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Live webchat with David Cameron - this Thursday 19th, 1.45 pm

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JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 17-Nov-09 09:28:05

Hello all - David Cameron is coming on to Mumsnet to answer your questions this Thursday at 1.45-2.45. Please post advance questions here if you can't make it on Thursday. (And please read our Webchat guidelines above before posting ie only one question each). Many thanks.

sarah293 Sat 21-Nov-09 09:31:04

Message withdrawn

Peachy Sat 21-Nov-09 12:12:29

I'm sure I could getDH on here to explain how RGB theory or somesuch caused him to appear orange under lighting (DH doing degree in stage lighting technocology)

But I preferto think iof him as the Tango Kid

Esp.if that means I get to flap him around the jaws with a wet kipper grin

tatt Sun 22-Nov-09 09:19:01

swc the more you try to argue that DC does understand the problems the more you persuade others that he doesn't. Clearly you agree with his political views and wish to support him being "in touch". However a politician who WAS in touch with public feeling would know that is an argument he can't win. He should admit that his experience is different while saying he still found it quite frustrating enough.

But it was a good way to distract attention from DC being either underprepared or showing contempt for a key voting group and perhaps that was your aim.

Marney Sun 22-Nov-09 22:58:13

im hoping the conservatives get in please say you are going to stop the wars .Please give schools freedom from ofsted and get rid of the league tables .What is the use of gcse league tables which are no real guide to schools sucess when the ones at the top are probably their because yhey have the most pupils on alternative courses for one of whIch they can claim 4 passes
Could the Conservatives cleanit up It would be so much more helpfull to know how many pupils in a school were allowed to take gcses or how many were even taught the a or b paper
instead of ridiculous questionaires from ofsted which are vetted by the schools asking daft questions like is th teaching in the school good fair not good real questionaires not vetted by the schools
So when there is a problem in one subject it might get sorted

betz Mon 23-Nov-09 15:03:18

To all those parents of young children out there. I have two wonderful young teens. My youngest was born the day after Labour got in in 1997. I have spent years working with older teens and young adults. I am GREATLY concerned if we vote right and get the Conservatives back in. In my experience of kids my children's age we see the benefits of public spending and investment in our young and later our youth. While I will be the first to admit Labour has huge problems and really New Labour and the Conservatives are merging in policies, there STILL is a difference. Having been through the early years with my kids I really am eternally grateful those years were more left than right. You don't see the benefits or worst yet damages of government policies until years later. My children's and their peer's character, happiness and respect for themselves and others is the fruition of many factors, but government policy has much to thank.

For those who counter my sentiments with the economic disaster we are in, I say this. I was raised in America and know it well. This economic disaster is a global one. It was under the Conservatives in this country we sold our manufacturing base. Having children on the ebb of choosing their vocations we are left with the financial industries and all the creative industries are filled with oxbridge and with public school - privileged. Time and time again I meet young adults whose intelligent won them scholarships to great schools or parents sacrificed to pay for "quality" education only to find it impossible to climb out of their social cast.

With 52% of the worlds wealth owned by 2% of the population why on earth would we support more inequality by voting a more right wing government. Please, please use your vote for your children's future. How many of you have children who could be the next Obama? Barack is a gifted man who reached his potential BECAUSE of leftist policies in the US for equality. The old Etonian Conservatives are NOT for the people because they can not possibly understand the common man. It's not their fault I am sure they think they are doing best??? But I would not risk my kid's futures in their hands. NO WAY.

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