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Post your question for, wait for it, Hillary Clinton...

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JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 02-Jul-14 00:02:41

UPDATE: Watch Hillary's answers to your questions - scroll down to the bottom of the OP!

Yes, really. No, we're not kidding. Hillary Clinton - the former US Secretary of State, former First Lady and rumoured likely Democratic presidential candidate for 2016 - is visiting the UK this week to talk about her new book, Hard Choices: her memoir of her time in office as President Obama's agent overseas, after running against him for the Democratic nomination in the 2008 election. As Secretary of State, she was arguably the most powerful woman in the world for four years; if she were to revive her bid for the presidency and succeed Obama to the White House in two years' time, there'd be no contest. And this Friday, she'll be answering your questions.

Unsurprisingly, her time is strictly limited to 20 mins per session with the world's media, so rather than the usual webchat format, we figured we'd cover more ground by putting your questions to her on camera. We reckon we'll have time for about eight questions, depending on length, so in order to make sure that we ask the ones you'd most like to have answered, Tech have created a tool whereby you can nominate your favourite. Please do read through the thread and cast your vote - you can see the top 10 questions, ranked by number of votes, in the box to the right. We'll take the top eight along with us on Friday morning, and get the video up on site as quickly as possible.

So: what is it you've always wanted to ask Hillary Clinton? Now's your chance! And remember just one question each, please, or we'll be confused about what we're voting for.

UPDATE: Hillary answers your questions...

TensionWheelsCoolHeels Wed 02-Jul-14 00:05:42

shock Wow what a scoop. I cannot even think of a question!

MardyBra Wed 02-Jul-14 00:09:30

Are you sure this isn't a spoof - like the Kate Middleton webchat that feel flat on its arse. wink

MardyBra Wed 02-Jul-14 00:09:44

fell not feel

MadonnaKebab Wed 02-Jul-14 00:10:11

[goes off to try and think of a good question]

SixImpossible Wed 02-Jul-14 00:10:47

What's your favourite biscuit?


MardyBra Wed 02-Jul-14 00:12:02

My question would be: America has elected a black president. Do you think it's time for a woman president? (Supplementary question: And please tell me you'd be an improvement on Maggie Thatcher!).

affafantoosh Wed 02-Jul-14 00:12:09

Wow! Can't make Friday sad

I'd like to ask her about her experiences in politics as a woman, you know, when people seem to think your choice of hair accessory is somehow of greater importance than the work you are doing on an international stage. How does she react to that angle being taken by the media, and what advice does she have for women following in her footsteps and facing similar sexism?

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Wed 02-Jul-14 00:12:21

Absolutely! My mind has gone completely blank.

Justine you may have finally rendered us speechless grin

Not really, some intelligent ones will be here soon.

Well Done Lovey wine

BOFster Wed 02-Jul-14 00:14:55


Hello Hillary, it's an honour to have you here!

Can you say a bit about why working for women's rights globally is beneficial to human rights as a whole? Thanks in advance thanks.

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 02-Jul-14 00:16:25


My question would be: America has elected a black president. Do you think it's time for a woman president? (Supplementary question: And please tell me you'd be an improvement on Maggie Thatcher!).

Strictly no supplementary questions allowed folks! If you ask two only first question will be relevant for the vote - Mardy if you want to choose the second one let us know and we'll edit it.

MardyBra Wed 02-Jul-14 00:19:21

Please tell us it's not a wind up à la Kate though, please Justine. grin

I'd stick with the first question though. (Although I'm sure there would be be better ones).

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Wed 02-Jul-14 00:22:35

What would be your ideal legacy, after your Presidential terms ended?

Specifics please, no platitudes.

MagpieMama Wed 02-Jul-14 00:39:42

What's the best and worst advice you've been given and which helped you more?

KarlWrenbury Wed 02-Jul-14 00:54:06

I loved your book. The other one ;).

You never addressed in it why you just had one child.

Is it cheeky to ask?

LuisCarol Wed 02-Jul-14 01:05:38

What is one aspect of world politics and America's global role that you believe most Americans do not understand?

LuisCarol Wed 02-Jul-14 01:06:42

What foreign policy problems do you wish you had been given greater authority to handle on your own?

OldLadyKnowsSomething Wed 02-Jul-14 01:16:19

Hilary, your nation fought hard for independence from Westminster government. Many people died, families were split, and animosities still remain. Why do you think Scots should say "No" in September, when all we have to do is put an X in a box?

OldLadyKnowsSomething Wed 02-Jul-14 01:23:46

Many apologies, Hillary should have had two "l"s. blush

LocalEditorWalthamForest Wed 02-Jul-14 01:34:57


I am horrified over this week's Supreme Court ruling that for-profit employers will be legally permitted to deny paying for contraception if it conflict's with their company's religious beliefs. Justice Ginsburg's scathing memo is a start in reversing this antiquated (not to mention socially irresponsible) ruling. When birth control can cost as much as a month's salary for someone on minimum wage, where will this leave women's contraceptive rights?

An Expat who voted for every Democratic Presidential nominee since she was 16 years old and who will happily volunteer for your UK campaign

LocalEditorWalthamForest Wed 02-Jul-14 01:38:37

Of course i didn't vote illegally. Since i was 17, he legal voting age (up way too late tonight!)

LocalEditorWalthamForest Wed 02-Jul-14 01:45:28

Justice Ginsburg's memo excerpted here:

And yes, contraception can definitely be that expensive in the US.

VestaCurry Wed 02-Jul-14 02:02:10

Hillary, of the British politicians you have met, who did you admire the most and why?

LadyCybilCrawley Wed 02-Jul-14 02:07:08


You are possibly the most famous woman who "stood by her man" and truly lived her marriage vows of in good times and in bad. What did you take away from those times that you still live by today?

Thanks - you're my hero - please stand in 2016

GretchenWiener Wed 02-Jul-14 02:16:40

Lol at ma'am. You creep

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