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Live webchat with Something Special presenter Justin Fletcher, Mon 12 April, 10.30-11.30am

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GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 07-Apr-10 10:59:00

It's taken a while since you first asked (last July, to be precise!) but we're inordinately pleased to announce that Something Special presenter Justin Fletcher is coming to the Towers for a webchat on Monday 12 April, 10.30-11.30am.

Justin (AKA Mr Tumble) is a BAFTA award-winning presenter and actor, and won the MBE for services to children's broadcasting and the voluntary sector in 2008.

Hope you can join us but if you can't, please post your question for Justin here.

scrappydappydoo Wed 07-Apr-10 15:44:18

Hi Justin,
We think you're fab too! My 2 are transfixed by both something special and gigglebiz.
Why are the 'something special' dvds sooo expensive?? We record/v+ episodes but £18 for a kids dvd??!!! Even Disney aren't that expensive!

MerlinsBeard Wed 07-Apr-10 15:49:44

No question but a THANK YOU for making SN "normal" !

coppertop Wed 07-Apr-10 15:51:41

Hello Justin.

'Something Special' was the cause of huge celebrations in our house because it was the first time ever that my youngest son (who has autism) showed us that he was able to imitate someone. He copied the sign for 'rain'. So thankyou so much for that.

My question is about the Something Special DVDs on sale from the BBC. Many parents who have children with SN would like to buy them but are unable to because they are so much more expensive than the DVDs of other CBeebies programmes. Other CBeebies DVDs are generally under £10 but the Something Special ones are £18+. Now that you have your MBE and BAFTA, are you able to tell off the BBC have any influence over the way your programme is marketed and sold?

ruddynorah Wed 07-Apr-10 16:57:18

well we are just huge fans here. dd is nearly 4, she and dh happily spend the evening acting out dina lady, especially the sponge sketch, also grandpa tumble, cliff tumble, oh and not forgetting anne teak 'i'm the expert'! loads of favourites. dh and i also play 'spot the justin voice over' in every other cbeebies show..

i would like to know.. are you generally mobbed when you go out? it occurs to me that you are a very recognisable huge celeb to millions of kids, though anyone without children wouldn't really know who you are. so what do you do? avoid play gyms and stick to sophisticated champagne bars?? smile

and thank you 1 million times over for keeping dd entertained while i feed ds grin

TotalChaos Wed 07-Apr-10 16:58:50

How did Something Special come about?

And thank you for bringing a program suitable children with specific language and/or learning difficulties into the mainstream.

FattipuffsandThinnifers Wed 07-Apr-10 17:19:35

Oh Justin we all love you in this house! Gigglebiz is brilliant, and the only programme my almost-3 year old son actually ever asks for (at least twice a day).

So 'fess up, which character do you enjoy playing most - must be Nana knickerbocker surely?

And pleeeeease, would you consider doing children's parties?? You could retire at 40 if you did, I reckon.

Keep up the sterling work, you're fab.

FioFio Wed 07-Apr-10 17:33:37

Message withdrawn

Clarissimo Wed 07-Apr-10 18:12:08

CAn I nominate appletreewick as the funniest MN question ever? grin

sfxmum Wed 07-Apr-10 18:16:30

no question as such but thanks for the work my 5 yr old dd loves everything you do, in fact the only reason she stopped complaining about us changing Summer Festivals this year is because you will be at the new onewink see you then

and great job making Makaton better known I worked for years and year in SN and it is a great communication tool

sfxmum Wed 07-Apr-10 18:17:43

oh yes and dd was highly disappointed you were not the dame at our local Panto

treacletart Wed 07-Apr-10 18:23:32

Hello Justin - You are very much loved in our house and we are all enjoying the new series. Now, I am desperate to know the backstory behind that stunning house! Who owns it? Is it Lord Tumble's family seat and does he let his extended family live there too? Or, did the whole family, as my 6 yo ds reckons, sell each of their houses to buy the big house and live together as a commune. Dh would also like to know where it is in <hush> real life - he thinks it might be in the west country somewhere...

