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JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 15-Sep-16 15:25:59


We’re pleased to announce a webchat with the leader of the Labour Party (and candidate in the current leadership election) Jeremy Corbyn MP on Monday 19 September at 2pm.

Jeremy has been MP for Islington North since 1983, and before 2015 was best known as a rebellious backbencher and chair of the Stop the War coalition. His leadership of Labour over the past year has inspired enthusiastic support as well as attracting sustained criticism. Among other things, he’s taken a new crowd-sourced approach to Prime Minister’s Questions, opposed military intervention in Syria and proposed the renationalisation of the railways.

His last webchat on Mumsnet (alongside fellow leadership candidate in 2015, Liz Kendall) featured lively discussions about socialism, electability and the provenance of Jeremy’s vests (Holloway Road market, since you ask).

Please do join the chat on Monday at 2, or if you can’t make it, leave a question here in advance. If you know people who you think would like to ask Jeremy a question, do please share the link around on social media too.

(If you’re interested in our webchat with the other Labour leadership candidate Owen Smith, take a look here .)

As always, please do keep in mind our webchat guidelines - one question each, follow-ups if there’s time and above all, keep it civil [taps nose like that geezer Shaw Taylor in Police 5] (Horribly showing my age there).

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HairyLittlePoet Sun 18-Sep-16 11:00:15

Hello Jeremy

This week, Dennis Parsons, the Chairman of Cheltenham Liberal Democrats, proposed that school careers officers should be able to promote prostitution to school leavers as a career choice.
He is in favour of full decriminalisation of the sex trade, just like you!

My question is this:
Jeremy, are you also in favour of presenting children with the career opportunity of prostitution and presumably pimping too? (They would probably need example job descriptions, typical tasks, career progression and key performance indicators to properly evaluate their career choice options.)

If sex work and those who profit from the prostitution of women - pimps, traffickers and the like - are to be as valid as any other career by legalising all aspects, then shouldn't we as a society have the courage of our convictions and begin by presenting the next generation with this brilliant and profitable life choice?

Or have you perhaps carefully reconsidered your stance since March and now see the benefits to exploited women and girls of adopting the Nordic Model?

OutwiththeOutCrowd Sun 18-Sep-16 11:42:10

Thank you for joining us on Mumsnet, Jeremy.

Given your interest in ‘bottom up’ politics, I was wondering if you have long-term plans to develop a version of the Swiss system of direct democracy?

I understand that you would like to see Labour members more closely involved in decision-making at party level, but would you be in favour of similar powers for the electorate as a whole should you be asked to form a government?

On a lighter note, if you are Compo from Last of the Summer Wine (rather homespun-looking leftie OAP who finds himself embroiled in surreal escapades not entirely of his own making) and John McDonnell is Clegg (expressive eyebrows), could Owen Smith complete the trio as Foggy? He certainly seems keen as mustard to be put in charge of some manoeuvres. Assuming he could eventually be persuaded to accept an olive branch, would you have a role for him or is he not grizzled/left wing enough to join the gang?

Absy Sun 18-Sep-16 13:52:20

Please answer SpookyRachel's question (and maybe listen to Howard jacobson on the history of Zionism). It is a terrifying time to be a Jew in Europe (I see the attacks in France like at the kosher supermarket and it chills my blood) and having a major political party support such views is horrifying. Ironically, it makes me want to make aliyah tomorrow

PenguinsAreAce Sun 18-Sep-16 14:40:30

What is leadership?

raestory Sun 18-Sep-16 15:14:06

Hi Jeremy,

I support many of your policies, but as a former prostitute whose life has been near destroyed and who still suffers from severe mental health problems as a direct result of prostitution, your belief in full decriminalisation (the decriminalisation of the prostitution industry) I cannot.

Why, as a purported socialist, do you support the free market, neoliberal policy of industry decriminalisation, designed to give extra space and movement for mega brothel 'wealth creators' and to increase the abilities of the industry to further hack in to the 'resource' of poor women, women of colour and migrant women for the sexual use of middle class, white men? Why, as a purported socialist, do you think the utilisation of poor women as a sexual resource is 'a private matter'? Why are you seemingly unaware of the poor result of the Germany and New Zealand models in reducing murders of prostitutes as it aligns with the increased wealth creation of business pimps? And are you aware of the research that demonstrates how few people in prostitution 'unions' actually represent, how commonly they are littered with brothel 'madams' and agency pimps, and occasions of 'activists' - such as Alejandro Gil who lobbied for Amensty to decriminalise brothels - having been convicted of human trafficking?

