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Live webchat with Celebrity TV chef Lesley Waters Weds 13th May 1-2pm -questions on fussy eaters, nutrition and recipe tips welcome

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carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 11-May-09 12:41:18

Hi all

Lesley Waters will be joining us on Wednesday, 13th May between 1-2pm for a live chat.

A mum of two and team member on Ready, Steady, Cook and This Morning, Lesley has first hand experience when it comes to children's eating habits and is happy to answer questions about fussy eaters. She's also keen on inspiring children to cook and presented TV show 'Little Chefs'.

Currently, Lesley's taking her knowledge and passion for children's nutrition to parents across the UK, by hosting the first ever cook-a-long for parents on the web.

The first in a series of online master classes from well-known names in the world of cookery, art, and entertainment, Lesley has created three fun cook-a-long recipes, encouraging children to enjoy themselves in the kitchen, get their hands messy and learn about cooking healthy, nutritious meals and the benefits of a healthy diet. Designed to suit three different age groups, 4-6yrs, 7-9yrs, and 10-12yrs, Haliborange Shiny School gives parents ideas and tips on how to have fun and learn something new as a family whilst providing nutritional advice. You can see the online classes here

As always, if you can't make it on Weds, feel free to post advance questions here. Otherwise we'll see you Weds lunchtime.

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 13-May-09 12:59:43

Hello. Just to let you know that Lesley Waters is here and flexing her typing fingers, ready to answer your questions.

Welcome, Lesley - please take it away!

lesleywaters Wed 13-May-09 13:02:39

Hi Mumsnetters - my quick typing fingers will attempt to get through all your questions. Here we go...

lesleywaters Wed 13-May-09 13:07:55

Hi TrinityIsLovingHerLittleRhino…this seems to be a common problem for these ages. The big tip is not to give up and to be patient (sorry) – they say that you need to introduce one new food at a time and that can take 8-10 attempts for a child to decide whether they like it. Try to serve the new foods with one of their trusted favourites – don’t make an issue, just serve and keep trying! I know it’s incredibly hard, but why not try serving in separate dishes. If the 9 year old has friend or family member who they admire and eats well, try serving a nutritious meal together so they can attempt new stuff. Hope any of this helps – I have my fingers crossed for you...

lesleywaters Wed 13-May-09 13:09:32

Enjoy the wine Moondog – cheers! Have a glass for me!!

lesleywaters Wed 13-May-09 13:10:55

Ok BernardsCat – I have one of those too! My son loves tomato pizza, but will not touch the real thing or even a lovely pasta sauce. Explain this to me? It’s a mystery!

lesleywaters Wed 13-May-09 13:14:53

Thanks for the question ProstetnicVogenJeltz! It must be tough, children can be difficult at the age 5, but when they get to 11 – you’ve really got your work cut out! Of course I’m going to say this, but truly believe that getting your DD involved not just in the cooking, but the choosing of the food/shopping and prepping - to spark interest, if she feels part of the full process and can own what she eats! Building on the roasted potatoes, mix with other similar options such as sweet pot, new pots (with skins), thick pot wedges, parsnips, carrots roasted in the oven with a splash of oilve oil. Also try a pot roast chicken with a bucket loads of veg and slow roast together. Get her to make her own pizzas using flatbreads, pitas or even naan breads, squash on cherry tomatoes with sweet corn and top with half fat mozerella. Although we need to encourage good cooking and healthy eating at home and beyond – NOTHING replaces a balanced, nutritious meal, especially at DD’s age!! A food supplement can act as safety net to support this…hope that’s of some help to you. All the best with it!

CMOTdibbler Wed 13-May-09 13:23:52

Tasty GF recipes for the more challenging things - pastry, bread, pizza. Please grin

lesleywaters Wed 13-May-09 13:24:04

CMOTdibbler – I’m with you on all the crazy children’s recipes! Absoultely right – we need to teach our children to cook proper food, without the smiley faces! Check out some of the recipes I created for the shiny school to give you a flavour of what you can created at home. PS – still working on the damned gluten-free pastry – haven’t quite cracked it yet!!