PfftTheMagicDragon Wed 07-Apr-10 18:25:53

Will you repaint my MIL's bedroom wall as DS drew large X's on it in imitation DIY Dan stylee?

How many different BAA's did you have to record for Timmy?

aristocat Wed 07-Apr-10 18:30:46

we love you here too Justin smile

haven't a question yet - but wanted to let you know you are the King of childrens TV!

charlieandlola Wed 07-Apr-10 19:00:09

What is mr tumble's favourite biscuit ?

Besom Wed 07-Apr-10 19:12:06

Hi Justin

I've noticed, I think, nods to some well known comedians in some of the characters you play. So I was wondering which performers you have been most inspired by?

stillenacht Wed 07-Apr-10 19:49:41

hi Justin!


My family and I are forever indebted to you and your colleagues at Something Special.


Wigeon Wed 07-Apr-10 19:52:47

Thank you for coming on to do a webchat.

DD (21 months), being our Precious First Born, doesn't watch much TV grin, but after only three episodes of Gigglebiz started requesting the theme tune as her bedtime song ("Na na! Sing more Na na"!). Every single night. (Sometimes we sneak in Twinkle Twinkle for a bit of variety, without her noticing). So I have sung the song more times than you probably have.

My question is: can you suggest some more verses? I am a bit fed up of

Na na na na na na Gigglebiz Na na na na ho ho ho Na na na na na na Gigglebiz Na na na na it's time to go Gigglebiz gigglebiz, we've had a lovely time Gigglebiz gigglebiz ho ho ho Gigglebiz gigglebiz we've had a lot of fun Gigglebiz gigglebiz ho ho ho grin

(although we do sometimes attempt to improvise...)

I assume you are standing for Parliament like all our other webchat guests?! I think you would get a lot of votes!

shanks313 Wed 07-Apr-10 20:15:26

My children aged 3 and 2 watch Gigglebiz and Something Special all the time...favourite is Grandad Tumble in hospital.

My question is are there any plans for more Something Special...Gigglebiz merchandise? I know it would go down well in our house.

Cant wait to see you in panto at Xmas..we will be cheering from the front row

mama2moo Wed 07-Apr-10 20:28:59

Justin has a lot to answer in my house! I took 22mo dd to Tesco last week and she sat in the trolley shouting 'Mr Tumble' over and over again smile

I was surprised at how much signing she has picked up on. Dd loves books and would love a Something Special book - Any thoughts on releasing a line of books?

SethStarkaddersMum Wed 07-Apr-10 20:35:09

oh my God I've been wanting to do ask this for ages

<splats Justin with whipped cream>
<squirts chocolate sauce on his face>
<leans elbow heavily on plastic tub of jam so a bit flies out and lands in Justin's eye>

<innocently> Say! What happened to you?

Actually we love you Justin and my question is, which is your favourite Gigglebiz character? Mine is Rapids Johnson.

IMoveTheStars Wed 07-Apr-10 20:40:58

mama2 beat me to it - are there any plans for a Something Special signs book? We have a couple of makaton ones, but something with Mr Tumble in would go down a treat.

Also what copper said regarding the price of the DVD's.

MerlinsBeard Wed 07-Apr-10 20:44:52

How an why did you get involved with SN and makaton specifically?

bexxaa Wed 07-Apr-10 20:52:15

Message withdrawn

Lymond Wed 07-Apr-10 20:54:55

AppleTreeWick's question (Ray Mears collaboration) just made me snort my decaff over the keyboard....

Justin, my (non SN) children enjoy your programmes, thank you. Any thought of something aimed at CBBC rather than Cbeebies, next? My two eldest are 7 and 5, and most of CBBC is too grown up, but cbeebies "too babyish" apparently.

MegBusset Wed 07-Apr-10 20:55:20

DS1 loves Something Special and especially the one in the garden centre, he is a bit obsessed with signing wheelbarrow and keeps asking "But where's Musamil?" whatever we're doing.

I want to ask where that garden centre is, if it's anywhere within reach of London I'm sure DS1 would love to go there!

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