Will you look neutrally at the research and talk with survivors of prostitution in informing your position and will you consider a policy of offering specific support services for women wishing to exit prostitution, in obtaining access to temporary housing, social security and mental health treatment? For those women like me, and many friends I have known, who do wish to leave prostitution behind, who have considered suicide as a way of escape and who cannot be supported by pro full decrim organisations who refuse to help in exiting as it does not fit with their political agenda?

many thanks,
Rae Story

MatildaOfTuscany Sun 18-Sep-16 16:13:29

Stands up and applauds Rae. (My MP, one of those on the Momentum hit list, listened when I raised tgese concerns and took it up with the relevant government minister - exactly the sort of thing an opposition MP should be doing).


Apulina Sun 18-Sep-16 16:25:19

Will you reconsider your views on decriminalisation of prostitution?
I am a big supporter of you, but find it hard to reconcile this with being a woman and a feminist.
The majority of women wish to leave the industry, please don't listen to the pimp lobby / minority of high end workers and validate the abuse of women. Decriminalisation would send a message for all of society that sex and women's bodies are something to be sold. Women in prostitution have PTSD comparable to former combat soldiers and torture victims. Enthusiastic consent is the bar we set for consensual sex. If one party has to suspend their sexuality for the sexual pleasure of another that is not true consent.
Navigating society as it is for women and girls is already traumatic. Do not make it worse. We need you on board.

Ta1kinPeace Sun 18-Sep-16 17:23:48

Dear Jeremy,

as a rich, white, male Londoner
who has never done a days work in his life in business
and is against the EU

how do you propose reaching out to the parts of the population who have not signed up for your leadership election ?

UptownFlunk Sun 18-Sep-16 17:34:58

Jeremy, when are you going to understand that you can be a good person, with good ideals and yet do something irrevocably harmful? A hard left Labour Party will never be elected in this country - you only have to read our history to know this. I lived through the Thatcher years and saw only the harm that flirting with the hard left did to the Labour Party. We are a country with a rabidly right wing press, it doesn't matter what you do to try to counteract this, you will never be able to unless something is done to change the rules governing ownership of newspapers; and who is going to do this unless you get into power - the Tories, who benefit from the status quo? The Labour Party as it stands is not electable and to keep denying this is to allow the Tories to decimate the public services in this country, including the NHS, which you claim to love so much. An 'idealogically pure' Labour Party that cannot get into power is not fit for purpose.

My husband and I are lifelong Labour voters. If you are re-elected leader of the Party we will be voting Liberal Democrat at the next election, I doubt we are the only ones.

Morsecode Sun 18-Sep-16 17:41:56

What is your favourite brand of secateurs?

Don't you want a proper mobile phone now the world has moved on?

... can't think of any more that would be up to par.

Woodifer Sun 18-Sep-16 19:34:37

Hi Jeremy

Paid £25 for pleasure of voting for you in the leadership election . really wanted to let you know that I'd be super happy for Labour to enter into coalition with the Greens (and other progressives) - what are your thoughts on that?

elgol Sun 18-Sep-16 19:35:25

Jeremy, I have voted everytime I could since I turned 18. That was 25 years ago. I need convincing to vote for a labour party led by you because as things stand, my vote will go elsewhere. It is not a comfortable feeling.

So please could you let me know if you have any interest in attracting the vote of people who do not fall into these categories:

Members of the Labour Party
People who currently do not vote

I fall in a sector I feel you despise, aka middle England. You appear to have no interest in this group and as such I question why we should be interested in you.

Corcory Sun 18-Sep-16 19:55:09

Can you tell me which of the following you would prefer the government to fight for continued inclusion in the single market or a free trade deal with the EU?

HyacinthFuckit Sun 18-Sep-16 20:04:12

Why do you think the indigenous population of the Falklands don't have the right to full self-determination?

