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Scottish Referendum debate: Alistair Darling and Alex Salmond, Wednesday September 10th, 1.45-2.45pm

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JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 09-Sep-14 08:35:59

Hi all,

We're delighted to announce that Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling will both be joining us on Mumsnet this Wednesday at 1.45pm, to take part in a live debate in the lead-up to the Scottish Referendum on September 18th.

The decision with which Scottish voters are faced this month constitutes a significant moment in the history - and future - of Scotland and the UK. And with polls currently predicting a result that's too close to call, this final showdown between the two leaders could potentially prove decisive.

The debate will be conducted along typical Mumsnet webchat lines, but with each guest free to question and respond to the answers of the other. We know the referendum has been a topic of serious discussion on the site (we're currently on IndyRef thread number seven - and counting ...) so in order to ensure that the leaders answer your questions, we're restricting the ability to post to Mumsnetters who'd been members of the site for more than 24 hours before the launch of this thread. Otherwise, the usual guidelines apply.

Please join us on Wednesday at 1.45pm - and if you can't make it then, as ever, do post up any comments or questions in advance.

daisyfraser Fri 19-Sep-14 07:36:17

Well done all No voters!! - common sense has prevailed.

We Scots now have the government we voted for.

Thanks MN for the debate.
Cheers from Edinburgh

ArcheryAnnie Thu 18-Sep-14 13:09:29

Greengardenpixie where did anyone say different? I'm saying you've been lied to.

If you disagree, what do you have to say about the Trident issue? The SNP pushing it as an issue, but also saying they want to join NATO. If that isn't a blatant move to get anti-nuclear campaigners to do the SNP's work for them (as Scottish CND have done) while still being pro-nuclear weapons for all practical purposes, I don't know what is.

EarthWindFire Thu 18-Sep-14 08:58:03


StatisticallyChallenged Thu 18-Sep-14 08:29:10


It's a vote, not an orgasm.

Greengardenpixie Thu 18-Sep-14 00:22:43

Yes, I agree most of the Yes campaigners are cannon fodder for Salmond's masterplan

total and utter crap - sorry! We do have a mind of our own!!
All i have to say is i hope we do get yes tomorrow. This thread shows exactly why i am voting.
YES YES YES YES!!!! it totally and utterly confirms it in my mind. Thanks!

flippinada Tue 16-Sep-14 21:33:04

Apologies, wrong thread.

flippinada Tue 16-Sep-14 21:32:03

I thought GB came across pretty well. I actually can't bear to watch AS, I'm afraid.

ChelsyHandy Tue 16-Sep-14 21:07:05

Yes, I agree most of the Yes campaigners are cannon fodder for Salmond's masterplan.

ArcheryAnnie Tue 16-Sep-14 20:55:45

The people I know who are voting yes - and who are ardent yes campaigners - are mostly doing so because they want a better life, not just for themselves, but for their neighbours. They see themselves as permanently getting rid of a nasty Tory government and ushering in, if not a new socialist utopia, then at least a kinder, better, more just Scotland.

I think Salmond is going to sell them down the river, having used them as foot soldiers for the independence movement. The latest thing that has made me think this is that I hadn't realised notorious homophobe Sir Brian Souter was one of the the SNP's biggest donors.

This is the man that Salmond called " one of the outstanding entrepreneurs of his generation". Souter has given huge sums to anti-gay campaigns, and huge sums to both the SNP and to the yes campaign.

I also think a social justice paradise isn't going to be ushered in by a man like Salmond who is so close to Murdoch. (And I think it's hilarious that yes campaigners are going after the evil, evil BBC and leaving Murdoch, that paragon of unbiased reporting, alone.)

And, of course, those (including Scottish CND) who have been campaigning for independence because they want an nuclear-free Scotland have already been sold out by Salmond's stated desire to join NATO, thus keeping Scotland under the nuclear umbrella wherever Trident ends up.

Spiritedwolf Tue 16-Sep-14 19:40:11

from Bath... lets not forget he decries English ownership of the Scottish media... and tells people who live in Scotland how to vote from Bath.

Wings over Bath
The Wee Blue Bath Book

I don't have a problem with people (Scottish/English/Welsh/NI/further afield) having an opinion on the referendum from outside Scotland, but it's hypocritical to complain about non-Scottish based media whilst running your own non-Scottish based micro media outlet.

nicename Tue 16-Sep-14 16:34:04


StatisticallyChallenged Tue 16-Sep-14 16:18:49

Ah, the wee blue book. The self published fan fiction of a failed computer games reviewer who thinks 9/11 was "funny"

nicename Tue 16-Sep-14 16:09:45

"The Wee Blue Book"? Are they trying to be serious or is it a school project?

rino Tue 16-Sep-14 15:47:55

Just to make sure I was "fully informed" I approached the yes campaigners in my local village and was given a copy of "the wee blue book". I heard about this and I think it has been quoted on here. I was assured if I read it I would be able to follow up all the references myself and get the facts. It claims to be fully referenced. However, 19 of the references are for Wikipedia! I think every school child knows you cannot use Wikipedia as a source because people can go on to it and write whatever they like and change entries. It is not a robust.

