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Live webchat with shadow health secretary Andrew Lansley, Tues 24 Feb, 12-12.45pm

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GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 19-Feb-09 11:11:27

We're welcoming Andrew Lansley as our webchat guest on Tues 24 Feb. He's interested in Mumsnetters' take on the Tories' research about women in labour being turned away from maternity units. Please join us if you can, or post questions in advance if you can't make it on the day.

ScottishMummy Tue 24-Feb-09 12:45:52

chronic shortage of level III NICU cots,due to shortage of Neonatal nurses.inadequate planning and projection meant not enough nurses trained,posts frozen as staff leave,constrained budgets

the clinical impact is huge,the sickest babies being blue lighted across regions to get a cot

will you invest in more training, recruit staff to address this.

cmotdibbler Tue 24-Feb-09 12:48:11

Thanks Andrew - we're always here with an opinion to share if you want to find out what life is like on the ground grin

BoffinMum Tue 24-Feb-09 12:51:03

<leads applause for Andrew>

Maiakins Tue 24-Feb-09 12:52:13

Thank you Andrew for listening to our concerns about the UK's maternity crisis!

rubyslippers Tue 24-Feb-09 12:53:10

thought he was pretty good

thank you Andrew


neenztwinz Tue 24-Feb-09 13:37:41

That was really interesting. I thought Andrew was very good but words are cheap and would the Tories deliver?

The problem the NHS has is it is very hard to make it perfect for every person with every single illness/ailment.

More midwives would be a good start.

I had a wonderful birth - with twins, felt very well cared for from consultant down to student midwife and the care I received postnatally was excellent as was the BFing advice and support I got antenatally and postnatally. So it is not all terrible in today's NHS maternity services.

morningpaper Tue 24-Feb-09 14:12:00

It is interesting to read this sort of debate but it is hard to feel optimistic about the future - whoever wins the next election will have to make massive cuts across the public sector. Cameron has already pledged to cut public services by £5 billion and plenty of people are thinking this is going to be much, much higher. I doubt investment in midwifery is going to be remotely on anyone's radar for quite some time.


Personally, I've had really good experiences in terms of NHS care.

SnowlightMcKenzie Tue 24-Feb-09 16:59:42

Thank you Andrew.

<thought he was good too, and certainly impressed with his fast, accurate typing>

It's a sensible thing for the Tories to be looking at I think. Child-bearing women as a group are a very large section of society/voters.

hunkermunker Thu 26-Feb-09 21:48:11

Thank you, Andrew.

Bit disappointed with the response re bf, but at least I can assume he read my post.

The bit about more intensive health visiting concerns me though - how is that going to be feasible? Employing more health visitors? What bf training will they have? (I know he's gone and this is therefore rhetorical, but hey, posting anyway!).

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