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Live webchat with Something Special presenter Justin Fletcher, Mon 12 April, 10.30-11.30am

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GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 07-Apr-10 10:59:00

It's taken a while since you first asked (last July, to be precise!) but we're inordinately pleased to announce that Something Special presenter Justin Fletcher is coming to the Towers for a webchat on Monday 12 April, 10.30-11.30am.

Justin (AKA Mr Tumble) is a BAFTA award-winning presenter and actor, and won the MBE for services to children's broadcasting and the voluntary sector in 2008.

Hope you can join us but if you can't, please post your question for Justin here.

2shoes Wed 07-Apr-10 20:56:21

hello sir justin
my daughter thinks you are brilliant(she has sn) but has outgrown something special(she will be 15 by the time you do this) would you ever consider doing something aimed at older kids with sn?

onadietcokebreak Wed 07-Apr-10 20:56:42

Hi ya. Just want to add to the please tour plead!

stanausauruswrecks Wed 07-Apr-10 20:57:57

Another houseful of Gigglebiz and Something special fans heregrin
I'd like to ask you Justin, what would you like to do when Gigglebiz/Something Special run their course? Do you plan to move into mainstream TV work (was going to phrase it as "Adult" TV but thought better of it - Could you imagine the headlines in the Daily Mail...) and do you worry that you may be pigeonholed as a childrens tv actor forever more?
Oh and one more..
What is your favourite biscuit?

Thank you!

ReshapeWhileDamp Wed 07-Apr-10 21:28:58

Hello Justin! DS (2.1) loves Something Special and so do I. I particularly like the way that it's not been too pigeonholed, so young children without SN also love it - it normalises SN and that's wonderful.

Oh, and don't listen to anyone who thinks the crossdressing on Gigglebiz is a bit 'off' - we love it here! grin

geordieminx Wed 07-Apr-10 21:34:48

Hello Justin!!!

The first time I watched Gigglebiz I was very hmm, as I thought it was far too old for ds who was just 2 at the time. How wrong was I?? Again you got it just right - he loves it - esp Humphry and Rapids Johnson. Oh and his favourite game at the moment is playing Burrito Brothers... this involves him climbing up me and balancing on my legs/arms/stomach... the brusies have to be seen to be believed wink

Question - Any chance of more Higgledy House? Ds loved it but it hasnt been on for ages!!!

Justin for PM!!!

Oh and Gigglebiz tour would be amazing - as long as you come to Scotland... I'm sure Nina could put you up...if not I'll kick dh out we have a spare bed

bran Wed 07-Apr-10 21:36:03

It's not the cross dressing that I object to with Nana Knickerboker, it's just that nobody I know finds her funny (although I appreciate that it might be a cultural thing as I'm not British).

SawneyBeane Wed 07-Apr-10 21:45:24

Hi Justin,

Welcome to MN.

Can you tell us what's happened to Sarah-Jane and do you have any plans to work with her in the future?

dobbyssocks Wed 07-Apr-10 22:27:29

Hello Justin another house of big fans here. My two boys (4 & 1.5) are not SN but love Something Special especially the out and about ones. Gigglebiz is comedy genius and I think a wonderful introduction to comedy (btw we love Nana Knickerbocker here although dina lady and rapids are ds (age 4) absolute favourites.) Captain Adorable not so much...

The things I wanted to ask have been mentioned above especially - tour! - and Higgledy House, we loved that any prospect of any more?

aloevera Wed 07-Apr-10 22:57:14

Justin, we need to know if you are the voice of Handy Andy? ds has been looking for you under it and was very concerned you might be trapped in it. Pleeeeeeeeease tell us!

stillenacht Wed 07-Apr-10 23:07:11

Have posted this on another thread but MNHQ said I should have courage to say it here!smile

Sorry but I know I might get flamed for this but can people stop saying:

'My DCs are not SN but......'

My DS has a SN - he is not SN... if that makes sense.

It just really grates thats all.

BitOfFun Thu 08-Apr-10 00:40:27

Having got over my underwhelmed feeling at the prospect of a webchat with Justin Lee Collins, and clicking on this anyway to find that (yay!) it's somebody talented grin

Can I ask if my daughter (9) would enjoy your programme? I have been moved reading accounts of how children have responded to it, but warn you that she is low-functioning autistic with severe learning disabilities, and has never shown much interest in telly, beyond being soothed by music channels. She has laughed like a drain at Takeshi's castle though. May I ask if Justin would contemplate jumping into muddy water somewhat clumsily from a great height? It may just hook her in...

It sounds like you are doing marvellous work- so kudos to you, and I wish you continued success.

Arabica Thu 08-Apr-10 01:37:31

Hello Justin

Just wanted to say how much we appreciate Something Special. DD (4 in July) absolutely loves Mr Tumble and, sadly, it's the only thing on television that goes at a pace she can process.

