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Bake hot cross buns with Dan Lepard, Mon 29 March, 10.30am to 12.30pm

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GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 25-Mar-10 12:43:45

We're very glad that baker and food writer Dan Lepard is back for another Mumsnet webchat and bakealong on Monday 29 March from 10.30am to 12.30pm.

This time, as it's nearly Easter, Dan will be making hot cross buns. You can see his recipe for easy hot cross buns, plus lovely picture of a batch he made earlier here.

While Dan's (and your) buns are in the oven <snurk>, he will answer questions and swap tips about baking, 1001 ways with yeast, and the like.

Please share a picture of the finished result on your profile, so we can all gawp in admiration.

If you don't have time to bake but still want to quiz Dan, please join us anyway.

And, of course, if you can't make it on Monday but have a question you'd like to ask Dan, please post it here.

gillthepainter Mon 29-Mar-10 11:39:49

I've always wanted one of those baking bowls, Dan.
Better mix my piping paste, & I'll need a steady hand.

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 11:42:39

OliviaMumsnet, a rather hot kitchen will do the job, but to avoid the buns drying out, and getting a slightly hard crust, do cover them with a clean tea towel while they are rising.

gillthepainter Mon 29-Mar-10 11:42:55


OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Mar-10 11:43:33

Gill those bowls aren't as ££ as you may think
Google/ebay "Mason Cash"

gillthepainter Mon 29-Mar-10 11:45:00

Will do OliviaMumsnet.

MmeLindt Mon 29-Mar-10 11:46:16

I have one of the baking bowls too, got them as a wedding present. They are very hardy.

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Mar-10 11:47:30

Here's a link to the twitpics Dan's dough looking loverly
Dan - a clean tea towel? shock <looks round kitchen desperately>That wasn't in the list of ingredients(!)wink

And just wondering if I need to put the bowl of hot water in the bottom of my Aga -I know that there are weird things afoot in the way the oven works.
<MN disclaimer- other range cookers are available>

JackRabbitBauer Mon 29-Mar-10 11:47:56

Hi all, was out at playgroup easter party so can't join in but am watching with interest, particualrly the GF talk. My mum is GF and dairy free (and potato free) and I want to make her something nice when I got to visit this weekend, any ideas or tips? I did make a clementine and almond cake last time but it was very claggy and I wanted something a bit lighter if possible.
Very nice looking dough. can almost smell it


gillthepainter Mon 29-Mar-10 11:49:55

Ah, a question.
I've not plain flour in, should I make the paste with self raising or strong white flour please?

I think I'll treat myself to one then MmeLindt. (say hello to Lausanne for me, I lived there 20 years ago). smile

MayOnnaise Mon 29-Mar-10 11:52:07

Not sure whether this has already been said, but Dan I could not see the zest mentioned in the method, mine went in, but I assume from the position in the ingreds, that it should go in with the egg and fruit. mine are shaped and on the second rise.

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 11:52:38

OliviaMumsnet, no need for water in an Aga, it's really only a problem with fan-assisted ovens. Aga's are great for holding the moisture in as the oven is almost a sealed unit and captures every bit of steam released form the buns.

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 11:52:50

hi gill, Mason Cash is now owned by Rayware, who have a slightly complicated website, but their 'traditional' range of mixing bowls are still being made, just not in quite so many sizes. They also make a batter bowl/jug in a similar pattern.

HCBunBaker Mon 29-Mar-10 11:53:22

Zest now kneaded in; paste made (twice - first time didn't realise it would go lumpy if not made like any other batter); dough now proving in newly acquired warming drawer (hoping for the best with that) and I am at the 'making coffee stage'. Love looking at the pics; I will post a link to mine once the buns are shaped.

SuSylvester Mon 29-Mar-10 11:53:57

get olivia and her ponce aga


MayOnnaise Mon 29-Mar-10 11:53:59

Jackrabbit, I have posted a GF Hot cross loaf on munsnet recipes, perhaps you can adapt that?

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 11:54:53

gillthepainter, I'd go with strong white but SR flour might make the crosses more tender. They can be a bit tough. I have a friend who adds a little melted butter to the cross mixture so they taste a bit better.

Slubberdegullion Mon 29-Mar-10 11:56:30

I just put mine in the oven

and then reread instructions, took them out again and put them back in the airing cupboard.

90 mins goddamit

They don't look very dainty Dan.

JackRabbitBauer Mon 29-Mar-10 11:56:34

Oh that's perfect Mayo, where do I get GF flour from? Can I find it in tesco or sainsbos?
And can I use soy milk instead of normal or will it taste ming?

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 11:58:11

Zest, zest, zest, yes, that was an afterthought, so you can add it anytime. I mixed it in with the fruit but the recipes is very flexible and zest doesn't affect the chemistry.

bebejones Mon 29-Mar-10 11:59:10

Buns out, glazed & cooling. They are slightly cracked coz didn't put water in oven. But for a first effort they are not bad IMO!

My dough looked like yours Dan so at least I got that bit right!! (I hope)

House smells amazing

MmeLindt Mon 29-Mar-10 11:59:15

Thanks for the sun. Has arrived

SuSylvester Mon 29-Mar-10 12:00:50

i am going to do these on friday with ds3

HCBunBaker Mon 29-Mar-10 12:01:16

OK, have now made paste three times (last version with SR flour); just wondering, instead of adding butter would making the paste with milk instead of water add a bit more tenderness (I can feel a fourth batch coming on while I fight my perfectionistic tendencies). In meantime, have 5 minutes left to drink the coffee.

gillthepainter Mon 29-Mar-10 12:04:38

Found it Dan, 35cm for about GBP30 odd. I'll use strong flour and a little butter - thank you.

And I've just seen how to do hyperlinks blush too.

Now to purchase that AGA! (or an oven with a warming drawer) envy

DanLepard Mon 29-Mar-10 12:06:06

MmeLindt, yes, wholemeal flour will absorb more liquid than the same weight of white flour, so your dough may be a little drier and less sticky. If your dough is rising slowly, the tip i posted at 07:40:53 about sitting them on a tray, over a large bowl half-filled with boiling water, is still the best answer.

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