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Live chat with Zita West, Monday 12 November, 1pm

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OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 07-Nov-07 11:27:16

We're delighted to announce that Zita West will be here for an online chat with Mumsnetters next Monday 12 November.

Zita is a practicing midwife, acupuncturist and nutritional advisor. She worked in the NHS for over 20 years and then in 2002, she set up the Zita West clinic, a multi-disciplinary practice that uses evidence-based complementary therapies for fertility and pregnancy.

Zita will be joining us for an hour on Monday at 1 o'clock, so grab a sarnie, get your questions ready and join us then.

If for some strange reason, you can't be here (and we hope you've got a very good excuse) then please post any advance questions here.

Thanks, MNHQ

OracleInaCoracle Mon 12-Nov-07 12:54:41

wink <puts kettle on and fetches cakes from tea shop>

Sheherazadethegoat Mon 12-Nov-07 12:54:56

pmsl @ lissie

justjules Mon 12-Nov-07 12:55:45

takes seat next to lissie and lulu grin

ZitaWest Mon 12-Nov-07 12:59:53

Hello everyone. Thanks so much for inviting me - delighted to be here, and thank you for all your questions. I will try to answer as many as I can but am of course limited with the time allowed. Thanks again...


OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 12-Nov-07 12:59:58

Hi all

Just a quick post to welcome Zita West. grin We're delighted that she's here and know that she'll try and answer as many questions as possible, during the time available.

Over to you Zita….

Lulumama Mon 12-Nov-07 13:00:09

<<waves at ruby... offers jules a flapjack.. waits patiently..>>

willow Mon 12-Nov-07 13:00:12

Is there any hope for you if you've been diagnosed with premature ovarian failure?

Lulumama Mon 12-Nov-07 13:00:26

hello zita

ZitaWest Mon 12-Nov-07 13:00:28

Hi Jules
Fertility is greatly reduced during breast-feeding. The breast-feeding hormone prolactin keeps the ovaries suppressed, preventing ovulation, As the number of breast-feeds is reduced (during weaning) then over time the ovaries will become more active again allowing ovulation to happen and fertility to return. Although it is possible to get pregnant while still breast-feeding, for many women fertility does not return until after breast-feeding has been stopped completely and often for a month or so later.

Breast-feeding twice a day is quite likely to mean that you are still producing enough of the breast-feeding hormone to be suppressing your ovulation. Some women will ovulate before they have their first period after breast-feeding, but it is quite possible to have a period without ovulating. It can take several cycles after stopping breast-feeding for full fertility to return. So the answer is - if you want to conceive as soon as possible - you may need to reduce your breast-feeds further. Try cutting down to one feed per day. This may be enough to allow return of fertility. If not - then cut out the final feed. It may still take several months to conceive after stopping breast-feeding - again this is completely normal.

Check that your weight is within normal limits (not significantly higher or lower than when you conceived before) as this can be another reason for delayed fertility after breast-feeding. If you are concerned - then do discuss this with your doctor.

RubySlippers Mon 12-Nov-07 13:01:34

<<Hi lulu>>

ZitaWest Mon 12-Nov-07 13:04:41

Hi Willow..I am the eternal optomist but also a realist. I have seen some women who have been diagnosed and have to say in a few cases they have gone on to conceive. Others have considered egg donation. You want to feel that you've done everything you can so I look at lifestyle, emotional wellbeing and counseling but of course every case is different.

willow Mon 12-Nov-07 13:06:58

Thanks Zita - have thyroid problem and, by look of things, reactive hypolgycemia too - specialist has told me that am a bit of a mess genetically and that these things often go hand in hand, so won't hold my breath.