Do you ever run workshops on communicating with children with learning disabilities? I do use Makaton but of course, that is not the whole story. Would be useful for health professionals too...

just a thought!

Best wishes
Arabica and DD xx

BuzzingNoise Thu 08-Apr-10 08:28:27

Stillenacht - apologies! I did exactly what you said blush

NewShoesonMonday Thu 08-Apr-10 09:30:36

Justin, we think you're great too - my husband and son (aged 2 yrs 2 months) are addicted to your programmes equally. We also went with my in laws to Cinderella at Horsham in the New Year to see you as Buttons. It was fab - my father in law was thrilled to catch the three cup bra which Baron Hardup threw :-)

In response to the posters about the price of Something Special original DVD's, I agree they're a fair whack but imagine it's due to the publishers or something. Was therefore chuffed to see that 'Hello Mr Tumble' Something Special Out & About on DVD is out in May isn't it, £8.99. Can't wait.

A question - gosh, so many I can think of - well firstly, please please can you do a tour of Something Special; secondly maybe you could put some signed photo's for sale on Mumsnet... to raise money for your chosen charity - or we could order them? I'm sure there are lots of us who'd like to buy a poster or signed DVD or something? And some clothing too please, before our toddler is too old to wear it. tshirts etc..??? Please

Again, thanks and you deserve a knighthood- we're thrilled that we can watch a programme which will help our son to have a positive view of other children who have difficulty with those things he's lucky enough to take for granted.

NewShoesonMonday Thu 08-Apr-10 09:33:21

oh, and DS can sing 'hallo hallo' and 'goodbye goodbye', the opening and closing songs from start to finish. We have the something special cd on in the car constantly and the other favourite is The grand old duke of york, which we have to put on repeat from your nursery rhymes DVD. Both CD and DVD highly recommended. Can't wait to see you at the Hexagon in the 2010 panto :-)

NewShoesonMonday Thu 08-Apr-10 09:36:25

sorry, last one from me... is the Tumble house somewhere near Beaulieu in the new forest? The stretch of river looks so similar..?

2shoes Thu 08-Apr-10 09:42:22

stillenacht well said

MadameOvary Thu 08-Apr-10 09:59:15

Hello Justin,
DD is 2 and loves to say "Hello, I'm Justin" whilst signing along. I love King Flannel and his techno dance - my favourite Gigglebiz sketch grin.
Well done for making SN part of the mainstream, it was long overdue. smile

FioFio Thu 08-Apr-10 10:34:30

Message withdrawn

Besom Thu 08-Apr-10 10:50:34

Stillenacht - you are right to point that out. I don't think people even realise they are doing this. I don't like the use of NT either because I think it encourages people to say 'that child is NT and the other child is SN'.

Sorry, back to Justin...

LoveBeingAMummy Thu 08-Apr-10 11:08:16

stillenacht sorry certainly didn't meant to offend/grate on anyone. Had only mentioned it as the programme is aimed at for four to seven year-old children with learning difficulties and dd is neither.

ToDoOrNotToDoList Thu 08-Apr-10 11:46:39

In complete agreement with the wonder of you Justin grin My youngest DC has rare genetic disorder and my eldest doesn't and both love the show. Oh and we miss the signing of the goodbye song too.
Now you are reading and processing the horror...I mean delight of how much we all depend on and secretly heart you you ever feel typecast into nice signing bloke (who's also funny and can play football and dance and sing)...and do you have plans to escape to an adult audience one day?

nicolamary Thu 08-Apr-10 12:13:24

My 2.5 year old has adored your programmes since she has been able to watch tv, and now regularly signs colours! The farmer character you play in Gigglebiz is pure comedy gold and makes me and my husband snort! I'd like to ask if you have plans to do a tour?


Saker Thu 08-Apr-10 12:36:22

I can't make it but just wanted to add to the list to say that my son (8) with multiple special needs loves to watch Something Special and all the old Tikkabillas. (And confidentially Ds1 (10) who doesn't have any special needs can often be found alongside him on the sofa!!!). Ds2 can't speak very clearly and calls you "Dustbin". Thought you would be pleased about that grin.

AitchTwoZone Thu 08-Apr-10 12:53:33

we all love gigglebiz in this house, and something special too. as a parent of two (afaia) NT girls i love that they are learning to communicate with children who they meet who have SN.

we met a woman in a museum recently, she was with a carer and in a wheelchair and couldn't speak clearly but wanted to chat to the dds. both tried their very hardest to sign to her, which tickled her enormously, although as she motioned to her carer she didn't have a blithering clue what they were on about. winkgrin

anyway, that comes from Something Special, so thanks.

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