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Live webchat with Jacqueline Wilson, Tues 10 March, 9-10pm

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GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 05-Mar-09 12:40:48

We've very chuffed that award-winning author Jacqueline Wilson is joining us for a live webchat on Tuesday 10 March, 9-10pm. Jacqueline needs little introduction - with sales of over 25 million books, she's a massively successful author, up there with JK Rowling and Dan Brown. Her latest book, My Secret Diary, is the sequel to Jacky Daydream and includes excerpts from her own teenage diary. If you've can't join us but have questions for Jacqueline, please post your questions here. Ditto if you want to post on behalf of your children. She'll aim to get through as many as possible before the chat.

Starbear Sun 08-Mar-09 10:09:57

Squonk We've started using fabbo too as we think it's so cute (no puke emotion when you need one!)

fryalot Sun 08-Mar-09 10:20:18


Blondilocks Sun 08-Mar-09 19:21:11

Ooh how fab grin DD (aged 10) loves your books and was very excited to hear that you would be doing the mumsnet livechat.

She wanted to say/ask the following:

I loved the Cheltenham literary festival when I heard you talk about the new book Cookie and you said about "My Secret Diary" and I have been looking forward to reading it and now I can! I am very glad that I got Cookie signed- I will treasure it forever!

Are you going to publish more books about when you are growing up or have you already put all of that into the latest book?

Do you have any tips for people who want to be an author because I would really like to write books when I am older.


JacquelineWilson Sun 08-Mar-09 20:30:30


SimpleAsABC Sun 08-Mar-09 20:54:37

I must admit, i'm really quite excited about this!!

Another thing I remember from my Jacqueline Wilson days was being very pleased when the school library had two copies of Double Act. This meant my friend and I could read it "together".

cocolepew Mon 09-Mar-09 09:28:37

oh no! It's in the morning and I have a hospital appointment sad
Move it to lunchtime grin

RoseOfTheOrient Mon 09-Mar-09 11:49:57

erm, no its not.... 9-10 PM....
I won't be able to join in coz we are on the other side of the world, and it will be in the morning in Japan (6am..) and however fabbo JW is, I can't drag myself out of bed at that hour...

Squirrell Mon 09-Mar-09 14:04:01

We saw a production of Secrets at Polka theatre about 18 months ago, it was fantastic for both children and adults. Are there any plans for any more productions of your work on stage in the near future - please say yes! My daughter can't get enough of your books.

cocolepew Mon 09-Mar-09 15:29:36

Oh. So it is blush. Have to do a PTA thingie so still can't make it sad

bundle Mon 09-Mar-09 15:50:10


My eldest daughter who's 8 and a half is reading a lot about Anne Frank and I understand you're a big fan too (it's the lovely book with all the family photos and reproductions of pages of her diary in it).

Last night my husband read the end of it with her and she was in tears and couldn't sleep, because of Anne's death - so I cuddled her and read the first chapter of What Katy Did (!!) to distract her.

Obviously I'll be doing more careful selection of bedtime reading tonight - but do you think that we expect too much of our children in terms of the subject matter they read about (her peers seem to be reading similar books)? We live in London, so life is a bit more complex than where I grew up in a quietish town in the northwest.

)Other recent favourites have been Tom's Midnight Garden, lots of your books smile, some Roald Dahl - though I've banned dh from getting a copy of the tearjerker, Froggy's Little Brother...)

MayorNaze Mon 09-Mar-09 16:36:45

Welcome to MN! Will think of a really deep and meaningful question before the chat but until then...

I am a huge fan of all the books (am waiting for Beauty --for me-- for ds on library reservation) but one thing that really bugged me about Midnight is that the dad is such a baddy - and is a Mason? On the whole freemasons are goodies, my dh is anyway!

sorry - couldn't not take the opportunity to say that but apart from that I am a big big fan...honest...

<<backs away bowing furiously>>

Pollyanna Mon 09-Mar-09 19:48:55

Hello Jacqueline, my dd1 (aged 8) has the following question:

when you were young what did you think were going to be when you were older?

ds1 (aged 10) would like to know where you get your ideas from?

I would like to know whether, in your opinion, an 8 year old can read all of your books. I must confess to not letting her read some as I think the subject matter is too "real" for her (she can read very well, but in my view her reading age is way above her emotional age)

Pollyanna Mon 09-Mar-09 19:51:14

oh another question from my children - what is your next book about and what was your first book?

(they have lots of questions!).

FrannyandZooey Tue 10-Mar-09 08:41:32

just getting myself back on the thread
gawd i must not forget tonight
<twittering excitedly>

JaneSeymour Tue 10-Mar-09 09:14:02

Just wanted to say Hi smile

Ds not too interested in books yet but I love Tracey Beaker.

Thanks smile

magsnags Tue 10-Mar-09 09:46:01

I just want to thankyou for the personalised message you kindly wrote to my dauter Abigail in the book Cookie - it was the hilight of her Christmas, in particular the kind comments you wrote about her own efforts at writing. Small things like this from someone like yourself mean so much to youngster's and can make a real difference in their lives. She was 10 last Tuesday and had a sleepover on Friday and the 4 of them were up very late discussing your books!
Fondest regards
Maggie (magsnags)

KingRolo Tue 10-Mar-09 09:48:27

I'm a fan too, have been since my own school days in the 80s and early 90s before you were fashionable!

