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GOK WAN: Live Webchat - Friday 11 October, 1.45-2.45pm

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 09-Oct-13 14:41:01

We'll still be sweeping up the biscuit crumbs left from the Jennifer Saunders webchat as we prepare for the return of Gok Wan to Mumsnet Towers on Friday 11 October at 1.45pm. Since his last visit in Summer 2010, Gok has produced 2 cookery books and his latest, Gok's Wok is published this week.

Gok shares many of his family's traditional recipes but gives them a modern twist as he teaches us how to cook, simple, fast meals with flavour and a splash of Gok originality. Chapters cover all occasions from lunches to dinner parties and include curries, stir-fries, noodles, salads, soups and desserts.

Join Gok on Friday at 1.45pm or post a question to him in advance to this thead and you'll be entered into a draw to win a SIGNED copy of Gok's Wok.

We have also teamed up with Gok and Sainsbury's to host a live cookalong on Google+. On Wednesday 16 October at 7pm Gok will be making two super-delicious dishes from his new book and he'd love you to join him in cooking them. Find out more here.

JemimaMuddledUp Thu 10-Oct-13 07:40:33

Is it OK to post a question this early?

Hi Gok, I have recently lost almost 80lbs and have gone from a size 20 to a size 10. I feel great, however the skin on my tummy is really saggy and that is making me feel less confident about how I look. How can I dress to hide it? I am 5'6" with a relatively straight up and down (slim hips, no bum, broad shoulders) figure.

midwifeandmum Thu 10-Oct-13 14:43:02

Hi Gok (big bow)

I luv u!!! I watched a re-run of 8 out of 10 cats a few nights ago when u did the impression of ur dad. Dh and I were in hysterics.

Ur roadshow program was the only thing that brightened up my days when i was stuckbin hospital for weeks with my last pregnancy.

Ive put on 3stone of baby weight (18 months ago) and have no confidence in dressing nice. Im a size 16 with huge knockers, ass and thighs. What kind of jeans and tops shoukd i wear to look gd.

Sorry for long post
Much love
Zoe xx

FacebookWanker Thu 10-Oct-13 17:13:46

Hi Gok
I really need help dressing my post pregnancy body...smaller boobs and larger stomach. Please help me...

RainierWolfcastle Thu 10-Oct-13 17:14:33

midwife mum

lose the text speak fgs

MrsPurplePumpkin Thu 10-Oct-13 17:18:17

Hi Gok

Have you ever considered showing plus size women (e.g., size 24 and above!) how to dress for their size?

I love your show, but as a plus size woman, often I can't relate sad I "slimmed down" from a size 32 to a 24 and still going down, but always try to dress as well as I can for my size.

FacebookWanker Thu 10-Oct-13 17:21:01

If it has to be food related please can I have a recipe based on cauliflower and broccoli other than cauliflower cheese. These are her two favourite vegetables.

Thanks Gok

NumTumRedRum Thu 10-Oct-13 17:28:49

Hi Gok,

You've had a pretty varied career, what has been your favourite project to date?

Ps. Do you actually like Activia? Surely no one actually likes yoghurt? hmm

LaVitaBellissima Thu 10-Oct-13 17:44:58

I love yogurt!

I want to know how to make Sweet & Sour Chicken - most especially unhealthy kind, deep fried with fluorescent orange sauce. I am really craving it. I usually eat quite healthily but bad stuff is really good sometimes grin

FacebookWanker Thu 10-Oct-13 18:28:38

Arrgghhh...I was walking and typing. The cauliflower and broccoli is for my 3 yr old...

MardyBra Thu 10-Oct-13 18:34:43

Hello Gok. Can I be the first to ask if you dunk your penis, given that it's a hot topic on MN this week. wink

TiredyCustards Thu 10-Oct-13 18:36:14

Facebook when I was little my favourite meal was broccoli pancakes - wrap cooked broccoli in savoury pancakes, cover in white sauce + cheese and crisp up in the oven.

Gok - what's your favourite vegetarian recipe?

MardyBra Thu 10-Oct-13 18:36:19

Oh shit. I had second thoughts and was about to delete that and pressed post by accident.

I'm sure Gok's not the type to take offence. <hopes>

jennyrembailey Thu 10-Oct-13 18:36:51

Can you help more older women, a lot so us have problems with wrinkly upper arms, most tops have such old fashioned sleeves or they are to short/long. At 67 I want to look modern and chic not frumpy.

AuntieMaggie Thu 10-Oct-13 20:06:22

Hi Gok. Can you help me find an autumn/winter capsule wardrobe for under £100? It has to stand up to working in a drafty office and travelling by train. I'm a size 18 hourglass with huge bust and bum and I can't wear heels. Thanks.

mardybum I was going to ask the same...

TickleMyTitsTillFriday Thu 10-Oct-13 20:16:10

I have a non food question.

Do we always have to wear really bloody uncomfortable underwear so that we look better? Because I flipping hate feeling squished in, if anything it makes me feel fatter!

How can I disguise my enormous post children jelly belly without resorting to horrid scaffolding type underwear?

Thanks love!

TickleMyTitsTillFriday Thu 10-Oct-13 20:16:42

And what auntiemaggieasked!

FacebookWanker Thu 10-Oct-13 20:41:46

Thanks Tiredy. I shall give it a try.

Gok, don't let this stop you from suggesting something grin

RippingYarns Thu 10-Oct-13 21:01:52


do you find you get women's breasts and sausages muddled up when you're cooking?

goonyagoodthing Thu 10-Oct-13 21:21:50

A man who understand women AND cooks?

Will you marry me?

PickledMoomin Thu 10-Oct-13 21:34:45

What do you think of The Garrison, Gok?

mrscumberbatch Thu 10-Oct-13 22:16:24

Gok, you seem like a nice chap and a good role model.

You care about women in a non- stereotypical way. You are not a stereotypical gay television personality (or a stereotypical television personality full stop!)and now you are not a stereotypical tv chef! So yes, vote of confidence here, keep on doing what you're doing!

Can I be nosey and ask if you're active with any charities, groups or campaigns?

Also do you ever post on Mumsnet? grin

ScienceRocks Thu 10-Oct-13 23:22:45

Hello Gok,

Thanks for doing a MN webchat. I love your programmes, but please could you give some styling advice to a slightly plump mum of two who races around far too much to wear heels? I know they are slimming but they simply aren't practical. Oh, and I second the anti-control underwear question already posed, as it's funeral when standing but really uncomfortable when doing pretty much anything else. Could you recommend underwear that doesn't destroy the line of an outfit due to cutting in?

Thank you!


ZingWantsCake Thu 10-Oct-13 23:37:57

hi Girlfriend,

can you tell me what your last meal would be?


ScienceRocks Fri 11-Oct-13 07:23:28

Funeral when standing? blush I meant fine.

Gok, how do you cope with autocorrect?!grin

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