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Live webchat and baking session with Dan Lepard, Fri 8 Jan, 12-2pm

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GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 05-Jan-10 13:22:37

We've got a Mumsnet first this Friday - award-winning baker and food writer Dan Lepard is our guest for a bake day and live webchat. Should be just the thing to counter wintry gloom and warm up your kitchen.

Dan's involved with the World Marmalade Festival, which promotes all thing marmalade-y and supports the charity Hospice at Home. So he has chosen Ponymum's muffin recipe and given it a citrus-y twist. Full details, ingredients, plus all Dan's variations on the recipe are here.

Please choose the version that tickles your tastebuds and join us to bake along with Dan on Friday. He'll be online from noon.

While your (and our) culinary creations are cooking, Dan will answer questions and swap tips about baking, bread making, marmalade making and the like.

Once your muffins/pudding/traybake are out of the oven, please share a picture of the finished result on your profile. We'll put up pix of our efforts here.

And, of course, if you can't make it on Friday but have a question you'd like to ask Dan, please post here.

4andnotout Tue 05-Jan-10 14:33:05

I read it as a web chat with Def Leppard blush Which I thought was fairly random grin

CMOTdibbler Tue 05-Jan-10 14:39:24

Dan, if you can come up with a recipe for gluten free pastry that tastes nice, rolls out, and doesn't bake to something resembling kevlar (especially if double baked for quiche), I'll love you forever grin

MmeLindt Tue 05-Jan-10 15:08:14

I might just join in as I have never been able to make muffins.

Not promising a pic of the result though.

GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 05-Jan-10 15:28:11

Hope you can. Pix not mandatory, but the more the messier merrier.

MmeLindt Tue 05-Jan-10 15:35:27

My last attempt was fit for the dog bin, not for photographing and putting on MN for all the world to laugh.

And don't mention soufflés to me after the disaster on Xmas Eve.

GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 05-Jan-10 15:38:00

Am impressed you even attempted something as ambitious on Xmas Eve. Respect!

MmeLindt Tue 05-Jan-10 15:42:35

It was awful. DC were in the bath, I was running between kitchen and cellar to get the presents waiting for Christkind (we are half-German so Christkind comes on Xmas Eve) putting the new PJs on the DC's beds, while trying to make soufflés for the first time.

I will save my soufflé questions for Dan, since Delia let me down so badly.

badietbuddy Tue 05-Jan-10 15:54:08

Am I the only one who misread this as Def Leppard? blush

Bessie123 Tue 05-Jan-10 16:05:13

I love his vegan chocolate cake

4andnotout Tue 05-Jan-10 16:09:13

I did too badietbuddy

stealthsquiggle Tue 05-Jan-10 16:21:50

I am so tempted, even though I should will be working. I could add the results to the 30+ muffins of various savoury and sweet varieties currently residing in the freezer ready to be breakfast for 16 on Sunday (that's less than 2 muffins each, come to think of it - I had better get baking grin)

Admission of ignorance, though - I have never heard of him - should I have done?

stealthsquiggle Tue 05-Jan-10 16:23:45

purist objection, though - that recipe involves beating. I always thought that on principle (and to avoid being too chewy) muffins only ever involved roughly stirring wet ingredients into dry (and no washing up of food processor/mixer)hmm?

pointydig Tue 05-Jan-10 16:50:25

lol @ def leppard

I have never heard of dan lepard and I do like baking. I will check out.

policywonk Tue 05-Jan-10 17:04:31

Dan Leppard writes a baking column for the Guardian's Saturday magazine (so if you haven't heard of him you are hereby EXPOSED as a non-Guardian reader)

policywonk Tue 05-Jan-10 17:05:37

AArgh, you've got me doing it now.

Leppard Lepard

stealthsquiggle Tue 05-Jan-10 17:05:46

Oops - considering I won a Grauniad competition yesterday, that is distinctly blush.

policywonk Tue 05-Jan-10 17:08:39

Ooh, what did you win?

pointydig Tue 05-Jan-10 17:10:13

Proudly exposed grin

stealthsquiggle Tue 05-Jan-10 17:12:25

Tickets to see Peter Pan at the O2 - DM and DS are going grin

pointydig Tue 05-Jan-10 17:13:25

Have checked out. Recipes look nice.

Is he better than supremo Sue Lawrence though? I love her baking recipes.

GrungeBlobPrimpants Tue 05-Jan-10 17:13:58

Dang! Another one who logged onto thread in hope of a chat with Def Leppard.

Marmalade making doesn't cut it I'm afraid

StewieGriffinsMom Tue 05-Jan-10 17:42:37

Message withdrawn

BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 05-Jan-10 17:50:10


This is not the first realtime cookout on MN I'll have you know

look, there were swans and talk of injections and golden balls and ever'thing

sfxmum Tue 05-Jan-10 18:09:04

great shed loads of cookies at this house are his recipe
goes away to think of bread questions

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