This is my question:

In 'Love Lessons' you write about a relationship between a teacher and teenage student. It’s written from the girl’s perspective but it is clear that the teacher is tempted by her. As an adult reader I can see that Rax is an emotionally immature guy with a few (ahem) issues but I don't think I'd have seen it like that when I was 13. Do you think you are encouraging impressionable girls to believe that the teachers they have crushes on could really have feelings for them too? And if so, is this a good idea??

Thanks! I'm looking forward to reading 'My Secret Diary'. DD is too young for your books at the moment but I love them smile

UnquietDad Tue 10-Mar-09 09:49:31

I don't have a question, but I just want to say that DD has loved Jacqueline's books for ages, although she was unhappy with the ending of "Double Trouble", to the extent that she took the time to write an "extra page" giving it a happy ending...

Shitemum Tue 10-Mar-09 09:52:11

Posted on behalf of: traceycpn Tue 10-Mar-09 09:32:47

Hi jacqeline,
IM employed by the nhs. I work on the campus on the Isle Of Bute, children (ages 5-18). My role is as a counseller. Another aspect of my job is to prevent mental illness by "normalising" stress. I feel very strongly that the books you write, help these children to normalise the trauma in thir life. nick Sharratt has visited our school in the past, a beautiful wee island, just off the West coast of Scotland. Would you please come and present a book reading of your new book to them? You are inspirational to many of these children, we would pay your expenses, the school role is approx 1,000, a great oppertunity to see a fantastic part of Scotland and be the catylst for change in a young persons life.
Kind Regrds
Tracey Guy

teafortwo Tue 10-Mar-09 11:37:25

Hi Jacqueline,

Hey - You gave a great womans hour interview - it really helped me get through the washing up on Monday and go to work with a smile! grin - Thanks!

So... my question is...

I know a girl who unlike lots of 'tweenies' does not spend her days shopping, hanging out with mates or msning but her life seems to be an equal balance of delicious daydreaming, sailing away in a good book and writing wonderful stories.

...Perhaps this sounds familiar to you wink...? I know she found a fellow soul in 'Jackie Daydreamer' and your books mean a huge amount to her.

The girl I am telling you about is called Aneeka... do you have a message I can give, a fellow daydreamer, that will make her gush with delight and be rightfully proud of her thoughtful and careful reading ability, wonderful imagination and most beautiful writing skills?

Thank you for your time. smile

LittleSarah Tue 10-Mar-09 14:01:13

Hi Jacqueline

Great books, I shall be introducing my daughter to them soon!

I wonder if you could tell me what you think could be done to encourage reading (especially for those who maybe find it a struggle) and a love of reading? (Is it good to read a lot and so on...)

And, if you think reading (for pleasure) is important and if so why?



CarrieMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 10-Mar-09 17:28:00

Hi there

We're all very excited both at MN towers and in my house so thanks so much for coming to talk to us. I'm just cross I won't be able to be there at 9pm tonight. So....

A couple of questions - the books all look much the same with the great Nick Sharratt drawings but the subject matter varies widely. Have you thought of having ratings - as you might get on DVD's or at least a bit more warning about subject matter ? My daughter always has your latest book on her wishlist, and has read most of them but I wish I'd read Kiss and Love Lessons before she did, and certainly before she started reading them out loud to Grandma! (she was 9 now 10). I know there's some blurb on the back, but it might be useful to have a - not suitable for younger readers sticker - or something on the book?

Basically, do you ever worry that some of your fans are exposed to some things too early because they just want to read all your books and not all are suitable for all age groups?

Sorry this isn't supposed to sound negative - we love your books. I would though urge parents to make sure they read them too, ideally before your child does (not always easy to wrestle it away I know). It's no hardship as they're a good read and it's useful to be able to talk through some of the issues they raise, having read them.

Thanks again for coming on and keep the books coming!

MayorNaze Tue 10-Mar-09 18:07:01

dammit i cannot be around for The Chat but most trivially i would be very interested to know where do you get your rings? do you buy a new one every time you finish a book?!


(boring question, but i would be interested to know!)are any of your characters or plots inspired by real life people or events?

would you consider writing another tracy beaker book to include more of the tv characters ie bouncer, lol etc? (ds wants to know that!)

i will now gush like a loon and say that i really do love your books and find them very refreshing among what i consider to be quite a futuristic/fantasy dominated childrens lit market. in my very humble opinion.

i will now again retreat from the thread bowing reverently and cursing the fact that real life is preventing me from returning later.

thank you and best wishes for the future

EffiePerine Tue 10-Mar-09 18:09:04

Do you ever get depressed when people (i.e. parents) disapprove of your books? Or are you secretly pleased?

keevamum Tue 10-Mar-09 18:13:11

Hi JW. My DD is a massive fan. She is 8 years old and we have met you in a Basildon school once as well as recntly at a book signing in Maidstone. My DD has read all of your books and her greatest dream is to become a writer. Do you have any advice to a young child on how best to get involved in writing? She has put forward her idea to her school for a school newspaper but they haven't been too keen to help her get one started...are there any other ideas she can pursue? Once my DD is older do you recommend a degree in journalism or more practical experience?
Thanks a lot Keevamum

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