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MNHQ chat...what would you ask?

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Valpollicella Mon 24-Jun-13 22:39:42

I think it's been about a year since the last one.

You up for another one MNHQ grin

Valpollicella Mon 24-Jun-13 22:52:24

Just me then grin


Justine. Is there a gin coding in your budget?

Carrie, where the fark are you? You were lovely to meet.

Rowan, how does it go to transition? wink wink

Valpollicella Wed 26-Jun-13 21:58:12

A shameless bump. I want answers, dammit grin

MoonlightandRoses Wed 26-Jun-13 22:17:26

Don't you mean 'questions'?


Valpollicella Wed 26-Jun-13 22:35:19

No, answers to my OP grin

but yes you are right I want questions

MoonlightandRoses Wed 26-Jun-13 23:25:20

Guess they are all passing round the gin bottle hunched over the computers so too busy to answer. wink

[runs away from thread]

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