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GOK WAN: Live Webchat - Friday 11 October, 1.45-2.45pm

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 09-Oct-13 14:41:01

We'll still be sweeping up the biscuit crumbs left from the Jennifer Saunders webchat as we prepare for the return of Gok Wan to Mumsnet Towers on Friday 11 October at 1.45pm. Since his last visit in Summer 2010, Gok has produced 2 cookery books and his latest, Gok's Wok is published this week.

Gok shares many of his family's traditional recipes but gives them a modern twist as he teaches us how to cook, simple, fast meals with flavour and a splash of Gok originality. Chapters cover all occasions from lunches to dinner parties and include curries, stir-fries, noodles, salads, soups and desserts.

Join Gok on Friday at 1.45pm or post a question to him in advance to this thead and you'll be entered into a draw to win a SIGNED copy of Gok's Wok.

We have also teamed up with Gok and Sainsbury's to host a live cookalong on Google+. On Wednesday 16 October at 7pm Gok will be making two super-delicious dishes from his new book and he'd love you to join him in cooking them. Find out more here.

MrsDeVere Fri 11-Oct-13 14:38:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

midwifeandmum Fri 11-Oct-13 14:38:28

Thank you Gok darling. I just love ur body suits. Honestly they have gave me more definition and shape to my body over the years.

I glad u feel better about ur body now
Mwah mwah

DismemberedDwerf Fri 11-Oct-13 14:38:36

What clothes should a short, wide, overweight non-girly girl with no budget wear?

MrsDeVere Fri 11-Oct-13 14:39:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BeerTricksPotter Fri 11-Oct-13 14:39:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MardyBra Fri 11-Oct-13 14:40:36

<imagines scene in MNHQ of multiple heads hitting desks and brew brew of gin being dispensed>

DismemberedDwerf Fri 11-Oct-13 14:41:12

I'm that bad huh MrsDeVere? [wink}

midwifeandmum Fri 11-Oct-13 14:41:15

Pmsl mardy

LRDtheFeministDragon Fri 11-Oct-13 14:41:47

I wear spanx on my head, don't you, beer?

My brain is a perfect hourglass.

GokWan Fri 11-Oct-13 14:41:54


Hi Gok smile what fast-but-filling midweek recipe would you recommend for a busy working mum and her 3 children?

If I could be allowed to sneak in a second, what fashion trend or piece of clothing do you personally think should be in Room 101?

Hey Again,

I have to say I would probably put those furry cropped chewbacca style boots in. I never did get them.


reelingintheyears Fri 11-Oct-13 14:42:23

I somehow don't think it was you Dwerf. grin

midwifeandmum Fri 11-Oct-13 14:43:28

Things are getting abit serious, its supposed to be fun and a laugh

DismemberedDwerf Fri 11-Oct-13 14:43:29

Me neither, but the cross posting of it made me chuckle. I chuckled so much all my bellies wobbled. that was a joke

MardyBra Fri 11-Oct-13 14:43:37

Shouldn't that read "a short, wide, overweight non-girly girl with no arms or legs?" going by your user name dismembered?

MrsDeVere Fri 11-Oct-13 14:43:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GokWan Fri 11-Oct-13 14:44:01

Thanks GUYS... it's been great! take care! x

reelingintheyears Fri 11-Oct-13 14:44:03

Schmaltzing, pie and chippie chips?

DismemberedDwerf Fri 11-Oct-13 14:44:32

Still got to dress the torso Mardybra , I should accessorise with a nice bag for the limbs, no?

MrsDeVere Fri 11-Oct-13 14:44:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MardyBra Fri 11-Oct-13 14:45:03

"Things are getting abit serious, its supposed to be fun and a laugh"

The frustration is the total failure to engage with some fair and interesting points that were put at the beginning of the thread. I agree it's gone downhill a bit since.

VelvetStrider Fri 11-Oct-13 14:45:04

Oh no. Now we'll never know if he has a penis beaker. sad

Spelt Fri 11-Oct-13 14:45:07

Why the fuck is everyone being so horrible to Gok?

JemimaMuddledUp Fri 11-Oct-13 14:45:54

What a waste of time.

MarmaladeBatkins Fri 11-Oct-13 14:46:50

What a shocker.

Somehow I don't think he'll be back...

<sadly puts popcorn away>

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