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Alan Johnson, Health secretary, Live webchat here on Weds 16th April 12.20-1.15

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carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 14-Apr-08 21:18:14

Alan Johnson, Labour's Secretary of State for Health, will be here on Weds to answer your questions about the NHS. He's happy to talk about anything health -policy related, but some of the topics he's specifically covering during "health week" are: access to NHS services, hospital cleanliness, midwife provision, and a "personal" NHS offering maximum choice and control over the services they use.

As always, those of you who can't make it on the day can post your questions in advance here. Or grab a sarnie (healthy of course wink) on Weds lunchtime and come and pose your questions in person.

fishie Fri 18-Apr-08 11:18:28

sue seems to be a man in that youtube pic.

FeverishFish Thu 17-Apr-08 14:46:16

i was ill, i TOLD him i was ill.
he was uselss.

no beside manner.

Solitaire Thu 17-Apr-08 14:45:29

ST you don't actually think the minister gives a toss about nurses do you. He can always go to underdevloped countries and nick theirs if the ones hes got go off

SilentTerror Thu 17-Apr-08 12:49:17

Didn't say anything about the threat of nursing jobs being lost though did he?
Nicely avoided that one.

Nbg Thu 17-Apr-08 10:14:16

who's dining room was that?

just being nosey

SquonkTheBeerGuru Thu 17-Apr-08 07:59:18

thank you flossish grin

flossish Thu 17-Apr-08 07:52:20

tis on the home page - got it for you

SquonkTheBeerGuru Thu 17-Apr-08 07:45:43

erm... Justine... those two links take me to the same place. Is that right?

I would like to see the edited version of his answers (I found it a bit hard reading without paragraphs yesterday blush) But both those links seem to take me to the labour party page.


VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 17-Apr-08 00:18:03

Excellent Justine. THe youtube clip was very positive.

Will he be back at all? There were one or two points I feel he didnt answer.

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 16-Apr-08 23:30:42

Hi all,
We've done an edited transcript of Alan Johnson's live chat here.

And you can see the report of it on the Labour party site hwew (though i have to say the pics don't do any of us justice shock).

Bramshott Wed 16-Apr-08 20:24:23

Ooh, ooh he answered my question (and FIRST at that!). Bit of a crappy answer but never mind, at least it means he actually read (or someone read out to him!) what I said and maybe he'll keep thinking about it!

tatt Wed 16-Apr-08 20:15:01

nothing said about allergies, nothing on alternative medicine - pity I couldn't be here today to try and get an answer or to ask if he's had a dental emergency and tried to get treatment recently! I know someone who has and is still waiting to hear anything 10 days on. Meanwhile her gp is having to prescribe antibiotics for the infection.

So he gave better answers but they don't actually translate into action out here in the sticks......

flossish Wed 16-Apr-08 19:38:58

vvv - better than 1.9% though - actually works out apparently at like 2.7 this year, 2.4 the following and 2.2 the third. Not great at the end, but hey, still better than 1.9%! grin

Quattrocento Wed 16-Apr-08 19:21:56

Gosh he's said an awful lot more than David Cameron. And all of it made sense. The Tory King of Smarm never answered anything - well he managed about three posts and all of them were evasive and shifty

I heart Alan Johnson too now

Quattrocento Wed 16-Apr-08 19:21:55

Gosh he's said an awful lot more than David Cameron. And all of it made sense. The Tory King of Smarm never answered anything - well he managed about three posts and all of them were evasive and shifty

I heart Alan Johnson too now

cmotdibbler Wed 16-Apr-08 13:43:30

Yup - I think that too. In the case of all the London hospitals I've been to (and thats a fair few), the bits they show to anyone bear no resemblence to some of the less 'popular' departments. St Thomas' (nice view of the Houses of Parliament across the river) is a very good case in point - the subterranean journey to some departments through corridors filled with stuff is incredible.

Tutter Wed 16-Apr-08 13:40:47

guys, he's gone

VeniVidiVickiQV Wed 16-Apr-08 13:40:40

Yes, like the further 3 deaths at Northwick Park Maternity unit.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Wed 16-Apr-08 13:39:59

If he's fecked off we can discuss this between ourselves surely?
Lots of important points haven't been addressed.

VeniVidiVickiQV Wed 16-Apr-08 13:39:30

8.1% over 3 years?

That's not that fantastic.

Current rate of inflation is 2.5% - yes? So, 2.5% this year, 2.5% the next year, and 2.5% the year after....assuming things remain the same.

Or are my maths totally wrong here?

sfxmum Wed 16-Apr-08 13:39:07

thanks MN HQ very interesting and timely
especially making the point about miscarriage

TheDevilWearsPrimark Wed 16-Apr-08 13:38:40

And another.

My grandparents are both pretty ill. My grandad is recovering from Bowel cancer and my gran has emphysema.

My gran was dishcharged from hospital with a cannula still in her arm and it took two days for a practice nurse to come to their home and remove it. They are frequently let down by health visitors/ social workers who promise them support but give them none. It's hard enough for them to visit when they say they will.

Why would it be that the families are the ones left to care for them and try to chase up test results etc, even just basic care? They are extremely vulnerable but too proud to complain as they are reluctant to accept the health they get. I wonder how many elderly people are in this position who don't have family to look out for them?

TheFallenMadonna Wed 16-Apr-08 13:37:48

I know you had lots of questions, but I really think SALT provision is worth you having a look at. Or at least delegate it to a flunky wink. The waits are too long. Please ensure our children get the help they need before they go to school.

PerkinWarbeck Wed 16-Apr-08 13:37:21

<tries to suppress nascent crush on AJ>

Minerva1 Wed 16-Apr-08 13:37:10

Oh VeniVidiVickiQV I agree with you. HV give the most nonsensical advice in my area too. Always suggest topping up with formula. grrrrr. They all need retraining. If they good and accessible in strong numbers we've vastly cut down trips to GPs for trivial matters and would be better more confident mums.

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