 22:36:10

Oh I'd love to

I might email her just to see what happens

squeaver Tue 11-May-10 22:02:07

Me too, cyb.

Do you think we'll be able to sneak out the back to talk about boys and do our hair?

cyb Tue 11-May-10 21:26:45

I want to be her Saturday girl

DavidHameron Tue 11-May-10 13:31:01

Pret a Portas: vv good

elkiedee Tue 11-May-10 13:30:08

bookmarking for reference later

dawntigga Tue 11-May-10 12:38:07

I quite liked Pret A Portas myselfwink


BoffinMum Tue 11-May-10 09:41:22

I think Bien Dans La Peau is such a good phrase - it sums it all up really. Interesting that we don't have a phrase like that in English, isn't it?

OllieWollieWoo Tue 11-May-10 07:25:11

Soooo annoyed I missed this (enjoyed reading it tho) - but just wanted to say (in case MP looks at this for updates???) that I think Mint Velvet is a welcome addition to the High Street for over 40's - not everything in the collection is suitable but there are some lovely pieces at reasonable prices in there. Just a thought.

everythingiseverything Mon 10-May-10 22:42:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheMarquisofCranberry Mon 10-May-10 21:07:17


bobdog Mon 10-May-10 20:33:05

I apologise for the state of the Exeter shops last Sunday. A friend (size 8 boyish) and I (size 12 curvy) went with money burning a hole in our pockets. She tried on every bloody dress from Primark to LK Bennett for a wedding outfit found nothing. I'm having a style crisis of dispair and am looking at revisiting my Goth/vintage roots in an All Saints/Old Town Clothing way.

I refuse to curl up and die in expensive, badly made clothing in bright colours that don't really suit me but because I have n't got the time to update my wardrobe evry fortnight end up buying from the usual mail order suspects.

BoffinMum Mon 10-May-10 17:10:49

Can't you wear it sideways on, ggirl? grin

brimfull Mon 10-May-10 16:42:52

hey she answered me
am so thrilled thanks Mary
<creep >

I will resist breton top as am short arse

BoffinMum Mon 10-May-10 16:24:44

No, it was that I didn't know some shop had already got what has to be a fab name!

littlelapin Mon 10-May-10 16:20:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DecorHate Mon 10-May-10 16:20:24

i missed it too as I forgot! i wasn't eve doing anything in particular hmm

Did you have a good birthday Su?

comixminx Mon 10-May-10 16:13:43

BoffinMum - isn't there already a French shop called that? Or even a Franco-US one

Sweeedes Mon 10-May-10 16:12:09

<googles Joel at John Frieda>

SuSylvester Mon 10-May-10 15:59:04

and i missed her as was out buying ( gasp) clothes with MIL

LoveBeingAHungParliament Mon 10-May-10 15:18:25

fab gutted I had vistors arrive hlf way through [grr]

BoffinMum Mon 10-May-10 15:02:08

God, she was fab, wasn't she?

Thanks Mary x

BoffinMum Mon 10-May-10 14:59:24

Call it 'BCBG'

French code for 'bon chic bon genre'

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