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Webchat with IDRIS ELBA: Thursday 19th December, 1-2pm

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 17-Dec-13 17:00:34

We're delighted to end 2013 by welcoming Golden Globe winner Idris Elba to Mumsnet HQ on Thursday 19th December between 1.00 and 2.00pm to answer your questions.

Idris is best known for his portrayal of Russell 'Stringer' Bell in The Wire and later as Detective John Luther in BBC One's Luther. On January 3rd Idris is back on the big screen playing Nelson Mandela in the highly anticipated MANDELA LONG WALK TO FREEDOM for which he is has recently been nominated as ‘Best Actor’ for his portrayal of Mandela at the 2014 Golden Globes.

MANDELA was made with the full support and endorsement of Mr Mandela, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory. Mr Mandela entrusted his life story to South African producer Anant Singh in the face of fierce competition from the major international studios. Singh spent 16 years developing the film, teaming up with David Thompson and finally commencing principal photography of this UK-South African coproduction in May 2012.

Come and chat to Idris on Thursday at 1.00pm and to find out more about the new film and his other work. If you're unable to join us please post a question in advance to this thread.

Pagwatch Tue 17-Dec-13 17:08:30


Really really?


TensionWheelsCoolHeels Tue 17-Dec-13 17:11:34

shock Really? How on earth did you swing this MNHQ?

HoHolepew Tue 17-Dec-13 17:11:38

OH MY GOD!!!! shock

TensionWheelsCoolHeels Tue 17-Dec-13 17:12:00

I'm too stunned to even think of a question. shock

HoHolepew Tue 17-Dec-13 17:12:23

I'm at work you gits <plans sick day>

TensionWheelsCoolHeels Tue 17-Dec-13 17:13:22

I'm actually off sick grin I do have a chest infection do not actually that much fun but this'll fairly perk me up!

Suddengeekgirl Tue 17-Dec-13 17:14:16

Wow! shock

Will have to think of a question now! smile

Pagwatch Tue 17-Dec-13 17:15:13

I thought it was interesting that Idris based his performance of Mr Mandela in later life upon his father.
Was that helpful - to make the man seem more accessible and human when he had become so very much larger than life?
It must have been an incredibly challenging role.

<<faints again>>

HoHolepew Tue 17-Dec-13 17:16:22

Ok. I'll compose myself.

Hi Idris, is there going to be a Luther film or is it a rumour? Is there definitely no more tv episodes?

It's a crying shame if there isn't. The last one scared the life out of me fshock. I loved it grin.

Pagwatch Tue 17-Dec-13 17:17:51

Oh good grief. I have to take DD to get a swimming costume fitted.
Could you ask him my question and perhaps faint for me?
I would do it with elegance of course and it would render me incredibly attractive.

JingleHumps Tue 17-Dec-13 17:18:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Allice Tue 17-Dec-13 17:20:12

Oh my, I've come over all unnecessary at the thought of him, he's beautiful.

KnottyLocks Tue 17-Dec-13 17:23:01

WOT? I'll be at work!


OhBuggerandArse Tue 17-Dec-13 17:23:03

I can't think of a question, I just want to watch him being beautiful. Can't you live stream it, MNHQ?

gaggiagirl Tue 17-Dec-13 17:23:55


I'll just ask him my questions tonight when he comes me....his wife. Honest.

that might have been a lie
I shall be too busy swooning to communicate with him.

ZombieSanta Tue 17-Dec-13 17:24:08

Oh my God.

Oh my God.

MNHQ? I love you.


Did you ever scare yourself when filming Luther?

Are you aware how amazing and handsome you are!

(After a google, I realised that technically he's double my age. Wow.)

MacaYoniandCheese Tue 17-Dec-13 17:25:22

Oh my God!!! Really?

Christmas came early this year! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Idris is my screen saver grin.

I'll be back with a sensible question shortly. Watch this space.

MrsDeVere Tue 17-Dec-13 17:26:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MacaYoniandCheese Tue 17-Dec-13 17:27:26

Ooh, live streaming. Yes! Or even just a voice recording. Can you ask him to say "Allllice" in that deep, gravelly voice?

MacaYoniandCheese Tue 17-Dec-13 17:28:01

That wasn't my sensible question, btw.

AryaofhouseSnark Tue 17-Dec-13 17:29:30

shock is this a joke ?
Like the Kate Middleton web chat [suspicious]

PatTheHammer Tue 17-Dec-13 17:34:49

Hi Idris, what is your own opinion of the character Stringer Bell. Flawed business genius......or just a downright nasty piece of work?
Also, favourite season of The Wire is a hotly debated topic on MN. Do you a have a favourite season?

Don't care if this is a wind- up as I've been dying to ask anyone involved in The Wire these questions for years!

RandallFloyd Tue 17-Dec-13 17:40:45

Be still my beating ovaries.

(We're going to have to practise our game faces seriously hard or this one is going to read like a bunch of hormonal teenagers trying have an intellectual debate with One Direction.)

MrsVaughnRice Tue 17-Dec-13 17:45:50

Can I just say how much I loved Ultraviolet. I know it was a short series and years and years ago, and you just hung about brooding and looking butch for most of the time, but the scene where your character got trapped in a warehouse full of vampire coffins is one of my favourite ever.

Oh and I loved Pacific Rim as well. You can come back for the sequel as an android/zombie/computer avatar can't you? Pretty please?

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