EarthWindFire Tue 16-Sep-14 13:15:21

Always an upside nicename grin

nicename Tue 16-Sep-14 13:08:47

On the upside, in the office everyone now knows that to get me 'game ready' for a tricky or potentially aggressive meeting they only have to whisper 'Referendum' in my ear before I go in.

nicename Tue 16-Sep-14 13:07:21

And it makes us look like a right bunch of arses.

StatisticallyChallenged Tue 16-Sep-14 12:43:21

I've read that before Dasiyfraser. I don't understand how people who are not fundamental nationalists can still believe in this - the economic arguments have fallen apart. The NHS arguments are pure fiction. They've now been shown to have been pressurising business themselves - rampant hypocrisy given their previous comments.

daisyfraser Tue 16-Sep-14 11:32:20

Hi All
Seems the Yes 'movement' begins to unravel already.
(I was beginning to wonder how they could both fight for Green policies AND take revenue from oil.)

The muzzling going on inside Yes is even worse than Salmond's efforts in plain sight.
Read all here for the truth from someone who joined Yes only to run once he saw the tactics -

StatisticallyChallenged Mon 15-Sep-14 17:58:43

I know dementedma. This uncertainty is really hurting a lot of businesses.

dementedma Mon 15-Sep-14 16:30:42

just had a meeting with a local media company who are already feeling the effect of the worry currently in the business community, with several of their booked media campaigns now pulled with a significant loss of income. I dread to think what is going to happen after Thursday, whatever the result.....

niceguy2 Mon 15-Sep-14 11:10:33

The thing for me is that the yes campaign has painted a rosy picture. Free from Westminster rule they have a huge list of things they'd like for Scotland.

Join the EU, join NATO, keep the pound, keep (most) of the oil, get rid of Trident. The list goes on.

What they're not doing is being realistic. In order to do that they need the agreement of other countries. For the EU they need 28 other countries to unanimously agree. An organisation that would take longer than 18 months to find their own arses in the dark! Against that Scotland wants to opt out of Schengen, retain the UK Opt outs including the Euro, keep some of the rebate and charge rUK uni students (something you can't do for any other EU country). So how on earth will you get 28 other countries to agree to that wishlist!?!?! It's like trying to have your cake and eat it. Sounds great on paper but your friends you are desperately trying to get in with won't be right happy with you will they?

As the BBC Scotland article by Glenn Campbell sums up saying " negotiations involve give and take and that Scotland is unlikely to get all that it wants."

BardarbungaBardarbing Mon 15-Sep-14 09:00:56

Sarah I meant only to enquire about your life experience within the industries you mentioned. I guess you are real. I've no doubt those %s are from a quoted source way back.

Do I see them having much heft in terms of convincing me iScotland will not end up in a long economic downward trend after having short term mayhem? No.

rino Mon 15-Sep-14 08:17:24

Sarah, you say things have "been considered", but you still don't actually know. 3 days to go and we still don't know what currency we will be using. The SNP have considered it but they don't know what will happen, they can't because it is not up to them. You don't know how our pensions will be paid, because no one will. You don't know what will happen without the British Armed Forces, or what Scotland will have to go through to get back into the EU or NATO. You don't know what will happen without MI5 or MI6, you don't know how the benefits will be paid since admin is UK, you don't even know how much it will cost to set up independence, Alex Salmond has said 200 million, but the Edinburgh trams cost 750 million, you don't know how much your supermarket shopping will cost. You don't know what will happen to the thousands of very ill Scots who are at present treated in hospitals south of the border, you don't know what will happen to blood donation our organ transplants. You don't know what will happen to mountain search and rescue. On the other hand at the moment we all know about these things - currency, EU membership and which parts we have opt out for, we know MI5and 6 are there, we know we have access to all UK hospitals. However, what I don't know is why has this Scottish Government actually reduced spending on the NHS whilst the Westminster government has increased it, decreased college places, failed to provide 12,000 nursery places and compared to the rest of the UK reduced funding for deaf children and failed to recruit teachers to teach deaf children and stopped making post graduate diploma compulsory for teachers of the deaf unlike rest of UK. If you look at what we actually know, not what we hope it is a very different picture.

StatisticallyChallenged Mon 15-Sep-14 07:51:25

Invoking Project fear has become a means for the yes camp to diminish, belittle and attempt to ignore the very real issues being raised by people who do not believe the idealistic utopian dream of Scotland we are being sold. It doesn't contribute to the debate, it just attempts to silence it.

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