Lemoncakeuk Sun 18-Sep-16 20:06:35

With the current debacle that is Concentrix still not being solved, will you be tackling the use of private companies within the public sector such as Atos, Capita, Maximus etc and get those services brought back in house following their assessment failures? People are REALLY struggling; there are HUGE issues with the tactics these companies use.
People need support and they need it now! Will they have it from you?

Broody1976 Sun 18-Sep-16 20:10:51

As others have asked, my question is - do you actually want a Labour government? Or are you happy to just be a not very effective opposition?

An aside is - where were you during the EU ref campaign? Why were you so happy to not campaign for what the Labour Party stood for?

As a former labour voter (& EU migrant now with 22 years of UK residency) I blame you for the vote result. You did NOTHING to promote the pros of Remain.

TheForeignOffice Sun 18-Sep-16 20:16:24

How would you propose to tackle the very significant increase in racism and associated hate crimes that have been reported in the immediate aftermath of the EU Referendum? Thank you.

Simurgh Sun 18-Sep-16 20:33:34

Thank you for taking part in this webchat.

Cast your mind to Scotland, formerly a bulwark of your vote but where you currently have a disillusioned public, a largely unelectable party and a local Labour party leader who is trailing very significantly behind the local Conservative leader in personal support.

What plans do you have for Scotland, Wales and other places outside London?

Rosenwyn1985 Sun 18-Sep-16 20:38:30

Would you support greater power for people to be rid of their MP, And call for a local election, should they behave in a fashion unbecoming to their position? I'm thinking dodgy expenses, close relationship with conflicted interests etc. Why are these people allowed to continue representing us when they are so clearly morally lacking!

p.s. you've got my vote despite what my union wants (usdaw). I might not always agree with you but it's nice to have someone honest! Oh, what's your favourite biscuit? smile

Bananagio Sun 18-Sep-16 20:42:43

What are your views on a Progressive Alliance? I am a left winger with similar views to you (although I am a passionate Remainer) but I want a progressive government in 2020 more than I want all my personal political boxes ticked. Can you envisage being part of a Progressive Alliance and if not why not? Thanks.

LotisBlue Sun 18-Sep-16 21:10:53

Id also like to know the answer to bananagio's question

0phelia Sun 18-Sep-16 22:36:51

Hi JC.

The biggest disappointment after your initial landslide win has been Tom Watson. I expected more support from him.

I suspect you and many of your colleagues have personal differences but your new brand of Labour has reached out to an unprecedented high volume of support simply never seen in politics. You cannot ignore the numbers in Labour membership increase, and how stadium sized venues are filling out to hear you speak. I understand why you cannot resign. You are committed to democracy and a very principled man. There is a clear undeniable left wing movement taking place across our country and it's all in your hands, Jeremy.

I am interested in an honest answer to the issue of mandatory reselection of MPs.

Will you be introducing this process?

(FWIW I believe this will be the only way to pull Labour back to the left and save our country).

Saxie007 Sun 18-Sep-16 22:38:28

The country, across the political spectrum, need a labour leader who is intelligent, dynamic and charismatic enough to win over the centeristic non-die hard labour votes. I know you have lots of supporters but do you hold any appeal at all to the voters that will win you an election?

By all accounts your media performance is not good enough to inspire people and it is critical at this point in history that labour are inspirational and can hold the government fully to account, or Labour are dead as a party. If that is what you want then feel free to continue, but if not then for goodness sake let someone who can effectively communicate the labour ideals of honesty, fairness and equality, lead the party, in order to prevent any more austerity or other new vindictive and spiteful policies the Tories have up their sleeves.

For goodness sake, permanent opposition is not good enough, your legacy will be nothing but a full stop in the history of the Labour Party. And possibly the last chapter.

Go, for all our sakes, you may have been the future once but your time is not now. You missed the boat.

WuTangFlan Sun 18-Sep-16 22:39:55

Can you give me some clear reasons why you think I should I vote Labour and not Lib Dem? Thanks.

Gazelda Sun 18-Sep-16 23:03:30

What was your political ambition 5 years ago? have you progressed towards achieving your ambition?

Also, have you had a mentor during your political career? If you have, has it been the same person/people or a moveable feast?

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