ZitaWest Mon 12-Nov-07 13:07:16

Hi Lulumama - thanks so much for your post - so thrilled that everything worked out for you in the end! Zita

cbcb Mon 12-Nov-07 13:08:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OracleInaCoracle Mon 12-Nov-07 13:08:30

pants, i have to go, but can i add another question to my earlier one please:

Zita, my consultant has also implied that my problems conceiving and carrying is down to my childhood anorexia (from 6-14 and i have managable bouts now) is this possible? or do you think it might be down to the GBS/bad luck?

feb Mon 12-Nov-07 13:08:42

Hi Zita,
since having ds 10 months ago my periods have been irregular, and while i understand this is normal, my concern is that they get longer and longer by a few days every cycle. last cycle was 47 days. is this anything to be concerned about?
I am 26 and was on the pill for 10 years before having ds, got pregnant while on the pill!
many thanks

minxi Mon 12-Nov-07 13:11:19


I wonder if you can help me - I came off the depo injection last one was November 2004. My periods resumed properly August 2006, had tests Nov 2006 which were all fine. Saw a consultant March 2007 who prescribed clomid as lp was shorter. My husband had all the tests too which came back normal.

Have finished the clomid now as periods are 28/29 days. But still no joy. I do have two ds which both took about 10 months to conceive. The youngest is now over 4 and have effectively been trying since January 2005...

any advice would be greatly received!!


ZitaWest Mon 12-Nov-07 13:11:29

Hi Cathkidston
First pregnancies are an anxious time for many women. Especially when you hear everyone else's horror stories. The best way to help with anxiety is to be able to talk. So it's important that you make contact with your midwife and talk through your fears. If that's not available for you then consider counseling via your GP or privately. Being prepared and understanding the process is also important so good ante-natal classes will help you with this. You could also try relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation or hypnosis which is used a lot for preparation for birth these days.

LittleSquirt Mon 12-Nov-07 13:16:27

Hi Zita! I was on the pill for 13 years, stopped last April and fell pregnant immediately. Unfortunately I had a Missed miscarriage discovered during a scan end of June. I had an ERPC early July and have been TTC since but without any luck so far. My cycles since have been 27, 29, 27 days which seems pretty normal. Could it be that I am finding it difficult to conceive again because the pill is still in my system somehow or does the fact that my cycles are now back to normal indicate that it is all out of my system?

Thank you!

Holly78 Mon 12-Nov-07 13:16:30

Hi Zita,
I'm had my iud (copper) removed last week does it take time for your body to get back to normal or will i be able to get pg straight away? i'm a litttle worried the iud may have caused damage to my cervix as i suffered a lot of pain with it and since its been out have a constant dull ache down my thighs,could this cause problems for me? thanks Holly.

Holly78 Mon 12-Nov-07 13:17:09

Hi Zita,
I'm had my iud (copper) removed last week does it take time for your body to get back to normal or will i be able to get pg straight away? i'm a litttle worried the iud may have caused damage to my cervix as i suffered a lot of pain with it and since its been out have a constant dull ache down my thighs,could this cause problems for me? thanks Holly.

ZitaWest Mon 12-Nov-07 13:18:33

Hi yogabug
I'm sorry to hear your history. Age is a big factor here but having said that you have conceived quite recently. The terminations you've had have affected you on a deep level and I think it would be very useful for you to have some counseling or hypnotherapy to try and help you move on. This is not uncommon. So many women I see at the clinic have experienced the same thing but a good counsellor will help you find a way forward. IVF is not an option for you as the success rates are very low for women your age. Your best chance is if you can is to try to get pregnant naturally. Your belief that you can get pregnant is very powerful and positive.

mimimimi Mon 12-Nov-07 13:20:37

hi zita,
thanks for coming onto mumsnet.
in case you were able to read my earlier post, would greatly value your advice.
thanks so much,

cedar12 Mon 12-Nov-07 13:22:53

I have had 2 ectopic pg. Since 2nd ectopic my period were very light and brownish in colour. since started accupunture period seem to be getting back to normal. My accupunturist has said my period before could have been causing a prob could this be a true. I have 1 daughter who was concieved no probs and I am 28. They said my remaining tube is in pretty good condition but I still had another ectopic. Any advise about concieving after an ectopic? Thanks

sarahnh Mon 12-Nov-07 13:23:24

Hi zita i posted this earlier but since you are on line now, i thought i would ask again!!

I'm 32 and ttc #2 I have been trying for 11 months but no joy yet. My periods have been quite regular 29/31 days but for the last couple of months they have got longer and longer 36/37. I seem to have alot of cramping in the second part of the cycle too. I am 5ft 8inches and weigh 8st 2lbs.. am i too light to concieve? Any advice would be greatly appreciated !!!

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