Rhubarb Wed 13-May-09 13:25:35

Hi Lesley. I'm having a real problem with my 5yo ds. We've brought both him and his sister up to eat healthily and whilst she does, he's a real struggle. He'll barely touch his packed lunches at school and always makes a fuss at teatime. He refuses to try anything new and even things I know he likes, he'll say he doesn't like them. He's only interested in sweet things and is always asking for snacks.
We refuse to give in but getting him to eat healthily is a real struggle. He'll happily help me at mealtimes but then he refuses to eat what he's helped me to make! However, put a cake in front of him and it's a different story.
I'm worried about the amount he doesn't eat. Have you any tips?

lesleywaters Wed 13-May-09 13:26:06

Hi CMOTdiddler, got a fab GF cake recipe, will post after the chat.

ShannaraTiger Wed 13-May-09 13:26:23

Carrying on from before how much protein does a child need?

lesleywaters Wed 13-May-09 13:27:26

Hello JulesJules, thanks for the question! Completely get the soup kitchen point – ha! Why don’t you serve recipes such as the stir fries in a ‘deconstructed’ way, using seperate little bowls of veg, noodles etc and let them help themselves. Pretty simple, but children really enjoy picking and controlling the portions themselves.

lesleywaters Wed 13-May-09 13:29:40

Porpoise, I have a super recipe for you - again, will post after web chat.

lesleywaters Wed 13-May-09 13:31:43

Hi squilly, this actually seems to be common issue within children of a certain age (see above). Why not adapt my carrot and beef mini meatball recipes (log onto shiny school for download)– as she already eats carrots, try substituting for another veg such as courgettes - it’s a sneaky way to ensure your DD receives of variety of vits. I really believe that now she’s 5 she can start helping you in the kitchen which is a great way to introduce new foods if she can help prepare them! Is she helping you bake muffins, cakes etc in the kitchen? This may explain why she’s recently started eating them?...

lesleywaters Wed 13-May-09 13:34:00

ilovesprouts, I think that homemade soups are a really good way to ensure that they receive all their vits and mins! Or serve up a smooth veg sauce on his spagetti? Gradually introduce chunkier textured flavours. From experience, this is something you DS will grow out of, so don't worry too much.

lesleywaters Wed 13-May-09 13:35:41

Carmenere, yes it was and is still tough sometimes. Some were kind, some patronising, but most of them were lovely! Really rate Brian Turner, Paul Rankin, Ainsley, James Tanner and Nick…

Cammelia Wed 13-May-09 13:36:07

Hi Lesley, I have a 12 year old dd. How important is it for this age group to eat lots of dairy/drink milk etc? I've heard that the adolescent age group need lots of calcium and iron.

Lulumama Wed 13-May-09 13:36:09

Does the way a child eats from the early days set a pattern for life, in terms of amounts they eat.. e.g my daughter had small amounts of milk from birth and now at nearly 4 still eats miniscule this how it is going to be forever??

CMOTdibbler Wed 13-May-09 13:36:29

Excellent ! Not that I need more gf cake recipes <lardy emoticon>

Interesting recipes - but wibble wobbles ? What came over you there ?

My DS loves cooking btw - it's just controlling a not yet 3 year old whilst stirring things on the hob is a bit nerve wracking. At least chopping is a hand over hand activity

lesleywaters Wed 13-May-09 13:36:58

Hello Beautiful – you’re right, but it’s bloody stressful!! The guys at Haliborange are sorting me out as I speak. Thanks for watching!!

JennyLovesRosie Wed 13-May-09 13:37:38

LOL anyone else working out who LW hasn't named and going hmmmmmm yes I always thought he was an arse. grin

Great thread.

lesleywaters Wed 13-May-09 13:45:06

Hi Rhubarb, many thanks for the question. I take my hat off to you, because you're doing all the right things! Apparently, children at this age can be very difficult about food. They can sometimes struggle to take on new textures and flavours, but always, they can see how far they can push the boundaries. Check that he's not filling up on snacks, but I would put it down to his age, stay firm and carry on doing what you're doing.

lesleywaters Wed 13-May-09 13:46:40

Hi Amapoleon, we got some great food on the Shiny School website, do have a look. Even though the recipes are broken down into different age categories, there’s loads for you to try on all the family. Getting inspiration for healthy family food does not only have to happen in kitchen. In the summer holidays, take the family out on a fruit picking trip show how strawberry, berries are grown. If you have a little outdoor space at home how about growing your own veg, potatoes, carrots and peas are good to start with or some lovely smelly herbs, cress so they can nurture themselves. Also, it gets them outdoors in the fresh air.

Amapoleon Wed 13-May-09 13:47:03

My dd is very fussy but she loves asparagus, have you got any recipes please?

Amapoleon Wed 13-May-09 13:47:40

Oops, sorry crossed posts.

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