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Antonio Carluccio webchat, Weds 7 May, midday to 1pm.

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 01-May-14 13:57:25

On Weds (7 May) we're welcoming Antonio Carluccio to Mumsnet HQ at midday for a webchat. The undisputed godfather of Italian food, Carluccio has just published his latest and 18th cookery book, Antonio Carluccio's Pasta.

Antonio has lived in London since 1975 where he moved to set up and run the Neal Street restaurant and later his successful chain of Carluccio's restaurants. In 1998 he was awarded the title of Commendatore by decree of the President of italy for his knowledge and enthusiasm and lifetime's service to the Italian food industry and in 2007 was awarded an OBE.

Carluccio says of his latest book ?The most important thing that I would like to give you all is a taste of the experience, love and passion I possess, which will help to make it easy for you to reproduce some of these pasta dishes for yourself. I won?t be upset if, in some cases, you may use more or less of my suggested ingredients. I would, however, be a little ?hurt? if you added garlic and oregano to a Bolognese sauce.?

Come and join Antonio and find out why he's upset by the thought of garlic in bolognese sauce on Wednesday at midday or if you're unable to join us then, post a question in advance on this thread. Everyone who joins will be entered into a draw to win a signed copy of his latest book. You can also try a couple of Carluccio's pasta recipes from the new book here.

imustbepatient Wed 07-May-14 17:15:30

Drat that I missed this webchat. I love Carluccios Restaurants and would be ridiculously happy if one were to open in Woking. Please!

One of the things I miss about living in London is Carluccios. [salivates quietly]

RabbitsarenotHares Wed 07-May-14 18:41:20

Am sorry to have missed this.

Is there any chance you could pass on my appreciation of the staff at the St Pancras' restaurant? I had about 4 hours at the station last year between coming off the Caledonian Sleeper and catching Eurostar. I had masses of luggage with me and was too tired to bother putting them in storage and go anywhere, so went to Carluccio's for breakfast and to consider my options.

They were WONDERFUL! Made me feel so welcome, were more than happy to let me stay there the whole time and read, and had to be persuaded to let me spend money (I bought breakfast and lunch, as well as multiple cups of coffee). Probably not what Antonio wants to hear in a way, but honestly, because of how lovely they were I now go back every time I'm there.

So if you could pass my thanks on I'd be grateful.

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