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Feeling spied on by my husband

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Mavisfromcorrie Wed 16-Oct-13 21:48:40

Things that we don't understand can make us feel insecure sometimes and one person being active on social media can sometimes lead to problems in a relationship. There has been a huge amount of negative press lately, due to couples re-kindling old relationships through Facebook, Twitter etc. I had the same problem with my ex about a year ago. He was not very computer literate which would frustrate him further. In the end I opened up a facebook account for him and taught him how to use it. It put to bed his anxieties of what I got up to on their and also opened a few doors for him in terms of re-acquainting himself with old friends. Maybe you could try the same? x

MinnieMouse27 Wed 16-Oct-13 20:30:11

My marriage is great. Love my husband however feeling weird about the fact he googles my name every day to see stuff I post on twitter and Instagram! He isn't very knowledgable of social sites and the only one he has is Facebook although he doesn't really use it. Doesn't understand it haha! He occasionally goes on there but never posts or comments or even likes anything. Just looks (snoops) He says he googles me to see pics of our kids but he can see all my pics on my phone everyday. Am I feeling weird unnecessarily or is this as freaky as I think it is?

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