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Webchat with Jacqueline Wilson, Friday 12 October, 12.30pm Post a question for a chance to win a signed copy of her latest book

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 09-Oct-18 10:53:26

We're thrilled that award-winning author Jacqueline Wilson is joining us for a live webchat on Friday. Jacqueline needs little introduction - she’s one of Britain’s best selling and most beloved children’s author.

Her latest novel My Mum Tracy Beaker marks the return of one of her most treasured characters. The Story of Tracy Beaker had a ground breaking impact on children’s books when it was was first published in 1991 and since then over 3.5 million Tracy Beaker books have been sold and the TV adaptation was CBBC’s most successful programme ever.

In her latest novel, Tracy returns as Mum to daughter Jess. Jess and Tracy Beaker aretheperfect team. Jess thinks Tracy is the best mum ever; Tracy is fun and daring, but she also works hard to give Jess the family home she desperately wanted when growing up in the Dumping Ground. Their flat might be a bit mouldy but it’s their happy home.

But when Sean Godfrey –Tracy’s rich new boyfriend – comes onto the scene, Jess is worried things are going to change. What if Sean wants to turn Jess’s brilliant mum into a new person altogether? Sean’s superstar mansion and fancy cars might have been Tracy’s childhood dream, but maybe the Beakers’ perfect home was right in front of them all along…

We have a SIGNED copy up for one lucky winner who posts a question for Jacqueline before or during the chat. If you've can't join us but have questions for Jacqueline, please post your questions here. Ditto if you want to post on behalf of your children. She'll aim to get through as many as possible during the chat.

Cotswoldmama Tue 09-Oct-18 19:26:53

Jaqueline Wilson was my favourite childhood author. I wrote to her a few times and I have her lovely illustrated replies still. I'm not sure what questions I asked at the time but know I would like to know how does she start a story? Does she have it all planned out and know the ending from the start or does it maybe start with a character and gradually evolve?

ohidoliketobe Tue 09-Oct-18 20:11:11

Another childhood fan here, I've passed on my love for Jacqueline onto my now 10 year old niece and can't wait until my own children are old enough to enjoy her wonderful stories.
I remember Jacqueline visiting my local library during a book tour probably around 1996... one thing that sticks vividly in my mind were the most amazing chunky silver rings she wore on each finger!
My question - are there any characters you would love to revisit but haven't really found the right narrative to do so?

PrincessOnTheInternet Tue 09-Oct-18 20:48:42

Another longtime fan here! smile Jacqueline Wilson got me through many long days at hospital. My question is: when creating a character, what is the process you go through, and how do you flesh that character out to make them unique, 'human' characters, not just stereotyped/cut and paste characters?

Bookeditpackedit Tue 09-Oct-18 20:56:51

LOVE this lady - I spent my childhood reading her books and now my daughter reads them! My question is which book/character did you enjoy writing the most and why?

Bookridden Tue 09-Oct-18 21:03:32

Both DD and I are big fans. I'd like to know which modern children's writers Jackie admires most, and what adult writers does she consider unmissable? Thank you.

EsmeeMerlin Tue 09-Oct-18 21:22:37

Are there any other characters you would like to revisit as adults?

I loved all of the books as a child.

Goposie Tue 09-Oct-18 21:29:12

How do you think life is different for your target audience today compared to when you first started writing? What advice would you give girls?

MamaMumMama Tue 09-Oct-18 21:41:22

Jacqueline I want to say thank you for all of your amazing books, they are so refreshing and I love the imperfect characters! They are comforting for children to relate to in this less than perfect world. My question is what made you want to keep it 'Real' rather than go with stereotypical characters? Did you own childhood influence your writing?

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Tue 09-Oct-18 21:42:19

Do you still get as much enjoyment out of writing now as you did when you were first published?

I loved Jacqueline Wilson's books when I was growing up & it's great seeing my eldest dc(8) getting just as much enjoyment out of them now, both the title's that were mine as a child & the many that have been published since smile

RedPandaMama Tue 09-Oct-18 22:06:47

Lifelong fan here! Read Jacqueline Wilson books throughout my childhood obsessively. My favourites were the Girls series (really helped me out with all the 'becoming a teenager' stuff) and The Illustrated Mum.

