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Live webchat with Holly Willoughby and her sister Kelly, Wednesday 19 June, 2-3pm

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 17-Jun-13 08:57:26

Holly Willoughby and sister Kelly are joining us for a webchat on Wednesday 19th June at 2-3pm.  Holly and Kelly always dreamt of writing a story together since their childhood when they would make up stories and dress up and perform for their parents. Their dream has come true as their first book School for Stars: First Term at L'etoile is being published on 20th June. Set in a performing arts boarding school, the story is a perfect mix ofGlee and X Factor but with all the classic charm of Ballet Shoes and Malory Towers; full of midnight feasts, makeovers, dares, drama and dance. 
Holly is best known for presenting ITV1's flagship daytime programme This Morning as well as prime-time shows Surprise Surprise and The Voice.  She won a Children's BAFTA award for best presenter in 2006. Kelly has always dreamt of being an author and is delighted to be realising her dream with her sister.
Come and chat to Holly and Kelly on Weds 19th at 2pm, but if you're unable to join us at that time, post your question in advance to this thread.

Holly and Kelly will also be signing copies of their new book after school next Thursday 20th June at 4.15pm in Harrods Toy Kingdom.  Find out more.

EmpressOfTheSevenOceans Mon 17-Jun-13 11:41:08

Hello, Holly and Kelly.

Congratulations on your book, there are a lot of school story fans here.
I'd like to know who your favourite authors were as children?

aristocat Mon 17-Jun-13 14:32:21

Hello Holly and Kelly, my question is to ask why you chose the name L'Etoile for your school?

The book sounds thrilling, well done. Hope its a great success smile

AmyFarrahFowlerCooper Mon 17-Jun-13 16:49:24

Hi, Holly and Kelly!

Your book sounds great!

My question is;

If you could have gone to any of the fictional boarding schools as children, which one would you have picked?

SPsCliffingAllOverMN Mon 17-Jun-13 18:15:03

Just wanted to say that Kelly has a fabulous name.


MissStrawberry Mon 17-Jun-13 19:06:42

I love Holly. She seems no normal and friendly though really shocked to see she smokes

I read your interview in the You magazine and it was lovely getting to know Kelly a bit too.

I want to say thank you so much to you both for writing this book. My DD can read 10 books a weekend and it is costing me a fortune and the library has been read so to have another book coming out is brilliant!!

MissStrawberry Mon 17-Jun-13 19:08:26

blush Forgot to ask a question.

How many books are you going to write, is there going to be a series, or just the one? Also, what age group is it aimed at please?

tinypumpkin Mon 17-Jun-13 23:00:11

My DCs are a bit young for this at the moment but it so would have been the type of thing I would have loved to have read as a child! smile

Which book has had the biggest impact on you in your life?

I am always intrigued to know this. It would be Wuthering Heights for me but I am no Cathy! grin

NotAQueef Tue 18-Jun-13 09:27:18

Hello! <waves excitedly>
My question is if you could just read one book for the rest of your life what would it be, and why?

bedmonster Tue 18-Jun-13 13:29:52

Excellent, I've always wanted to know where holly's gold double coin necklace is from! Please could someone find out for me as I have a very dull appointment at 2.15 sad

ShadeofViolet Tue 18-Jun-13 14:28:47

Can I ask Holly how difficult she feels being a children's author (of books thar are specifically aimed at younger girls) fits in with her job on Celebrity Juice?

<Its not a criticism, I am just wondering>

ShadeofViolet Tue 18-Jun-13 14:28:59


MissStrawberry Tue 18-Jun-13 20:04:53

BTW I think it is quite rude to put Kelly's mention in brackets. Like she isn't equal to Holly.

MissStrawberry Tue 18-Jun-13 20:05:48

bedmonster I read somewhere her Mum designed it for her.

FudgeyCookie Tue 18-Jun-13 20:07:16

Holly is completely and utterly my girl crush blush grin

Why did you decided to write children's books? Is it something you've always wanted to do (ie before children) or since having children and reading other children's books?

12071992 Tue 18-Jun-13 20:33:18

hello holly and kelly, i can't wait until your books comes out, i would like to know,
how long did it take you both to write the book and come up with theses characters. love both of you smile

heavenlybrownies Tue 18-Jun-13 21:23:25

Does Holly regret the overtly sexually way she would dress when she was a children's presenter? Also, what sort of a message does she think it sends to young girls to appear in Celebrity Juice?

scottishmummy Tue 18-Jun-13 21:29:04

hi,holly at the moment you benefit on tv by being young/attractive.
question : whats your thoughts on the theory that older female presenters are excluded by age, in favour of young attractive females

AmyFarrahFowlerCooper Tue 18-Jun-13 21:29:59

I didn't realise these webchats got so serious! shock

scottishmummy Tue 18-Jun-13 21:32:09

ageism in Media is significant issue,I'd expect holly to have a pov

AmyFarrahFowlerCooper Tue 18-Jun-13 21:36:38

I didn't say she wouldn't, I was just surprised that these webchats were so serious. Its the first one I've looked at so I was expecting it to be a bit more twee I suppose with it being celebs and publicists! I hope they answer some of the serious ones too.

HotCrossPun Tue 18-Jun-13 21:43:58

I would like to ask Holly if it annoys here that people always comment/ask questions about her looks as if they are the most important thing about her?

What books did both of you enjoy as children?

heavenlybrownies Tue 18-Jun-13 21:45:20

Did you feel comfortable reading out the card in this edition this edition of Celebrity Juice?

spottybanana Tue 18-Jun-13 22:13:44

As 'Kelly has always dreamed of being an author', how does she feel that it has taken her sister's name to get this contract?

If I'm being ungenerous, perhaps she could let us know her previous writing experience and publications, as could Holly?

JustGiveMeFiveMinutes Tue 18-Jun-13 22:19:52

That clip is awful. Why do people find it funny? I just don't get it.

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