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Piers Morgan online now

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JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 04-Oct-06 17:00:44

Hello all,
Piers Morgan, former Editor of the Daily Mirror and News of the World, and now Executive Editor of First News, a weekly newspaper aimed at 9-12 year olds, is coming to Mumsnet for an online chat on Tuesday 10th October at 12.30pm. So make sure you make a note in your diary to log on and post a question. If you can't make the actual event do post your question in advance here. Whilst he can't promise to answer every one he'll do what he can (and we reckon he should be able to type quite fast being a journo and all that).

cowmod Wed 04-Oct-06 17:00:56



cowmod Wed 04-Oct-06 17:01:30

he is odious yet attractive
a little like tony soprano but wihtout he easy access to pork products

Neena28 Wed 04-Oct-06 17:01:37

He's brave!!

Enid Wed 04-Oct-06 17:01:53

he is a ginger though

cowmod Wed 04-Oct-06 17:01:59

has he any speeding fines i can help him wiht


Enid Wed 04-Oct-06 17:02:44

now tony soprano...

I would

cowmod Wed 04-Oct-06 17:03:14

i woudl too
saad sad sad
even wiht that nasty scar.

Neena28 Wed 04-Oct-06 17:03:48

ha ha does being ginger make you brave then enid???

hoxtonchick Wed 04-Oct-06 17:04:19

with you on t soprano. does that make us all weird?

CountessDracula Wed 04-Oct-06 17:04:25

a ginger?

codMorgan Wed 04-Oct-06 17:04:31

damien lewis too.

i knwo its odd. Mr morgans book was lent to my haridresser. my hairdresser liked it

Enid Wed 04-Oct-06 17:04:40

yes although that scar must


hamper the process

Enid Wed 04-Oct-06 17:05:01


CountessDracula Wed 04-Oct-06 17:05:02

I love piers moron too

Loved his book it made me pmsl

codMorgan Wed 04-Oct-06 17:05:03

but he is a david essex look alike.
now back to mr morgan.

what shall we ask him?

intergalacticwalrus Wed 04-Oct-06 17:05:06

I read his book "The Insider" recently. Bloody brill it was.

I'd do Piers Morgan too, even though he is, as you say, odious

CountessDracula Wed 04-Oct-06 17:05:35

has he shagged fifi?

do his kids think he is a twat?

Enid Wed 04-Oct-06 17:05:38

Was Aa gills wife on drugs that time in the restaurant?

southeastastralplain Wed 04-Oct-06 17:05:44

we should get him to make a headline for a classic mn thread

hoxtonchick Wed 04-Oct-06 17:05:53

reckon he'll quite like this thread

intergalacticwalrus Wed 04-Oct-06 17:06:24

She must have been Enid. She sounds like she's a bit barmy

CountessDracula Wed 04-Oct-06 17:06:45

Yeah he seems like a right laugh I bet he would

Ooh maybe I should ask him for a job

flutterbeehatinghalloween Wed 04-Oct-06 17:06:47

First cod tries to get everyone wearing city shorts, now she is lusting after Piers.

I can not believe that still some MNers try to convince me she has taste.

mousiemousie Wed 04-Oct-06 17:07:09

What exactly makes an editor of the Mirror & the NOTW a sensible person to edit a paper for 9-12 year olds????

Not a good marketing ploy; he should have changed his name imo. How bizarre. Will there be a topless 10 year old page?

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