My question is - would you consider writing sequels to any of your teen books that are aimed at adults?
And by that I mean I NEED TO KNOW what Ellie, Nadine and Magda are up to in adulthood!

Reaa Tue 09-Oct-18 22:27:05

My DD would love to win the signed book so my question is

Have you ever cried, while writing a storyline, for a character in any of your books?
I cried reading dustbin baby

AdaColeman Tue 09-Oct-18 22:48:30

A popular Mumsnet thread is about our childhood fictional "crushes", mine was Marcus from The Eagle of the Ninth!
Who was your girlhood fictional crush Jacqueline?

blueelephant91 Wed 10-Oct-18 02:28:29

Jacqueline Wilson inspired me with reading, my literacy skills at school were very poor and although I tried I never found any books excited me. Then I started to read Jacqueline's books and my desire to read came from there. I absolutely loved every single book! I'm now a primary school teacher and love nothing more than reading my class a good book!
My question - when you were a child did you enjoy reading? Which author or book was your favourite?

Chocolala Wed 10-Oct-18 08:26:44

Which of your books would you recommend giving first to 6 year old girl who is an avid reader? smile

randomwoman123 Wed 10-Oct-18 09:58:07

Hi Jackie!!! My daughter Lizzie, aged 9, would like to ask:

*In the new book, is Tracy's daughter as naughty as Tracy was?
She actually had a couple of other questions too (is there a cliffhanger, is it sad, will there be a sequel...), but I had to limit her to one. She's very excited about the new book and says it is very weird to think of Tracy grown up and with a daughter of her own.

cuddlymunchkin Wed 10-Oct-18 12:57:38

A little inspired by Tracy meeting her wealthy beau - how do you like to enjoy your wealth? As in, do you just like the security of a big bank balance, do you indulge in super expensive jewellery, have you gone for amazing experiences such as a helicopter ride or a safari?

InglouriousBasterd Wed 10-Oct-18 14:02:29

Hi Jackie! My daughter absolutely loves your books and is massively inspired by you to become a writer - she’s already starting (age 8!)

Are there any characters you have written who have really resonated or moved you? Any personal favourites?

thebeeskneereplacement Wed 10-Oct-18 14:31:29

Hi. My DD's are in South Africa and love your books. They each have a question.

1. Have you or would you ever write about a character who is a member of the LGBT+ community.

2. Would you consider basing a book in South Africa or have a South African character?


allthingsred Wed 10-Oct-18 15:01:48

These are from my 9 yo who loves your books.
You have written a lot of different characters. Who is your favourite & why?
My favourite book is the story of tracey beaker. But I didn't really like reading before this i thought it was hard. Have you always liked reading? & what's your favourite book ever?

BinkyNic Wed 10-Oct-18 15:09:57

My daughter loves your books and chose you for her homework last week, when they had to choose someone that they would like to write a biography about and come up with some questions.
One of her questions was as follows.
"If you ever decide to give up writing, is there anything else you would like to do?"

asuwere Wed 10-Oct-18 15:30:56

I sometimes feel sad when I finish reading a book as I'll miss the characters; do you feel sad when you finish writing a book or are you glad you can move on to a new idea?

SuperLoudPoppingAction Wed 10-Oct-18 16:59:25

How much was your awareness of life for girls and women determined by your early work for DC Thompson? Even your very early books have so much about fear of sexual violence, postnatal depression etc that you clearly explored further in later work. Was this an intentional decision? Or more about issues that spoke to you as you wrote.

LikeaMeteorite Wed 10-Oct-18 17:14:47

I'm a huge fan myself, Jacqueline, and have tracked down some of your earlier books. Can I ask, when and why did you decide to change your style from the more traditional literary voice to the very popular, chattier voice of your later books? I wonder if it was a conscious decision to make your books more accessible, or some other reason? I've enjoyed everything of yours I've read very much, both old style and more modern - they always have such empathetic insight into the characters' lives.

Thanks so much for attending the web chat; I look forward to reading your replies even if you're not able to answer my question.

scrappydappydoo Wed 10-Oct-18 19:21:37

My dd is a big fan. She would like to know which one of your own books is your favourite?

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