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David Cameron live webchat, Friday 14th March 3.30-4.30

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JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 12-Mar-08 18:54:23

David Cameron is coming back (which is more than we can say for Piers Morgan). The leader of the opposition will be logging on from The Tory party's spring forum in Gateshead this Friday pm, at 3.30. Come along and pose him a question about an issue relevant to you, or if you can't make it on the day, you can post advance questions here.

Monkeybird Wed 12-Mar-08 18:58:37

oh, must I? I'm not sure I can summon the energy...

Jackstini Wed 12-Mar-08 19:04:45

Hi David, please can you comment on maternity benefits.
Although some changes from Labour have extended the overall period of paid maternity leave, the 6 week level has not been addressed for a long time.
It is impossible for me to pay a mortgage on 108 pounds per week so whether this lower amount applies to 6, 9 or 12 months does not help those of us who cannot get past that 6 week barrier.
As the government encourages exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months, (rightly, I believe) we need higher maternity benefits for this period.
We still fall far short of many other countries, Thank you.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Wed 12-Mar-08 19:05:27

I remember him being fairly shite last time. He probably had a whole team of PR and Legal advisors carefully combing his posts before he actually typed them.

RubySlippers Wed 12-Mar-08 19:08:23

Jackstini raises some very important points which i think urgently need addressing

all politicians talk about "change" a lot but what will the Conservatives do, if they get in power which will really change peoples' lives?

mosschops30 Wed 12-Mar-08 19:12:21

I'd like to ask what he plans to do about nurses pay if he gets into power. Will he be offering us an above inflation rate rather than they below inflation staged offer we got from the current government.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Wed 12-Mar-08 19:16:23

Ruby slippers we can ask them that a 1000 times and they will answer but we will never actually know. Just look at how many things Labour have gone back on and we have no way to make them accountable for it.

lalaa Wed 12-Mar-08 19:18:20

fab. won't be able to make it, so here's my question:

What will a Conservative government offer to Mums regarding flexible working? In my experience there are an extraordinary number of mothers who would like to work around school hours but for whom the reality of 'flexible working' practices are that they are anything but. This is, again in my own experience, particularly true for those Mums who worked in mid to higher paying jobs before they had children. A right to request part-time working is not the same as a right to part-time working.

Given that our children need support for reading and homework in the evenings after school, and that in some areas, such as my own, after school homework clubs are not viable due to lack of staff to run them, Mums at my school have no choice but to not work if they are going to be able to support their children adequately. This seems, to me, a huge waste of talent.

I would like to see the Government working with businesses and schools to deliver some joined up thinking in this arena. What say you Mr Cameron?

smallwhitecat Wed 12-Mar-08 19:24:44

Message withdrawn

Kathyis6incheshigh Wed 12-Mar-08 19:24:55

Hey Dave, what music do you like?
(I don't actually give a s*, but I seem to remember that was the only question he bothered to answer properly last time.)

CissyCharlton Wed 12-Mar-08 19:34:00

Dear David,

I grew up in a northern town, was brought up in a working class household and attended a comprehensive school. The economic boom of the 1980's did not seem to reach us. All I remember was real financial struggles, the miners' strike and a general and heartfelt disillusionment with the Tory government of the day. Why did the Tory party not care about my town? Why were public services so terrible, why did many young people feel they had little future before they left school and why did you choose the join a party that only seemed to care about the rich south?

Bubble99 Wed 12-Mar-08 19:34:37

Can I ask him to ask which factory the Millibands are made in? And is there an off switch?

SheikYerbouti Wed 12-Mar-08 19:36:08

rofl at Bubble

Good one!

TheDevilWearsPrimark Wed 12-Mar-08 19:37:12

cissycharlton that is a very fair question but do remember that there are as many people in poverty in the south as there are in the north. Plus where is that big north/south line? It's not Watford Gap thats for sure.

flossish Wed 12-Mar-08 19:37:16

I'd love to know what the conservative proposes to do about nurses pay and conditions? It feels that despite some substantial steps forward under Labour we are now being let down badly. Also how do you feel about the recent pay issues with the police? Did the home secretary behave fairly? (Guess what kind of cliche couple makes up this household?!)

CissyCharlton Wed 12-Mar-08 19:43:45

I hesitated about posting the question tbh Devil, because it's a bit of the self-indulgent side but then couldn't pass up this opportunity. What prompted it was my annoyance that whenever there is a 'review' of the 1980's there always seems to be some reference to London-based Yuppies enjoying the high-life. Having said that I know life was tough in the South for some. They should pose their own questions about that too.

fryalot Wed 12-Mar-08 19:45:35

Mr. Cameron, I have a question about school entry. You have been quoted as saying that you don't have an issue with parents who lie in order to get their child into a better school. Do you stand by your comments, and if so, how do you propose to make the system fairer for everybody so that parents don't feel a need to resort to such underhand tactics.

On a similar note, do you feel that it is fitting for someone in such a powerful position as yourself to openly admit condoning such dishonesty?

fryalot Wed 12-Mar-08 19:46:24

oh yeah, forgot we are supposed to call you Dave. Please forgive my use of your surname.

SheikYerbouti Wed 12-Mar-08 19:50:15

I agree TDWP. We ,live in the South in a town where it is impossible to afford decent housing (either rented or purchased) unless you earn very good money - DP and I have spent the last 4 years living in sub-standard housing because we were unable to afford anything better(ave rent for a 2 bed house somewhere shit is £800+ a month, as for buying, most people under 35 can forget it) We are lucky because we both have good jobs, and it won't be like this forever - but there are many families much worse off than us who will never get out of it What is your take on this situation, Dave? (Can I call you Dave? You can call me Sheiky.)

Rowlers Wed 12-Mar-08 19:50:56

Maternity services have had a bashing in the news recently. What does the conservative party plan to do to improve the quality of maternity care?

pruners Wed 12-Mar-08 19:51:19

Message withdrawn

Bubble99 Wed 12-Mar-08 19:52:26

Get rid of all of the meaningless public sector jobs/salaries used to monitor the current govs meaningless targets.

Then put that money towards front line salaries.

bossykate Wed 12-Mar-08 19:57:44

lalaa, if my experience last time is anything to go by, he will dodge the question of flexible working for fear of alienating business. ok fine. have a webchat with cbi members then hmm.

avenanap Wed 12-Mar-08 20:05:21

I emailed David Cameron a few weeks ago to ask him why the joining fee was the same anount for different sectors of society and what help would his party offer to families of gifted children considering they and other special needs children are expensive (books etc). Some woman from his party emailed back and totally avoided answering my question. angry

I like you David, I may vote for you but I need straight answers, there are alot of children who are unhappy in state schools because they have specific needs that the state can not cater for. What would your party do to support these children? A Comprehensive education is not the best for every child. There are alot of bright children placed in classes where the teachers are too busy doing crowd control then teaching. This is a waste of talent. What will your party do for these children?

Bubble99 Wed 12-Mar-08 20:07:13

Flexible working can only work if a business can accommodate it, surely? There couldn't be a hard and fast rule, could there? I imagine there would have to be so many exceptions as to make it unworkable?

How does it work at the moment? I'm sure an employee has a good case against an employer if they can't show genuine reasons why it won't work. Can an employee currently go to a tribunal with a case of unreasonably refused flexi- working?

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